Monday, December 17, 2007

Suki MMA is closing!

Sorry, but I have to close Suki MMA blog. Thanks for visiting the site while I did it. If anyone is interested in hiring me for Japanese MMA translation, etc please email me the detail at sukimma at


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fedoer fights Choi Hong Man on NYE

"Yarennoka!" announced 2 more matches, "Fedor vs Choi Hong Man" and "Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Kazuo Misaki"

Fedor fights Choi Hong Man from Korea. Choi Hong Man said he was very surprised when he got this offer. I`m very glad to fight Fedor and would like to do my best.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

K-1 relays "Yarennoka!" in Dynamite on NYE

Mr.Tanikawa had an press conference of "Dynamite!" on Dec 11 in Tokyo. He said he decided to relay "Yarennoka!" in Osaka Dome after "Dynamite!". K-1 send more K-1 and Hero`s fighters in NYE event in Saitama and would like to have fans in Osaka enjoy both events.

He also talked about the possibility of the match, Fedor vs Schilt. Schilt would like to have more time to prepare well for a fight against Fedor and would not be ready by NYE. He said he would like to have a K-1 fighter fight Fedor on NYE.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fedor had dinner with a Russian prime minister.


Yoshida does not fight on NYE this year

Yoshida said he  was actually preparing for a fight against Fedor on NYE.  I has not offered a fight from any events yet and I would probably stay home and watch MMA on TV this year.  He will focus on training for the debut event of Sengoku on Mar 05.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Semmy Schilt is interested in fighting Fedor on NYE

Sadaharu Tanikawa and Semy Schilt had an interview on Dec 09.  In the interview, Schilt showed his interest fighting Fedor.  Schilt won K-1 World GP 2007 on Dec 08.  Mr. Tanikawa said he would like to see him fighting in MMA rule.  

 Fedor fought Schilt in his PRIDE debut fight.  Fedor defeted Schilt by decision.  Schilt said he would like to fight Fedor but he needs time to train his ground techniques.  I have a confidence to win and I would like to fight him while I`m a K-1 champion.  

Thursday, December 6, 2007

K-1 World GP 2007 finalists gathered in Yokohama

"K-1 World GP 2007 Final" held in Yokohama on Dec 08.  Finalists gathered in Tokyo on Dec 07 and had an interview in front of their fans.


Jerome Le Banner said I cannot wait to fight tomorrow.  I was going to say Good Luck to other fighters today, but I changed my mind.

Choi Hong Man said I trained really hard and I think I will have a good result.  I will do my best tomorrow.  

Semmy Schilt said I`m glad to be here as a K-1 champion.  I will do my best tomorrow.

Peter Aerts said I think Sawayashiki is a great fighter.  He is young and I feel like I'm fighting my child.  Junichi Sawayashiki said Peter has been my hero since I was young.  I`m happy to fight him tomorrow.  I think I`m an underdog.   

Caol Uno runs the Honolulu Marathon

Caol Uno updated his blog.  He is going to run in the Honolulu Marathon on Dec 09.  This is his first full marathon and will do his best to reach his goal.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Yarennoka!" announced more matches

Yarennoka announced more matches on Dec 06.

Kawajiri Tatsuya vs Luiz Azeredo
Ishida Mitsuhiro vs Gilbert Melendez

Emelianenko Fedor, RIcardo Arona, Misaki Kazuo and Joachim Hansen will fight in this event.

Kikuta updated his blog

Kikuta had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro.

He and Yoshida had an interview together. Kikuta said they knew each other since he was 16 years old and that he cannot believe that they work in the same industry the last 20 years. Both of us changed the stage from Judo to MMA. We had the interview in Yoshida Dojo. Yoshida Dojo started 5 years ago and does good business. They are having a 50% off of initial fee campaign.


Gono speaks about his debut fight in the UFC

Gono updated his blog and spoke about his debut fight in the UFC.

I`m satisfied with the result of my debut fight in the UFC. I could win and also get "submission of the night". I think the UFC wanted to judge my level from this fight, because this was the very first fight and my opponent was an anonymous fighter. 

To be honest, I actually felt the UFC underestimated me when I heard about my opponent. I was 3rd in PRIDE welter GP. I think was a good experience to fight anonymous fighter and have a great victory, because I always take my time to adjust to the new environment. I wonder if my next opponent will be a tough guy, though I wouldn't mind having another easy fight to get use to the UFC.

I had an interview with a MMA magazine, " Fight & Life", and had an opportunity to see other fighters in the UFC welterweight division. They were many good and variety of fighters. I`m excited to jump into this weight class because I have many chances to fight great fighters. I`m 33 years old and getting bald, but I`m going to do my best and make some miracle.

At last, I would like to thank a doctor who flew into NJ for Ryo Nagaminami. He actually came by himself. He was a great doctor and supported me a lot for conditioning. I also thank Ryo Nagaminai who asked a doctor to take care of me. 

I think I would talk about other episodes when I get an interview with MMA magazine, Kamipro.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Genki Sudo starts his baseball team!

Genki Sudo updated his blog. His friends and himself formed an amateur baseball team, "FAT PIRATES". His friend said he would like to bring more attention to the baseball during the off-season. Sudo is getting fat after retiring from MMA and needs to the burn fat. The first game is this weekend!

Peter Aerts may fight in Dynamite!

Peter Aerts who fights in "K-1 WORLD GP 2007 FINAL" on Dec 08 had an interview in Tokyo. He is the legendary fighter who fights in all K-1 World GP. He focuses on the upcoming fight but is interested in the event on NYE.

