Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aoki uses kettlebells

DREAM had an interview with Shinya Aoki.

He invited press to his training. Instead of showing sparring, he showed training using kettlebells which are famous as training tools of Fedor. Aoki has been using since last summer because he heard people say "Aoki's punches have no power". I think these tools work well to get muscles MMA fighters need. He trains 20 kg kettlebells.

I have no injury and control my weights pretty well. I'm doing all I can do to win. I feel I'm stronger than NYE and well conditioned. I'm not wondering if I can win or not. I definitely have a good result and I have confidence to defeat J.Z. this time. I want to finish him by submissions on the ground. I have no idea what submission I use, however, I want to choke his neck. I will show my fans a great fight which attract MMA fans.

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