Sunday, March 30, 2008

YSA & KRAZY BEE Opening Reception

Father of KID Yamamoto opens his sports gym, "Yamamoto Sports Academy"(YSA). Miyu Yamamoto, Seiko Yamamoto as well as Kid cooperate with YSA. YSA has 3 different courses which are Fitness, Childrens, and Professional Training. KID represents Professional Training course, "KRAZY BEE". Also, YSA is assigned as a place children can run into whenever they are in danger and need help by the city.

Before officially opening on April 1st, YSA had a reception for the press. At first, Ikuei Yamamoto,who is KID's father and an Munchen Olympian, said YSA has facilities needed for everyone to enjoy workouts and to have intensive training. I will put all my knowledge to raise top level athletes. Next, KID said, my dad took care of my food, training and treatment whenever needed, then I could be a strong enough to defeat wrestlers who are 2 classes heavier than me. I would like to be stronger and prove what my dad does works great. YSA had an amateur fight, KRAXY BEE vs AACC. KID showed his wrestling sparring with his nephew.

After the reception, KID talked about Kotetsu Boku and his next fight.
"He should do all he could do in his fight and it's not acceptable to have a fight to regret later."
"I don't know when my next fight is yet, but I'm sure I fight in DREAM and I hope I can fight in Jun or July."
"At first, I want DREAM to have a lighter weight class than the light weight class. 63 to 64 kg is ideal. "
"I want to give my full support to raise good amateur wrestlers. I want to have events regularly and create something new and unique from here."
"I was brought up by people in my gym for long time. It's time for me to repay for what I got in the ring before by raising young people.

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ありがとう for your hard work. i think in this post Munchen is Munich?