He said he would like to fight in "Dynamite!" if he can fight Badr Hari in K-1 rules. He says he has the confidence to defeat him because Badr Hari has no experience in MMA and he trains Jiujitsu sometimes and know some submission techniques.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

"Yarennoka!" staff blog update

The "Yarennoka!" official website has a blog by staff members. They talk about Fedor when he came to Japan for the "Yarennoka!" press conference.

Fedor stayed only 2 days in Tokyo when he came for the "Yarennoka!" press conference. He went to Saitama Super Arena as soon as he arrived in Tokyo on the day of the conference. He could not sleep in the airplane and looked really sleepy when he get the arena. He was extremely busy taking photos and doing interviews, no time to take a break except eating SUSHI lunch. He usually only has water but ordered a couple of coffees that day. After having all interviews, he took a 30 minute nap and came back with a suit and went to the press conference.  After the conference and a Japanese dinner he went to bed immediately.

Next early morning, he visited the "Yarennoka!" sponsor, the cable TV company. He showed up in their office and immediately people gathered and started to take pictures of him. Some girls were asking him for a hug.  This extremely short stay did not allow him to go to his favorite area, Akihabara, this time. He looked like being ready for the fight on NYE. He will definitely have a great fight as a PRDIE champion!


Sakuraba updated his blog about his dojo

Kazushi Sakuraba said he started to train in his new dojo.  He showed his gym to the press on Dec 03.  His gym is officially opened to the public next Feb.  He is still working on naming his gym, and deciding the style of the training (MMA or Wrestling).  He said he feels at home and can train anytime without hesitation.   



Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ryo Chonan updated his blog about the UFC78

Ryo Chonan was defeated by Karo Parisyan in the UFC 78 on Nov 17.  He updated his blog on Nov 23 and talked about his debut fight.

I`m updating my blog because some people are worried about me if I feel depressed and hesitate to contact me.   I feel fine.  I take a look this fight and I see new subjects for my next fights.  I lost points but did not take any effective punches.  I see I will be fine if I get use to the cage and other circumstances.  

After the fight, I saw Parisyan back stage.  His face was messed up by getting punched from me.  I will analyze more by seeing my fight video and start my training next week.

It was easy to adjust my weight to 77 kg weight class.  I read a MMA magazine said I got a straight punch.  It was a really light punch.  I knew the power of the punch is different with 83 kg weight class fight.  

This was my debut fight and I learned about the atmosphere of the UFC, the cage and other things which I have never experienced.  Next time, I will have a good result.

I would like to thank all my fans, my seconds for supporting me.  I will start training for a next fight. 

Hasegawa lost in "DEEP X 02"

Hidehiko Hasegawa, who fights Mach Sakurai in "Yarennoka!", was defeated by Lucas Lepri by decision. He was not injured in this fight and could fight on NYE. After the fight, he said Lepri was a great fighter who had a good strength and techniques. I was inexperienced. I hope Mach does not have a game plan to focus fighting from the ground position.
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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Road to Yarennoka! NYE! 2007 vol.2 ~ Hasegawa ~

*** Hasegawa`s interview ***

- Did you expect to be fighting Mach Sakurai?
Not at all.

- When did you know about your match?
It was the day before the press conference.  Mr. Saeki had forgotten to tell me till then.

- You said you heard about joining in "Yarennoka!" through the press and broadcasting in your blog.
That`s right.  Mr. Saeki asked me if I would like to fight in "Yarennnoka!" before, but was not told after that.  After training, a press guy told me that your name was in the list of fight in "Yarennoka!"

- How was your 2007? You became the DEEP champion and fought Kim Dong Hyung twice this year.  
I don`t want to fight him again.  I`m glad to be able to have a title match and be a champion.  I have to do one more big fight left though.  

- Are you thinking to do any performance on NYE?
I usually fight in smaller places and I do nothing but dashing in the ring..  I haven`t thought about yet but I should do something.

- You are going to fight as a DEEP champion on NYE.  Do you feel any responsibility as a DEEP representative?
Mr. Saeki said he would send Mr.Hasegawa Mr. DEEP confidently.  I think I don`t want to have a lot of pressure, but I will do my best and show the DEEP has higher level than when Mach was a part of us.

- I suppose the rule will be similar to the PRIDE rule.  Can you adjust to the PRIDE rule?
My fight style will not be influenced by rules.

- What do you think about your opponent, Mach Sakurai?
He stays in the top of MMA for last 10 years.  He has an amazing power to damage opponents.  He said he would like to have a fight like playing a game, Final Fantasy.  In the game, I`m the main person who started from 1st level and finally get a chance to fight a strong guy.  

** Mr. Saeki interrupted and said you are not challenging him.  You are the champion who is getting his challenge.  

What? Don`t be like that.  It is obvious I`m not taking his challenge but I`m getting this opportunity to fight him finally.  

- Have you been depressed before the fight?
Yes, I have once in a while but it wastes of my time.  I think positive and try to enjoy my fight.  I like fighting and decided to come this far.  

- You have a fight in Deep X on Dec 02.
I wonder if someone fights instead of me.  My opponent is actually really good.  This fight won`t affect to my fight on NYE.  I`m sure I will win.
Mr. Saeki said this fight should not be arranged. 

- Do you think the fight on NYE is important for your career as a fighter?
I am focusing on my fight and not thinking about my career after this fight.

- Are you going to use Sambo techniques?

- Any message to your fans?
I hope many fans come and see our fight on NYE.  I can guarantee that watching the fight live is much more exciting than watching on TV.  

- Any message to people who have never seen your fight?
I will show you my Sambo techniques which I brushed up in DEEP.


