Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Takanori Gomi talks about his last fight.

Sportsnavi posted an interview which Takanori Gomi had with a Japanese MMA magazine Kakutogitsushin on February 21.

- How have you been since your last fight with Satoru Kitaoka?
I though you wanted to asked me about that fight.
- Of course, it would be nice if you tell me about that.
As you saw, I couldn't do anything. I suppose fans who knew me since PRIDE considered that I looked like a totally different person. I don't even know why. I didn't feel any energy in the ring. After the fight, I felt like I was free. I thought I fulfilled my duty.
- Do you mean that you resigned from a representer of the top lightweight fighter?
I suppose so. I hadn't proven myself in the last few fights. I was training, yet everything was fall in apart. I couldn't put together because my training wasn't enough. My skills went down in the last 2 years. I experienced a lot in the last 2 years. I quit Kiguchi dojo without thinking well, and started my gym. I felt responsibility to take care of my students, and I was passive about my fight. I was just waiting and see who I fought with.
- The title of the tournament was “road to Gomi”
I have no excuse about my performance and my loss. Kitaoka was entirely better than me. I I hope he becomes a great champion and defends his title.
- Kitaoka asked you a rematch in the ring.
I wonder if he still wants the rematch. He completely dominated me. I want him to move forward to bring more fans to Sengoku.
- Did you feel that you got weaker than before?
I admit that I hadn't had enough training. I didn't feel any energy and power. After Misaki's fight, I tried to concentrate and motivate myself. When arriving at the ring, I noticed that I wasn't even sweating and my intensity was getting lower. Right after the fight started, I responded to him well and cut his tackles. Though I was concerned about something, I though I should be fine if I took my time. I appreciated my fans support in that event. However, I was already exhausted mentally when I got there. “Road to Gomi” started half a year ago, but I felt like I was waiting for 10 years. It was extremely long and exhausting.

今、五味の目に映るものとは……。写真◎保高幸子『格闘技通信』 2009年4月号(№456)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mach Sakurai interview with Dream

DREAM official website posted an interview with Mach Sakurai on Feb 17. The interview was taken place on February 12.

- Tell me what you think about participating in the welterweight tournament.
I definitely do my best to win this tournament.

- If you win the tournament, you can instantly get an opportunity to fight for the title.
I was very irritated until this tournament was announced. I understand that Dream had hard time finding and negotiating fighters who fit me. I fought Japanese fighters for a while, so I'm excited to fight foreign fighters.

- Everybody is looking forward to seeing your great performance in this tournament.
I'm self-confidence that I have played the important role in this weight class for long time, so I don't want to lose in this 76 kg weight class.

- How do you describe about the welterweight?
You see both power and speed. This weight class is the most populated and high level, so fights are always exciting and fan to watch.

- What do you think about the Japanese welterweight fighters?
There are many good fighters including Shinya Aoki, Kuniyoshi HIronaka, Hideki Kadoma, Ryo Chonan and Akihiro Gono. Making one mistake will cause it to lose. That's why many fighters aim at perfection and try to be like GSP. I'm not sure if fans are interested in watching perfect fighters and fights. I entertain fans by making them surprise and exited in fights.

- Are you going to have a special plan for the tournament?
I usually don't have a fight plan, yet I guess I should this time.

- Aoki fights in the tournament. What do you think?
He has built up his experience and brush up his ground techniques since we fought in Shooto. I respect his challenging spirit, yet I think he underestimates the welterweight. In general, It's not easy to switch the weight class. I know the ability of fighters is beyond reason or logic. However, he fought in the lightweight 2 months ago and move up to the welterweight without preparing enough? It's insane and too optimistic.

- I think fans want to watch Mach vs Aoki.
Yeah? I will fight him if fans request. Honestly, I'm sorry for Aoki to say this, but I have like to waste my time fighting him now because he is the lightweight fighter. I'm here to be a champion in the welterweight. I don't want to be bothered by the lightweight fighter.

- Any message to your fans?
Since Dream started, I had been frustrated because my fights were announced and canceled repeatedly. I want to make advance in this tournament. I don't want to miss this great opportunity. As usual, I do my best.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

DREAM Welterweight GP


New Sengoku Girls.....

Azusa Nishigaki (Height 168cm/B:84 W:56 H:83 24yo)
Yuki Aikawa (Height 162cm/B:82 W:58 H:87 24yo)
Sana Yuki (Height 158cm/B:80 W:58 H:80 20yo)
Yui Sakuma (Height 165cm/B:90 W:58 H:85 21yo)
Nanao Arai (Height 170cm/B:80 W:60 H:85 20yo)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rumina Sato Shooto Boxing debut on Feb 11.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Satoshi Ishii attended an event wearing Affliction t-shirt


Gono's UFC94 outfit


Sunday, February 1, 2009