Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gomi promised a rematch with Ludwig

Takanori Gomi came back to the ring. Everybody expected to see an exciting fight like we saw in PRIDE.

The fight was tense. Both of them kept their guard and aiming a chance to attack their opponent. After avoiding punches from Ludwig by back steps, Gomi got a feeling of the distance. Right after Ludwig's left jab, Gomi threw his right and left straights and took him down. Ludwig stood up and was ready to restart, however, the fight was stopped by Dr. stop due to bleeding. He defeated Duane Ludwig by Dr. stop. The fight was over only in 2 min. 28 sec in 1R.

After the fight, Gomi said, Ludwig was a very good fighter. This victory was brought by an accident and I will fight him again. Thank you for coming to see my fight held on a weekday. I have good company to work with and....

He was in tears and couldn't continue. He got the applause of fans and said, I will train hard and continue fighting. Thank you for supporting me.


davidha said...
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hugo said...

gomi's raised his arms up in what looked like early celebration gesture after dropping ludwig. it wasn't from surprise cause he hit him hard with the left. but that arrogance might have been what spurred ludwig to get back up. it would have been a disaster if he rallied to win. happy gomi won, but wish he had tried to finish him.