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Road to Yarennoka! NYE! 2007 vol.1 ~ Aoki ~

** Shinya Aoki Interview **

- Did you expect fighting J.Z.Calvan?
I actually had a feeling that I will fight J.Z.Calvan.

- When did you know about your match?
It was the day before the press conference.

- What do you think about him?
He is really strong and one of the top fighters in the world. I have some top level techniques now and I look forward to the fight. He may be able to defeat me but nobody else can.

- Do you have any message to him?
I respect the Hero`s fighter, Gesias Cavalcanti Souza, I hope we do our best and I will win by KO.

- Did you pick the entrance music? Baka Survivor again?
Yes. I`m sure my fans like this song.

- The rule has not been announced yet. Do you have any request?
Nothing. I hope a lot of people come and see my fight live.

- Does this fight mean anything for you?
I would like to show my appreciation to my fans who were waiting for since April. This is very special fight and I am very glad to fight in this event. I think this is one of the fight which Japanese people were waiting for.

- Do you know your fans were longing to see your fight?
Yes, absolutely. Some people talked to me and requested my fight in the event I was not fighting. I really appreciate all supports of my fans.

- Any message to your fans?
I thank all my fans waiting for my fight since last April. I will do my best to have a great fight. I hope everybody come and see my fight on NYE. Thank you for supporting me and wish my luck!


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Friday, November 30, 2007

Gono spoke about his 2R in the UFC

* In the corner *
I was getting my aggression back at the end of 1R.  I still feel like I was not fighting at my pace, probably because this was my debut fight in the UFC. The advice from my second was I should put myself in the defensive position until I get my confidence and I should be patient and turn offensive when I`m fully ready.

I don`t remember what Kikuta said, but he was worried if I was still confused in the new circumstance of the UFC. I was doing fine at the end of 1R, but my corner was not optimistic. I analyzed that my opponent was getting tired and used up his offensive techniques.  I was aware he may attack me again in the beginning of 2R.  I noticed he only kicks from his right. 

* 2nd Round *
I gave up giving the counter punch because my right hand was pain. My game plan was to be ready to block and catch his kick, break the punch by front kick, keep the position up-right, float on my forefoot a bit, and throw low kicks.

My low kick slightly hit between his legs when he tried to avoid my kick.  When I saw him appealing exaggeratedly that he got a low blow kick, I was certain that I took initiative of this fight.  I felt my toe slightly touched his foul cup and he definitely felt nothing even without the foul cup.  In fact, his appeal was not accepted and our fight started again.  I knew he was making time to take a break because he was getting very tired physically and mentally.  He was not on the level of someone who could compete techniques to me.  All he could do was attack until he exhausted.  Each time I blocked his attack, his energy was worn down and he realized I was controlling the fight.  I was sure I got him and won this fight!

This kid was still attacking with no techniques.  When I blocked his attack by back step I threw a combination punches to his left body and a right low kick.  I felt good and decided to give damages steadily. 

My left hook landed on his face and I saw this tall guy stumble.  I wanted to run into him and stomp his baby face like Shogun in PRIDE, but I controlled my impulse because it is foul play in the UFC.  I took the guard position to attack him.  I was surprised to see him trapped the arm triangle on my right arm.  I escaped and moved to his side, but he took it back easily because my right hand was not supporting well.  Immediately I used my left hand and moved to his side again.  I took the mount position by giving my elbow.  

All I can do is one thing from the mount position.  I have analyzed his move when he was under the mount position.  He always does the same movement.  I waited to see by pretending to give him an elbow and he started his move as usual.  I put on an arm bar and he screamed TAP TAP TAP.  He gave up and I thought I did great.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gono spoke about his 1R in the UFC

Akihiro Gono talks about his UFC debut fight in his blog.
* 1st Round *
 McCrory attacked me from the beginning of the fight.  I was actually taken aback at his game plan because I thought he prepared for this fight by watching my fight videos.  He should have learned the aggressive attack does not work.  I wondered if he had a lot of confidence about his offense or he did not take his time analyzing me.  His attacking worked a bit because I was confused.

McCrory kept at a longer distance than Musashi, and I needed some time to get use to it.  I did not want to be offensive before I got the feeling of the distance and figured out how to fight my game.  So, I decided to be defensive in the beginning.

In PRIDE, I had 10 min./1R and I always fought at home.  I knew PRIDE judges understood my game plan even if I put myself in the defense position for first 4 to 5 min..  They considered I was waiting for the right moment to turn offensive.  In UFC, I had 5 min./1R and was an away game for me.  UFC judges definitely considered me an unknown asian who was being pushed back.  I was afraid of points being taken away by remaining in the defensive position for 2 min., even if I turned aggressive in the next 3 min.  

UFC has the different pointing system with PRIDE.  UFC counts points every round and do not combine points.  

I have to stop McCrory.  First thing I did to him was throwing the counter punch from my right.  I throw my punch at the same time he throw his right when the cage was right behind me.  My punch landed on the perfect spot at the same time my right hand broke 30%.  I throw low kicks and counter kicks while I was waiting for my right hand to recover from the pain.  When I caught McCrory`s low kick, his face was not protected at all.  In 0.3 seconds, I thought I got a great chance to punch him right on his face, but I was worried about my hand, though I was 100% sure my punch would land.  I decided to throw my right hand and it landed clearly and my right hand broke.  

I could not see how much damage I could give from his face, but McCrory was getting slow.  I didn`t know he was getting less offensive because he got my punched or he just simply got tired.

McCrory was getting slow and the fight started to be easier for me.  He started clinching.  He slapped and his kicks were nothing but creating rhythm.  I did not feel any risk taking his clinching.    

