Saturday, March 15, 2008

DREAM: After the fight interviews 2

Luis Buscape:
- Any thoughts about your fight?
I had a good fight. It was my dream fighting in Saitama Super Arena. I could show my ideal fight.
- Was a sleeper choke in your game plan?
Yes. I have a Jujitsu background. I trained at Brazilian Top Team and built my MMA fight plan there. Striking was in my game plan too. I'm glad to submit Miyata, who was tough.
- You were taken down but wasn't pounded. Did you work on preventing his pounding?
Yes. I knew he has an amateur wrestling background and used to be an Olympian. I expected to be attacked from the top and worked on my defense techniques. As a result of my training, I could finish him by choking.
- Who do you think the competitive fighter in this tournament?
I think Kawajiri, Ishida, Hansen, Dida... everybody. I could have a great fight tonight. I like fighting and live to fight. I would like to have a good performance again.

Kazuyuki Miyata:
I trained hard the striking techniques. I'm disappointed not to show my techniques because he put his body together. I was on his top but he put me a lot of pressure from the bottom. It was a tough fight. When I throw him, I hurt my old wound and couldn't move as I wanted since then. He had a great ground techniques. (Why do you think you lost?) He had a good ground techniques and better stamina. I mainly worked on striking because I never fought in these rules and figured the striking are more necessary. I also have confidence of my ground techniques, though I got his knee. I guess I was impatient.

Artur Umakhanov:
I'm really tired. Nagata was strong physically and I had hard time in the ground position.

Katsuhiko Nagata:
I'm glad that I could win. He put pressure more than I expected. I'm glad to win and want to start training for my next fight. I trained my knees in the ground position, pounding and locking techniques. I think my pounds worked 5 to 6 times. I would like to finish by pounding someday. My brother was a second and supported me well. My fiancee and my parents are also in the studio and watched my fight. My fiancee said she will support me even if I was KO'd.

Jung Bukyung:
Ishida was a great fighter. I have an impression he controlled our fight. I underestimated him and the fight didn't go as I planned. I couldn't control the fight and finish him because of my less experience. Practicing striking techniques, I couldn't do anything well and noticed that the preparation wasn't enough.

Mitsuhiro Ishida:
I feel terrible about my fight. This is nothing more than excuses, but I was so cautious about his triangle that I lost my confidence. I feel so sorry for my fans who came over to see my fight that I didn't do good. I don't think I was submitted by his triangles though the audience thought I was. I could see his punches and have better strikes, however, his strong pressure put me into the defense mode mentally. He was physically strong and had a good fighting spirit. I suppose he will be a dangerous fighter when he gets more experience. I will make the most of this experience and train hard for my next fight.

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