Thursday, March 27, 2008

DREAM announced 3 fights of the middleweight tournament

DREAM had an press conference in Laughter7 on Mar 27 and announced 3 fights in "OLYMPIA DREAM 2 Middleweight Tournament" on Apr 29. The opponent of Sakuraba is Andrews Nakahara who belongs to Kyokushin Karate school in Brazil.

Before announcing 3 fights including Kiyoshi Tamura vs Masakatsu Funaki and Denis Kang vs Gegard Mousashi, Sasahara told that he would have an press conference about the condition of Aoki and fights of the light weight GP 2nd Round next week. He also mentioned about the contract with PPV. Many fans requested to watch fights in PPV. He said he will probably be able to deliver good news to fans about PPV in the conference.

At first, Sasahara announced the fight of Tamura vs Funaki.
Funaki: I had a fight in NYE, although, I'm very disappointed about my performance because I couldn't do anything. I'm very appreciative of getting an offer to fight in this tournament because I wanted to fight at least once this year. I got a strong feeling when I found out about my opponent, Tamura, who used to fight in UWF together with me. I would like to have an impressive fight this time.

Next, when Sasahara announced the fight of Sakuraba vs Nakahara, someone in the crowd on reporters screamed. It was Sakuraba.
Sakuraba: I just came by to open the door because DREAM wanted to use my gym for this conference.
Sasahara: Nope. This announcement is official. Nakahara has a background of Kyokushin Karate in Brazil and trains MMA with Francisco Filho now. He has a good physical ability and dangerous. Filho will be his second and I hope Filho will fight in DREAM some day.
Sakuraba: My right leg is actually recovered, however, my left leg is now in pain. I haven't decided to fight or not yet.

After the conference, Sakuraba had answered questions from reporters.
- You said you injured your left leg now.
I kicked the elbow of my training partner and now my left leg becomes swollen. It's hard to spar though I can walk.
- Can you fight?
Honestly, I came here to open the door. I'm so surprised to hear about my fight. I definitely wore my suit if I was going to be on the stage.
- Do you mean you were tricked?
Yes, completely.
- Do you know about your opponent?
I knew when Sasahara announced. He looks very strong. I'm not 100% sure if I can fight yet and I may cancel.
- I believed you signed up to fight in the 1st round of the middleweight GP, right?
** Sasahara came by and had a conversation with Sakuraba**
Saku: Is this fight in the middleweight tournament?
Sasahara: Yes, I think so. I didn't cheat on you.
Saku: You shouldn't lie to me. This is one match, isn't this?
Sasahara: GP consists of one matches. I just think in the different way with you.
Saku: Don't you feel sorry?
Sasahara: I feel better in last few days.
Saku: I think we will have an arguement after this.
- What do you think about Kyokushin Karate?
It reminds me Kakato Otoshi of Andy Hug, Kenji Midori and Shokei Matsui.
- Have you watched the fight video of Nakahara?
Never. I heard he have only had Karate fights before.
- I heard one of his speciality is Kakato Otoshi.
He is taller than me and I cannot give it to him.


Rob Pugh said...

Sakuraba is hilarious!

Great blog! Thanks!

Foppa said...

Saku is really fun.
I hope he'll be able to avoid the early furry of punches from Andrews.

patiwat said...

Sasahara doesn't seem very trustworthy in this interview.