Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gomi updated his blog

Takanori Gomi updated his blog on Jan 31.

I have an announcement to make.  I have been taking a break for a long time, but now I've decided to come back to the ring.  

Last year, I didn't fight, had no goals, and was not even sure if I wanted to fight.  I know my fans were longing to see me fight, but I couldn't respond to their expectations.  I don't like to be influenced by anyone when I make a decision, such as where and when I fight.

I've been training with my students and focused on my roots.  Sometimes, I felt lazy and did nothing.  I had a hard time because I was irritated and didn't know what to do.  It was not meaningless but a valuable year for me.  The year of 2008 just started and I'm enjoying training such as boxing and wrestling.  I'm refreshed and even feel like I'm new in MMA.

I had several choices about where I fight next.  Though I believe my fans have their opinions and hopes about my next stage, but I decided to fight in the Sengoku.  I can trust them as a fighter.

I'm preparing for my next fight on Mar 05.  I will be the best condition physically and mentally.  I hope many people come and enjoy this new event, and I look forward to starting a new life as an MMA fighter in the new event.

*** His other comments from this press conference ***
"I would like to deliver a fight which has more impact than before."
"By watching UFC on NYE, I felt the MMA boom for the past 10 years had ended.  I felt I wanted make a new start and I confirmed that a new event is where I fight next."
" Fighting outside of Japan attracts me, but I decided to fight close to most of my fans."

Gomi fights in Sengoku

WVR(World Victory Road) announced that Takanori Gomi who was the Pride Lightweight Champion signed up with Sengoku, and he will fight in its debut event on Mar 05.  

To the question why he choose Sengoku, Gomi said I wanted to fight in a new and fresh event.

  He will fight in the Lightweight Devision (under 70 kg) and his opponent will be announced soon.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ryo Chonan talked about the Akiyama vs Misaki fight.

Ryo Chonan talked about the Akiyama vs Misaki fight in his blog.

I said in my blog that NYE events were tremendous. Now I would say the fact that Yarennoka turned over the result was a disgrace. It was surprising for me to know that the decision a referee made was overturned easily and the way this event contracted with fighters, not by written but verbal agreement.  

Is there any meaning for Yarennoka to contract 2 fights?  I was at a loss when I first heard of this.  Misaki has been criticized by sponsors because he announced to fight in Sengoku before completing the contract with Yarennoka.  FEG announced that Japanese MMA events have to stand together and work together. Then, why aren't they in alliance with Sengoku as well?

I fight in the UFC now and should not say anything about events in Japan, but I think MMA events in Japan are now miserable. All the great fights I and many fans watched on NYE were spoiled by event producers. 

Even so, I`m going my way.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kid Yamamoto updated his blog

Kid Yamamoto was invited to a high school in Miyagi and made a speech in front of graduates.

K-Taro Nakamura left for UFC81

Ktaro Nakamura left for UFC81.  He took a picture at Narita Airport and posted in his blog.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gono has an operation in Feb.

Gono updated his blog and wrote about his right hand.

I went to see a doctor and was told to have an operation in the 2nd week of Feb.  I had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, GONKAKU, and said I'd return next summer, but actually next fall is the earliest.  

I had an injury in the same spot last year as well, and it takes a while to be recovered this time because the bone in this area are weak.  I'm very sorry that I cannot fight sometimes soon, but I cannot complain.  My doctor also told me that I cannot continue fighting if I don't fix my right hand completely now.  I`m freaked out a bit when I heard this.  I cannot do anything but wait.  So, I`m not thinking about when I come back.  I`m going to focus on fixing my right hand and just wait till it will be 100% cured.  

I used to be so weak mentally and I became very lazy and stop doing everything whenever I  lost my fight, got injured, or dumped by my girlfriend.  I'm stronger and positive now.  I accept my current situation and just do what I can do now.  I feel I grew up a lot in last few years.  I`m preparing for my next fight in the U.S. by running, training my kicks, reading books and studying English.    

Yushin Okami is applying for a US visa

From the blog of Yushin Okami...

** Jan 28 **
I went Yokohama to pick up my passport.  I washed my passport with my laundry and my passport got worn out.  When I went to the U.S. Embassy, an officer asked me to get a new passport, otherwise I will be refused to enter the U.S..  So, I applied for a new passport even though my passport was valid for 5 more years.  I got a new passport today and I can apply for a visa for my next fight!  Now I need to get ready for a medical check.

** Jan 29 **
I cannot believe this.  I had a delivery today.  An envelope delivered today looked familiar to me.  It was the envelope which I put the visa application and my passport in and mailed to the U.S. embassy yesterday.  I wondered why that envelope was here and checked out the label.  I wrote my address as a receiver and put the address of the U.S. embassy as a sender!  This is very important documents and sent by a courier.  I worry about myself now and wonder if I can pass the medical check.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tanikawa (FEG) talks about new event

This is an interview of Tanikawa (FEG) with a Japanese sports magazine, Number, and posted on its website on Jan 17.  