When I fought Shogun, my body was warning all the time.  I was caught and could not get out from him and could not do anything.  McCrory was not an opponent I have to be afraid of because I knew I felt I was controlling the fight.  I figured out I should show judges I`m taking control of this fight, and I threw him and could take him down easily.  My right hand hurts and could not give enough damage and the 1st round was over.

I did not get any power punches and I gave 2 right power punches and got 1 take down.  I was defensive in the beginning but I felt 50/50 at the end of 1R.  

Aoki likes this pic!

He is on a cover of a Japanese MMA magazine "Kamipro" with this outfit.  He said he would like to print this pic on a t-shirt.


PANCRASE support "Yarennoka?"

Mr. Sakamoto, a director of PANCRASE, appeared in the press conference on the day after the event "PANCRASE 2007 RISING TOUR" in Tokyo, and answered questions from press.

I'm impressed to see Japanese MMA organizations start to work together. We will definitely consider joining in the alliance when "Yarennoka!" talks to us.  I cannot say our fighters fight in the NYE event or not because we have not been offered.  I would like to have our champions fight in other events.  When our fighters win we can prove that PANCRASE is the one of the top level MMA organizations. 

He said Satoru Kitaoka and Yuki Kondo may fight on NYE.  Kitaoka had an offer to fight in the PRIDE light weight GP before.  Kondo fights in an event in Philippines on Dec 09. If he wins, he will fight somewhere on NYE.

KID Yamamoto fights Rani Yahya on NYE

"Dynamite!" announced a match, Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto vs Rani Yahya, in "Dynamite!".  Kid showed up to the press conference and said I will prepare for ground fight.  

Yahya is the champion of ADCC 66.9kg weight class and the No1 fighter in WEC.  He fought in HERO`s last year and showed his high level ground technique though he was defeated by J.Z. Calvan.  

KID remembered his fight with Bibiano Fernandes last Sep. He barely won by decision and the fight was far from his satisfaction.  I`m going to have ground training for a month and will be ready to defeat this guy.  He may ask Baret Yoshida, who used to live with Yahya and comes to Japan for DEEP X on Dec 02, to train with him. 


Aoki & Hasegawa

インタビュー 記者会見

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Japanese MMA alliance is built for "Yarennoka!"

"Yarennoka!" committee had a press conference in Tokyo on Nov 28.  "Yarennoka" had asked other MMA organizations to support the event.  This press conference was the place to announce the organizations which responded to their invitation.  Monte Cox (CEO of M-1 Global), Shigeru Saeki (DEEP) and Sadaharu Tanigawa (FEG) appeared.  They shook hands with each other and Takada.  

Monte Cox said I am very excited to be a part of this event.  I expect this event will be very exciting.  Fedor is also glad to fight in this event and in Japan.

Saeki said I came here as a representative of DEEP.  We would like to give the extensive support to this event.  We are going to offer Hidehiko Hasegawa who is our current welter weight champion to fight against Mach Sakurai.  I know Japanese fighters hesitate to fight Japanese fighters, and they try to avoid matching up.  I think that`s why Japanese fans would like to see this match and decided to have this match in this event.

Tanigawa said I`m in Japanese MMA scene for over 30 years and I have seen pro-wrestling, Karata, Kick-boxing, UWF split and their business became slow.  Our MMA is now facing the same tragedy and I believe now it is time to alliance with other organization for us, fighters and our MMA fans.

Hasegawa said I would like to have the best fight by preparing well for this fight and have a great fight with the great opponent.

Mach said Hasegawa is the best fighter in the 76 kg-77 kg weight class.  I`m happy to be able to fight the best and would like to have an amazing fight like playing final fantasy for our fans.

Aoki: I am very happy to fight against the best fighter in this great event.  I appreciate for giving me this opportunity.  I am not an experienced MMA fighter but I would like to win by incredible submission and have a fight which fans cannot forget.  I would like to win by KO!

Tanigawa: I`m very glad to see you again, Takada.  I would like to work with you as commentator again.  

Takada: I hope what he said is not flattery and I actually knew we work together again.  We should not confront each other any longer.

Tanigawa:  I hope this alliance will be the start of new scene in Japanese MMA. 

Cox: I hope this event will be held next year and we can work with each other again.  I would like to share fighters and have an MMA event together.  I would like to cooperate making Mix Martial Arts popular world wide.


"Emperor is back!" NEW Fedor interview!

A Japanese magazine "Kamipro" had a private interview with Fedor after his announcement of fighting on NYE in Russia M-1 official website.

- Welcome back to Japan, Fedor!
Fedor: I`m glad to be back to Japan too!

- I believe your fans in Japan would like to say thank you and I would like to show the appreciation for your fans.  " Fedor, you are the best man in the world!"
Fedor: Thank you for supporting me all the time.

- I heard you made a decision to fight in "Yarennoka!"  Why is that?
Fedor: I did not make any special decision.  It is a custom for me to fight in Japan.  I`m going to do the same thing with what I did for last 4 years.  It is my great pleasure celebrating New Year with Japanese fans after wining the fight. 

- You could fight in other event on NYE, but did you like PRIDE particularly?
Fedor: Yes.  I think PRIDE was the wonderful event though PRIDE lapsed.  I hope the "M-1 Global" produces the high quality events like PRIDE.

- I wonder if M-1 Global management show their disappointment about your fight in Japan before their debut event in next spring?
Fedor: I don`t think so.  They agreed with my decision.  They know I have many fans in Japan.

- "M-1 Global" would like to have an event next year in Japan.
Fedor: Yes.  I heard they are planning to hold their first event in Japan next summer.

