Monday, March 31, 2008

Chonan is ready for the UFC 85

Ryo Chonan accepted an interview after clubDEEP on Mar 29.

Chonan told the press about his next fight in the UFC which hasn't been announced officially yet but is almost determined. His opponent will be Roan "Jucao" Carneiro who he defeated by KO in DEEP though he was losing.

I got an offer a month ago. I wanted to fight someone who I have never fought before to be honest. I wasn't satisfied with our fight in DEEP and Jucao does better than me in the UFC, so I will have a good motivation to fight him again. I had minor injuries when I fought him. I believe I could have better fight if I was in the better condition.

Jucao complained that the ref broke in so many times and had demanded to rematch when he came to Japan for DEEP 25 IMPACT.

I'll finish him and shut his mouth. Though I admit he is one of the top class fighters who has good physical strength and great techniques. I see why he cannot be a top fighter in the UFC and I'll prove it. We fought under the DEEP rules which were different from the UFC. I will adjust myself to the UFC.

Chonan trained in Team Quest last April and Oct. He also went Thai to develop his Muay Thai techniques last Feb.

I'm going to keep training Muay Thai in Team Quest. I heard there were many Muay Thai coaches from Thailand in the US now. I drive to different gyms for training if needed, however, I think Team Quest at Temecula bring me many opportunities to exchange techniques with other fighters.

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