Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rumina Sato fights in the Mach Matsuri

Rumina Sato updated his blog.

Mach Sakurai came by my gym and taught my students leg techniques which are good for MMA fights and showed us how to imitate Takeshi Kitano. I fight Mach in Mach Matsuri on Apr 06 in an exhibition fight. Although, his weight is now 90 kg and we have the difference of 20 kg. I cannot believe we used to fight in the same weight class.



skittles said...

Sato is the man. 90kg, man Mach is fat. If he got serious and stayed away from the Korean BBQ he could make lw.

UNIT-1978 said...

Mach is awsome but he has gained weight since his youngers days. I think it is the Korean BBQ. Id like to see there Kitano imitations..."aniki"