- What exactly did you like about PRIDE?
Fedor:  Needless to say PRIDE had many strong fighters, their event had high quality.  Their event entertained fans and created the stage fighters can do their best.  In addition, PRIDE treated fighter great and PRIDE fans loved events.

- The "UFC" is the current biggest MMA event.  Do you think PRIDE was better?
Fedor:  I cannot compare.  "UFC" has nothing superior than PRIDE when I compare the quality of event, the level of fighter and the contents of fights.

- But you discussed with the "UFC" though?
Fedor: I cannot decide where I fight.  Vadim took care of all offers for me.  

- Do you feel sadness about Cro Cop and Minotauro going to the "UFC" and will not be able to fight in "Yarennoka!" and "M-1 Global"?
Fedor: I am fine.  I actually look forward fighting strong fighter who I have never fought against in "M-1 Global!"

FEG had a crisis seminar for fighters

FEG had "Crisis Management" seminar for K-1 and HERO`s fighters on Nov 28.  FEG recently had scandals by fighters and decided to educate fighter to be smart fighters.  Masaaki Miyamoto has been procecuted for possession of drugs and traffic violation.  Hiromi Amata was arrested for street fighting.  

In this seminar, lawyers explained the disadvantage of street fighting.  A president of a security company, who used to be a police officer, explained the principles to avoid a crisis with the Yakuza.  The message was not to be upset, do not hide, do not lie and do not be afraid of running away.

After this seminar, Musashi answered questions and said I don`t get upset often and apologize immediately if something happens.  Fighters should not fight in the street but only in the ring.

Mr. Tanikawa said he would like to hold this seminar once a year.  

FEG to be a joint sponsor of "Yarennoka!"

FEG announced to be a joint sponsor of "Yarennoka!". "Yarennoka!" invited other organizations to the event in the inverview on Nov 21. Nobody expected FEG to participate. PRIDE and FEG had been confrontational for long time but their circumstances were changed after PRIDE lapsed. FEG decided to united and produce the great event together in Tokyo as well as in Osaka. Mr.Tanikawa said it is time to cooperate and bring energy back to Japanese MMA. We should not have any conflict from now on and should work together. In addition to FEG, DEEP, ZST and SHOOTO have agree to assist "Yarennoka".

"Dynamite!" broadcast by TBS. Mr.Tanikawa would like to have TBS broadcast "Dynamite!" and "Yarennoka!" at the same time. But this is way too far from the reality because a cable company, "Skyperfect TV" supposes to broadcast "Yarennoka!".


Shinya Aoki vs J.Z.Calvan in "Yarennoka!"

Nobuhiko Takada announced Sadaharu Tanikawa (FEG) supports "Yarennoka!" in Tokyo on Nov 28. Mr.Tanikawa said Japanese MMA need to be allied and work together to create great MMA events. FEG holds a big event, "Dynamite", on NYE and he is going to make both events successful.

With the cooperation of FEG, "Yarennoka!" arranged one big match, Shinya Aoki vs J.Z. Calvan. Aoki is an undefeated PRIDE fighter and J.Z. Calvan is HERO`S 2006 middleweight champion. Takada also announced Mach Sakurai fights Hidehiko Hasegawa fight.

Fedor Emelianenko, Joachim Hansen, Ricardo Arona, Luiz Azeredo, Gilbert Melendez, Kawajiri Tatsuya, Ishida Mitsuhiro and Misaki Kazuo will fight in this event.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bruno Frazzato does not fight in 12.2 DEEP X

DEEP announced Bruno Frazzato, who is the ADCC Brazilian champion, does not fight in DEEP X in Tokyo on Dec 02.  H was injured while training.  Daisuke `Amazon' Sugie is going to fight Baret Yoshida.  Sugie mainly fights in Shooto but has fought in Bushido.  

GONO talks about his 1st fight in UFC

Gono who fought in UFC 78 updated his blog and talked about his debut fight.

I registered in the UFC website and paid $2 and bought my fight video.  I watched 5 times and think my fight was better than I expected.  I did not move in the way I wanted in the beginning, but I gradually showed my efficiency and I could win by arm bar.  

I had thought my fight was far from my ideal fight until I saw my fight today.  I think I can be a lot better if I can move without any hesitation, and my fight was actually not bad.   Despite the level of my opponent, I think my debut in UFC went well and I got confidence to be better next time.   

KIKUTA updated his blog

Sanae Kikuta updated his blog on Nov 27.

I am very busy these days. It is not bad if I don`t have any training to do. I`m actually training for upcoming fights. I`m exhausted mentally and physically after training because I pay attention to my movement and concentrate all the time.

I went to the official announcement of the new event by WVR today. I was with Mr. Yoshida who was my senior in my Judo school. I had a talk to WVR about their event and I thought the new event has the strong energy and I was fascinated by their business plan. I`m going to fight regularly in "SENGOKU" and I`m excited to see my opponents.

Now I`m sure I fight in Mar, but I still have a possibility to fight on NYE and I prepare for the both fights.

More info about "SENGOKU"

Fighters who attend the "SENGOKU" announcement had interviews.

Kikuta: I`m glad to join in the new event starting next year.  My team, "GRABAKA", have many fighters who belong to other organization and put lots of contributions.  I hope I can make a sensation here in this event.  

Takimoto: I was training without any goal since April.  I`m glad to fight in this new event and would like to show my great fights to my fans.  

Kawamura: I`m glad to be here and I have nothing to say until my next fight on Dec 22 is ended.  

WVR President, Naoya Kinoshita" said the first event will have 8 matches and he would like to hold the championship tournament in 2008.  

