Saturday, March 15, 2008

DREAM: After the fight interviews 1

I think I completed my mission.  My opponent was announced in the very last minute.  I believed I could fight in this event and prepared to do so.  I was cautious not to get his powerful punches and kicks brought by his heavy weight.  I was aiming at locking not only legs but other parts.  I lost on NYE and I felt low in Jan and Feb.  I didn't even feel like celebrating the New Year.  I think the spring comes to me tomorrow.

Gwan Lee:
I had fun fighting him and have no regrets.  I think Minowaman was a great fighter.  I guess I feel this way because I like him.

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai:
- What do you think about your fight?
I feel relieved.  I felt pressure because this fight was about Mach Dojo vs Wahyutsu Keisyukai.
- Would you like to continue fighting in the light weight? Are you in interested in fighting at 154lb?
I fought at 170lb today and I have never lowered my weight to 154lb before though.  
- How was your opponent?
I paid attention not to get triangle chokes and arm locks by his long arms and legs.  I was surprised to see how sharp his punches were actually.  I'm good at fighting a guy like him though.  
- How did you like fighting in DREAM?
I think MMA events including DREAM, YARENNOKA! and PRIDE have their own character and create great entertainment.  I cannot chose which events I like the best though.  
- Do you like to fight in the welter weight?
Sure.  I want to keep fighting in this weight class for sure.  I had hard time dieting before, however DREAM has my weight class and I can do my best in the most comfortable weight class for me.

Hidetaka Monma:
I'm very disappointed about the result of my fight.  That's all I think about my fight.  My game plan was fighting in the standing position for 10min. and 5min. though I knew he was a good striker.  I needed more time to prepare for fighting such a well experienced fighter.  If I have a chance to fight a good striker in my future, it is necessary for me to gain more MMA techniques by training my striking, wrestling and ground techniques hard.

Joachim Hansen:
- What do you think about your fight?
I'm relieved to defeat Boku.  He used to be an amateur boxer and I was close to being KO'd by getting his punch to my head.  
- Boku was pressured to see how aggressive you are and how tough you were because you didn't get much damage by getting his punches to your chin and face.
I fight to live and my head is as hard as metal rocks.  That's why I could win.  
- Who would you like to fight next?
I will fight anybody and want to fight someone who our fans expect to see.  
- Boku is the SHOOTO champion.  Would you like to fight SHOOTO fighters again?
It doesn't matter for me if my opponent is the SHOOTO champion or not.  I felt good defeating a champion though.
- You fought Aoki before and you were defeated.  Would you like to fight AOKI again?
I have fought Calvan, Kawajiri and Aoki before.  It doesn't matter if I have fought before or not.  I may fight either Aoki or J.Z.Calvan.  If so, I will think positive and prepare for the fight.  

Kotetsu Boku:
It was very tough fight and his punches hurt me.  He is a very experienced fighter and he controlled the whole fight.  His throw was very powerful and I couldn't escape.  I wasn't in a bad situation like we see on the tape when he was trying to submit, however, I was almost submitted.  I accept this result.  He was strong and he fought his fight.  I wish I could give him jabs and straight punches, but I got a down in 2R and have nothing to say.  Kid said I did good job.  I will think about my career including retiring from the ring.

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Glenn said...

good stuff, thanks suki. the "my head is as hard as metal rocks" quote from hansen was pretty funny. and boku thinking about retiring is kind of crappy.