Saturday, March 15, 2008

DREAM: After the fight interviews 4

- Any thought about the fight?
I did what I had to do.
- Why did you throw your elbow to his neck?
That wasn't intentional. Although I was going to give my elbow to his back, it slipped and hit his neck. I didn't violated rules because I hit the muscle at first and my next shot slipped into triceps. It was completely by accident. I'm not an idiot to do that intentionally. I'm so disappointed to have this result.
- What were you thinking in the interval?
I wanted to continue fighting.
- What do you think about Aoki?
I'm stronger physically. He is a good fighter who is flexible and moves like a snake. Every fighter has their strength and weakness. He is a great fighter and one of the strongest Japanese fighters. I want to fight him again and stay in this tournament. I'm asking for a rematch because our fans were disappointed tonight.
- Did you officially ask a rematch?
Yes. I don't like the way we finished our fight. I don't know what happens next and God only knows. I'm sorry.

Shinya Aoki:
- Any thought about the fight?
I trained very hard, could see his punches, was in very good condition and got this accident. I cannot think about anything now.
- How did you feel when you got his elbow?
I felt all my strength was lost. I felt like getting in danger. Though a doctor said I could continue fighting if I could raise my arm, I couldn't.
- What were you talking about during the interval?
I insisted to continue fighting, but Dr.Nakai said he couldn't let me continue. I had nothing to do but obey his order.
- I think you had no contest before. Can you think about fighting him again?
Even if you told me about my past, I cannot think about anything now.
- Did you talk to Calvan?
I cannot communicate him anyway because I cannot speak English. Both of us are disappointed. We couldn't fight on NYE and we had a no contest today.... We didn't exchange any words.
Keiichi Sasahara:
I'm very disappointed to see the result of the main fight. I wish our fans who came all way to Saitama Super Arena fully enjoy the event. In the ring, we announced that the main fight was no contest. However, we checked the fight video and examine if Calvan's action was intentional or accidental, and announce the official result later. We will arrange the light weight tournament fights by taking a questionnaire survay from fans through our website.


mashuu.metyu said...

They're gonna decide by FAN SURVEY???? JZ doesn't have a prayer. I fully expect to see Aoki wearing the sling up until the day of his next fight.

hugo said...

from aoki's POV, i can see him thinking, why would i risk fighting with ANY unnecessary/illegal damage - bne it one elbow or two -- when he knows he has the option AND RIGHT to not fight. say he did fight, at 90% after the elbows and lost. he might feel like an idiot for taking the unnecessary risk. then what? say "i was still hurt from the eblows but decided to fight anyhow to make my fans happy..."