WVR is going to have their event 5 times a year.  There is no rule of GI, can wear if they want.
All the weight classes:
Heavy Weight- over 93.10 kg
Light Heavy Weight- under 93 kg
Middle Weight- under 83 kg
Welter Weight- under 76 kg
Light Weight- under 68 kg
Feather Weight- under 60 kg

吉田の大みそか「やれんのか!」参戦はあるのか!?  吉田は新天地での新たな闘いに燃える 菊田はアグレッシブな試合を約束 

Monday, November 26, 2007

WVR announced a new event "SENGOKU"

World Victory Road had an interview in Tokyo on Nov 27 and announced their new event, "SENGOKU".  

Their new event name is selected from the pick a name contest.  Their fist event is held on Mar 05, 2008 in Tokyo Yoyogi Kyogijyo.  Hidehiko Yoshida, Sanae Kikuta, Makoto Takimoto and Ryo Kawamura will fight in this event.  

They will have 6 different weight classes.  The fight is 5 min./3R and the championship fight is 5 min./5R.  Knee kicking, and stomping on the ground are allowed but soccer ball kicking and elbow punching are prohibited.

Yoshida said he would like to enjoy fighting in this new event.  Other fighters and I will do our best to have greats fight here.  I would like to fight in other events if I get an offer, but this event is my main ring to fight.  

Tokoro wants to fight Minowa

Hideo Tokoro said he would like to fight Ikuhisa Minowa.  His boss, Akira Maeda, said Tokoro should fight someone in his weight class to be a better fighter.  Tokoro accepted his advice.   

Funaki Interview (about Akiyama)

Masakatsu Funaki is coming back to fight Kazushi Sakuraba in "Dynamite!" this year.  He had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine and talked about Yoshihiro Akiyama.

- Akiyama came back to the ring.  What do you think?
I went to Korea with him.  I did not imagine he had not fought for 1 year.  He was really relaxed before the fight.    He started to have a good rhythm after making jabs in the middle of fight.  

- What did you think about the fight between Akiyama and Sakuraba?  You were at ring side..
I did not notice about his body cream.  I was actually interested in seeing how good Akiyama would avoid Sakuraba`s tackles.  I was sitting right next to Mr. Tanigawa.  After the fight Sakuraba came by and complained about the slipping of Akiyama`s whole body.  I wonder if Akiyama applied an oil on his body and I watched the fight video when I come home.  I was sure Akiyama had an oil on his body by seeing the way Sakuraba was slipping.  I have fought fighters who did same thing as Akiyama and was not surprised though.

- What do you think about Akiyama`s comeback?
Well, If he did something he should not do, Hero`s should kick him out.  But since there is no MMA athletic commission in Japan, he will move on to the next promoter whenever Hero`s terminates the contract.  He is very competitive and has many fans and brings Hero`s more money, so Hero`s decided to keep him.  

Aoki had a private interview with "Gonkaku"

Shinya Aoki had a private interview with a Japanese MMA magazine,
"GONKAKU", which is published on Nov 22.

- You said now your body is ready for fighting in the 70kg weight class in your blog.
My average weight is 75~76kg. I can either choose to fight in 70kg or
77kg weight class. I chose 70KG because it is easy to lose 2~3kg from my average weight and another 3kg right before the weight-in by controlling the intake of water.

- Are you going to fight in 70kg for a while?
I don`t think so. My primary weight class is 70kg. But if I get an offer in 77KG, I will move up to 77kg, and I actually would not mind fighting in any weight classes, even in the free weight if my promoter brings a good offer. I respect the decision my promoter made and believe they also consider me and my career.

- Do you mean you would fight in the free weight when the conditions are ready?
Of course! Mr. Minowa is fighting in Free weight! If our fans want to see me in the free weight, I will fight. I believe it is not happened, but I will fight Vanderlei Silva if my fans request. I fight for me and for my fans, so I would
respect requests from my fans.

- Why do you respect fans more than other fighters do? When did you start to think this way?
It is easy to pursuing only the self-satisfaction. But I think it is more important to have fights fans want to see. Answering to the request from fans increase more MMA fans and have them come to see the event.

- Did you think anything when PRIDE office was closed?
Not really, but I actually felt refreshed when I heard.

- Some fighters said they were upset about the way they closed.
I did not think that way. I was actually amazed to see the end. I did
not hear from PRIDE staff for a while but I trusted them and believed
they will get through what happened to PRIDE and will move on to the
next event.

Continue more next month.
大晦日の格闘技イベント『やれんのか!』会見で「またあの空間に立てる事を本当に、本当に幸せに思います」と決意表明した青木真也。大晦日はビッグマッチになるか? 07年4月8日のPRIDE.34でブライアン・ローアンユーを1R1分33秒アームバーで下した青木。8カ月ぶりの総合の試合への想いとは…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Genki Sudo got married!

Genki Sudo updated his blog and announced that he got married with a Japanese girl on Nov 22.  After retiring from the ring, he is now acting, modeling and writing a book.  

Mark Hunt double header?

Mark Hunt debuted in Hustle on Nov 25 and said about NYE he would like to fight in both events, pro wrestling show and MMA.  Hustle is having a daytime show in Saitama Super Arena on NYE and `Yarennoka!' is having a night event in the same place.  Mark would like to fight in both shows.  

Fedor interview on SAMURAI TV `S Arena'

SAMURAI TV which is a pay-per-view MMA news show had a private interview with Fedor on 22 Nov.

- You have not been to Japan for a long time.
I`m glad to be here in Japan again.  I knew I would come back for all of my fans in Japan.