- FEG sponsored "Dynamite!!" and "Yarennoka!" on NYE.  What kind of response did you get?
I got good responses.  I could convince myself that what I did to put all Japanese MMA events together was right.  We had great teams in both Saitama and Osaka and would like to start from here.  

- Do you work with "Yarennoka!" again?
I would like to work together and start a new event.

- Do you start a new event?
I haven't talked about or decided any details yet.  I worked with the PRIDE staff long time ago and shared hard times to create an event.  It was comfortable working with then again, and I would like to start a new event with them which is not related to K-1.

- What is a name for the new event?
I haven't thought about it yet.  I may keep the name, HERO'S or create a new name.  I prefer having a new name though.

- Are you going to be a producer of a new event then?
I prefer giving young people opportunities to create a new event.  I wouldn't mind having someone young as a producer if I can find someone suitable, and I will support this event.

- When are you planning to have a debut event?
I would like to have in March in Saitama.

- Will you arrange the fight of Kazushi Sakuraba vs Rickson Gracie in the new event?
No, I don't.  Their fight is not related to a new event, but a final fight between Sakuraba and the Gracie family.  I would like to have a fight of Shinya Aoki vs J.Z. Calvin which we missed on NYE, if J.Z. is ready.

- So, a new event is different with HERO'S?
PRIDE focused on creating a great MMA event for real MMA fans.  HERO'S targets creating an MMA entertainment show for TV.  PRIDE lapsed and now HERO'S is going to take over the role PRIDE did for Japanese MMA.  

- I think it is quick if you just get all popular fighters who belonged to PRIDE in your events?
I don't think PRIDE fans come and watch our event even if we take all PRIDE fighters in. PRIDE fans like watching fights and fighters in PRIDE, not anywhere else.

- PRIDE fans are enthusiasts about PRIDE?
Yes, PRIDE fans worked on having Yarennoka on NYE and they gave all power and energy to the former PRIDE staff, fighters and us. I don't do the same business with UFC which focus on taking fighters to make their own profit. I respect fans and try to work with fans to have a great MMA event.

- I was surprised when I heard that Choi and Akiyama fight in Yarennoka
Yarennoka and Dynamite have a alliance. I just picked fighters who fit well in Yarennoka. I believe PRIDE fans are not interested in seeing Bob Sapp.

- You wanted Akiyama win against Misaki?
From my point of view as a FEG producer, I wanted Akiyama win. If he wins, I can arrange more exciting matches.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kikuta talks about the turnover of the Misaki vs Akiyama fight

From Kikuta`s blog..

Misaki remains silent, but I would like to talk about his contract with Yarennoka.

In his contract with Yarennoka, he agreed to fight not 2 fights but 1 fight on NYE. Their first offer was 2 fights though. Everyone knows that Yarennoka was a one night event and he signed the contract after making sure to fight once. Misaki decided to fight in Yarennoka not because he wanted to fight Akiyama but because he wanted to be a part of the last PRIDE event.

I would also talk about my opinion of the result in that fight. In MMA, a ruling by a referee is final and it is hard to overturn, even if many people disagree with the decision by judges and referees. I don`t think the referee, Mr. Noguchi, made a misjudge in that fight. Akiyama fell by hook, tried to raise up and Misaki kicked. This is normal movement for most fighters. This is not a same situation with the fight of Mark Kerr. This is my personal opinion and I suppose there are people who disagree with me and think that kicking was a foul play.

After the fight, Akiyama filed a complaint about the judge because he thought he was kicked when he was in the 4 point position. Yarennoka staff including Mr.Shimada who directs the rules watched their fight video and released this official statement on Jan 22nd.

"Misaki kicked his opponent when he was obviously in 4 point position. His kick was against rules and that fight is a no contest. Yarennoka also said that fight was similar case to the fight of Mark Kerr in March, 1999. Yarennoka was a one time event and we won`t promise the rematch."

On January 23rd, Tanigawa (FEG) and Akiyama had a press conference. Akiyama said he would like to fight Misaki again when he recovers from damages suffered in his last fight. Tanigawa said he blamed Misaki who announced to fight in Sengoku, because his contract with Yarennoka! was 2 fights with Akiyama.

Gono cancelled his fight in March!

Akihiro Gono updated his blog.

After his debut fight in the UFC, he hasn`t trained well because his right hand still is in pain. He knew the condition of his right hand is getting worse by taking an examination. His doctor ordered him to stop training. He needs to have surgery and cancelled his next UFC fight in March. He will know the date of surgery after taking more examinations. He will update about his condition and when he comes back to the ring when he finds out.

+++ Suki MMA is BACK! +++

Hi everyone!

I`m back from Japan and decided to start my blog again. I`m glad to know many people love knowing Japanese MMA news and I would like to deliver more unique info to true MMA fans in the US!


** with Frank Trigg in Yarennoka! on Dec 31, 2007 **