Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sengoku: fighters interview on Mar 4

WVR had an press conference of Sengoku in Tokyo on Mar 04. All 14 fighters and Naoya Kinoshita (WVR) showed up.

Kinoshita said, I announce that all 14 fighters are ready for tomorrow. All fighters cleared the weigh-in at once and I see they are real professionals. All Sengoku staff and I are very appreciative of having such great fighters to start our new event. Holding our debut event tomorrow is not our goal but our start.

Josh Barnett: Yoshida and I will have a intense fight as professional fighters though we are friends. I don't think our friendship break even if we stomp on each other's face to win. I would like to prove the catch wrestling can defeat Judo.

Hidehiko Yoshida: Fighters are already tense and ready to fight. I hope all Japanese fighters win tomorrow. I read Josh said he would like to finish me by Hokuto Hyakuretsuken. I will avoid that and defeat him. I haven't decided about gi yet.
* Hokuto Hyakuretsuken is one of technique used by Kenshiro in Hokutonoken which is a Japanese comic book.

Takanori Gomi: I'm excited to fight in front of my fans tomorrow. I know both of us trained hard preparing for this fight and had hard time adjusting weights. My opponent is calm and cool, however, we will show our fans an exciting and hot light weight fight tomorrow.

Duane Ludwig: I'm happy to be here in Japan again. I'm very honored to fight Gomi. I feel fine though I am very tired because I am right after losing weight. I'm in a very good condition and expect a tough fight tomorrow.

Nick Thompson: I'm glad to fight in Japan and am happy to fight as a representative of the welter weight class.

Fabricio "Pitbull" Monteiro: I'm appreciative of having an opportunity to fight in such a MMA event in Japan. I come to Japan to fight and win.

Antonio Braga Neto: I'm from Amazon, Brazil. I deeply appreciate getting this opportunity to fight in such a great event, Sengoku. I swear I fight, strike and win tomorrow.

Ryo Kawamura: I cannot wait to fight tomorrow. Please enjoy watching my fight.

Evangelista Cyborg: I'm glad to fight in Japan again. I just want to have a great fight. Takimoto is a Judo Olympian and great fighter. I train hard for this fight and we will have a great fight.

Makoto Takimoto: I hope our event succeeds tomorrow at the same time I do my best having a great fight.

Siyar Bahadurzada: I'm glad to participate in Sengoku. I promise I show what MMA is and what SHOOTO is tomorrow. I will prove SHOOTO is the strongest.

Kazuo Misaki: I will show my fans an intense fight tomorrow.


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