- How did you know you can fight on NYE?
Vadim asked me if I`m interested in and I accepted the offer immediately.  I would like to prepare well for the fight and would like to have an exciting fight.

- Do you have any comment to former PRIDE staff?
I don`t think this is the last event I work with them.  M-1 Global has a business plan to hold events starting next year.  M-1 Global is actually approaching them and asking to support their events.  I believe M-1 Global will corporate with former PRIDE employees to create great events like the PRIDE had before in Japan.

- Why did you choose M-1 Global?
M-1 Global is formed by trustworthy staff and we agreed to create the best MMA event.  I accepted because M-1 Global is going to have an event in Japan, Russia and  the Netherlands as well as in the U.S.

- Who would you like to fight?
I would like to fight champions in other MMA organization like Randy Couture, Gabriel Gonzaga and champions of UFC, Cage Rage and IFL etc.

- What is the definition of the strongest fighter for you?
The strongest fighter should be able to defeat all the opponents, respect other fighters, understand circumstances and communicate well with others.

- Do you think you are the best now?
I don`t think I`m the best now but I`m trying to be.  

- Do you have any message to your fans?
I`m happy to have a fight in Japan again.  I train hard to win and please come and see my fight.

`S Arena' had interview with Mr. Saeki and Shinya Aoki.

Aoki said he actually had a call about the interview of `Yarennoka!' at night on Nov 20.  Aoki was anxious about the delay of the interview.  Aoki had mentioned this event in a magazine interview which was published a couple of days before and he was worried about being called a liar.  

Mr.Saeki said the process of this event was delayed a lot and could not be announced until the last minute.  He is sure that this event would not happen if he could not make an official announcement on Nov 21.  

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Takada updated his blog about Gomi

Takada updated his blog about Gomi.

He believes Gomi is necessary for `Yarennoka!'.  Takada had one condition to accept the offer as being a spokesman of `Yarennoka',  it was Fedor and Gomi fight in this event.  `Yarennoka' is working on but has not come to signing.  There is a rumor that Gomi has signed up with WVR and cannot fight in `Yarennoka' without an authorization from WVR.     

Friday, November 23, 2007

Yoshida fights in `Yarennoka! Omisoka! 2007'?

Hidehiko Yoshida showed up in the event `VIVA JUDO' on 23 Nov and had an interview.  

Yoshida said his production,  J-rock, manages offers and contracts, and he does not even know Mr. Tanigawa (K-1) is offering a fight against Akiyama in `Dynamite!!' in NYE.  He would not like to fight Akiyama because he was his teammate before.  

Some people are expecting to see a fight between Yoshida vs Fedor in `Yarennoka'.  Yoshida says he is not sure if he fights in NYE or not but he is interested in fighting Fedor.  He does not have long time before retiring but he still has the fighting spirit to fight Fedor who is the long time PRIDE champion.  

Mr. Kuniyasu, the president of J-Rock, said he would like to have Yoshida and Takimoto fight in `Yarennoka!' and he is not thinking to take an offer from K-1 this year. 

 期待される大みそかの試合については「会社に任せているので全然分からない」と吉田 集まったちびっこらに指導を行った吉田。気になる大みそかの対戦相手は誰に? VIVA JUDO!に出席した中村。騒動前と変わらぬ元気な姿でちびっこたちに熱血指導

Mr. Kuniyasu also spoke about Nakamura who fought in the UFC and had an the positive drug test.  He believes Nakamura is innocent and will send a lawyer and ask the athletic commission to give another test.     

Tokoro fights in `Dynamite!!'

`ZST. 15' was held in Tokyo on 23 Nov.  

`ZST' had announced that Hideo Tokoro was not able to fight in `Dynamite!!' if he lost.  Tokoro fought in the main event and defeated Ko Inatsu in 1R by arm bar.  After the fight, he said he would like to fight Ikuhisa Minowa who fights in 91 kg/free weight in NYE.  

Thursday, November 22, 2007

`Yarennoka?' after the interview

After the interview with the audience, fighters and former PRIDE employees answered questions from TV and publication crews.  

Fedor: I looked forward to fight in Japan again.  I am very glad to work with former PRIDE employees and I accepted immediately when I was offered this fight.  

Vadim: Pride lapsed and cannot use the name of PRIDE anymore.  I think M-1 Global will take over the PRIDE and would like to work with former PRIDE employees.  I would like to hold an event `M-1 Bushido' for young Japanese fighters. 

Mach Sakurai: I believed PRIDE would be back and I did not take any offer from other organization.  

Shinya Aoki: I would like to fight Arona or Fedor.  I would like to do my best and have a great fight.  

Tatsuya Kawajiri: I really want all PRIDE fans to enjoy this last event and I would like to have a great fight.


Mr. Sasahara and Mr. Saeki (DEEP) answered questions.

- How many staff members do you have for this event?
Sasahara: We are not a company but an event group, and we have more than 1000 staff to run this event.  

- Could you tell me the size of arena?
Sasahara: Probably, 25000 ~ 26000 people will be capable to come and see the event.  

- Are you going to work with the day event, `Hustle'?
Sasahara: I don`t think so.

- Are you going to organize any event next year?
Sasahara: No.
Saeki:  This is the farewell event of PRIDE and this is not the beginning of new PRIDE.

-  What happens if this event success and many fan request next event?
Sasahara: If we could succeed, it is possible to work on a next event, but I`m not thinking about next year at all and would like to focus on this event.

- Does Fedor fight in the main event? and who is the opponent?
Sasahara: Yes, but we are still working on matching.  I believe we can announce next week including the opponent of Fedor.

- Where is the titte ` Yarennoka?'' coming from?
Sasahara: This phrase is actually used by Antonio Inoki before.  I think this title is very powerful and contains a strong message to us and fans.

- Are you asking fighters in Yoshida Dojo and Kazuyuki Fujita?
Sasahara: I have not offered yet, but if we can find great opponents, I will offer fights more than likely.  They are top fighters and it will not be easy to have matches which they can satisfy. 
Saeki: We are working of making matches now and would like to have another interview or press release next week.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

`Yarennoka!' more info

Many PRIDE related people gathered in Saitama Super Arena on 21 Nov, including not only former PRIDE employees, Nobuhiko Takada and Keichi Sasahara but fighters (Fedor Emelianenko, Shinya Aoki and Mach Sakurai), DJ Kei Grant and Lenne Hardt.

旧PRIDE勢が大晦日に格闘技イベント「やれんのか!大晦日2007」を開催! ヒョードル(右から3人目)も参戦

Mr. Sasahara said he believed PRIDE continued having great events when he had an interview in Tokyo on Mar 27, 2007.  MMA was a part of his life and was very disappointed when the PRIDE office was closed and all employees were laid off in Oct.  It did not take a long time to know that many people (PRIDE employees and fans) are still hoping to see PRIDE.  He decided to have the biggest event which is going to be a legend.

 Takada said he had not decided to take an offer to be a spokesman of this event until last night.  He would like to be a part of this and decided to make this event the greatest ever.  Takada also emphasized that this is the last PRIDE and wanted to make this magnificent.

高田延彦氏が「やれんのか!」統括本部長に就任 超大物ヒョードルの参戦も決定 

Shinya Aoki said he is very honored to fight in the PRIDE ring again.  Fighting in this event means a lot for him.  He have not fought since April, but he will do my best.

Mitsuhiro Ishida said he will is do his best and be very happy to fight in this event.

Tatsuya Kawajiri asked himself `Yarennnoka?".  He believes this event will happen and will be a success.  I will do my best to show a great fight.   

Mach Sakurai said he was waiting for this event to be officially announced for long time.  He is very happy to fight in NYE.  He would like to fight someone who is considered to be better than him.

Fedor said we had a long break and finally the event was officially announced.  He is very honored to be a part of this.  This is his 5th year to have New Years Eve in Japan.  He would like to have a great fight and have a great new year.  He also said he would like to fight the strongest fighter and make his fight unforgettable.  

Vadim said he thinks PRIDE was the one of the best MMA production in the world and would like to continue to work with former PRIDE staff in US and Russia after this event.  He would like to have an event, `M-1 Bushido'  next summer in Japan.  Mr. Sasahara said we have to focus on this coming event and make it happen, and we are not thinking about next event for now.

7~8 matches will be arranged and will be announced next week.

`Yarennoka! Omisoka 2007' in NYE

Nobuhiko Takada had an interview in Saitama Super Arena on 21 Nov and announced to hold an event, `Yarennoka! Omisoka 2007' in NYE. This one night event is organized by former PRIDE employees and supported by M-1 Global.

Fedor Emeliaenko, Ricardo Arona, Shinya Aoki, Mach Sakurai and Tatsuya Kawajiri are going to fight in this event.

** I will update more info with pics later tonight **

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

`DEEP PROTECT IMPACT in OSAKA' all matches announced

DEEP announced all matches of `DEEP PROTECT IMPACT in OSAKA' .  

Miku, the lightweight champion, is going to fight against Sukrungrean from Thailand.  Sukrungrean is a Muay Thai fighter and the 2003 Muay Thai Champion.

** 25 Oct in club DEEP
** 25 Oct in club DEEP

** Matches **
Yoshiro Maeda vs Jong Man Kim
Seichi Ikemoto vs Seo Do Wong
Ryuichi Murata vs kim Bo Jin
Miku Matsumoto vs Wenton Sukrungrean
Hiroki Nagaoka vs Ken Hamamura
Tomoyuki Fukami vs Akihiko Mori
Naoki Matsushita vs Yukinari Tamura
Motoyuki Takinishi vs Toru Harai
Yusuke Sakashita vs Taiki Yonashiro
Takahiro Kajita vs Hiroshi Shiba
Isao Terada vs Nobuhiro Yoshitake
Kousuke Eda vs Takashi Haseawa
Yabu vs Junichi Nakahira

** Next Level Matches ** 
Hiroki Koyama vs Koji Mashita
Kenji vs Harada 
Ren Takeno vs Atsushi Tamefusa
Jin Hirayama vs Takuma Konishi

Monday, November 19, 2007

Gono update his blog

Gono, who fought in UFC 78, came back to Tokyo and updated his blog.

He said he was glad to win his debut fight in the UFC by submission.  He thanked all his fans who supported him from Japan and flew to NJ to see his first fight.  He injured his right hand by punching.  He had a similar injury in the past.  He went to see a doctor, the bones are not broken and should be fine in a while.  He got the best submission praise from UFC 78.  

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dynamite to hold U18 Tournament in NYE

Mr.Tadaharu Tanigawa announced to hold K-1 Under 18 years old Tournament in Dynamite in NYE.  This tournament is going to have special rules to avoid having major injury (i.e. short fighting time, more cushioned gloves etc).  

He said many kids take martial arts classes including boxing, kick boxing and Jiujitsu at the gym and schools now.  He would like to provide an opportunity for young people who have a dream to be a great MMA fighter.  He wants to give them a motivation to train hard.  He also said he may have U18 Tournament in K-1 worldwide.  

** The youngest fighter is 15 years old.