Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aoki updated his column at www.kamipro.com

Shinya Aoki updated his colum and talks about Akiyama.

I'm very mad. I'm proud to fight in DREAM. I believe In DREAM, both staff members and fighters work together to create the best MMA event. We have been working very hard since this event was started last March.

In the last event, a fighter said he wanted to fight someone who belonged to the other event. He added that he wouldn't mind fighting in the other event. I wonder why he could say that in front of DREAM fun, who love this event and want to watch exciting events in DREAM. He always only care about his own convenience.

I don't forget what he said. I believe I can be more popular than him and bring more benefits the event. I think I can be stronger and famous all over the world. He can go anywhere but I don't run away. I represent DREAM.


SENGOKU has a new year event on Jan 4.

SENGOKU had a press conference on Sep 29. WVR Kuniyasu told about a New Year event.

Our event is getting better gradually. Requests of bouts from our fans are increasing day by day. In our new year event on Jan 4 at Saitama Super Arena, we are going to have exciting fights such as Gomi vs a winner of the Lightweight GP and Misaki vs a winner of the Middleweight GP. We are going to offer fights to the Beijing Olympic medalists as well as fighters who participated in SENGOKU.5.

TV Tokyo broadcast SENGOKU now. TV Tokyo starts a new MMA TV Show called "SENGOKU G!" on Sundays.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fedor Emeliaenko Interview with DREAM

DREAM had an interview with Fedor when he came to watch DREAM.6. on Sep 23.
- What was your main purpose of your visit this time?
I came to Japan to watch DREAM.6. and see Satoshi Ishii, who is a Judo gold medalist of the Beijing Olympic.
- You couldn't see Ishii unfortunately.
No. I had been excited to train together, but unfortunately I couldn't see him. I'm looking forward to seeing him next time.
- Did you watch his performance in the Beijing Olympic?
No. I was in the U.S. during Beijing Olympic. The U.S. television broadcast a swimming race but not Judo.
- Did you know Ishii said he wanted to fight you?
Yes, I know. I think it's too soon for him to fight me. I'm very happy to train with him whenever he comes to Russia. I heard he said he has desire to be the strongest guy in the world. I think his ambition is too unrealistic to realize for now. He is young, so it's important to take his time to gain techniques, knowledge and experiences.
- You said you came here to watch DREAM. Have you watched DREAM before?
I have only watched a fight of Musashi because I often train with him. I got DVDs of previous events and I will watch all of them later.
- Tell me about your schedule.
I'm always ready to fight. I'm going to participate in the world tournament of Sambo in Nov.
- Who is your rival?
I have been told that my opponent would be Andrei Arlovski or Josh Barnett in the next Affliction. Both of them were the former UFC champions and I'm sure they are strong.
- Japanese fans are expected to see you fight in NYE in Japan again.
I want to fight in Japan again; however, I cannot control everything. God knows what will happen. Whether I fight or not in NYE depends on a negotiation between my manager and DREAM.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

SENGOKU.5: Post Fight Interviews

SENGOKU official website posted fighter's interviews.
Jorge Masvidal:
In my last fight, I was very disappointed about the fact the referee stopped our fight too soon. I'm very happy to defeat my opponent by TKO today. I want to thank my teammates for supporting me. I want to fight Gomi and Rodrigo Damm in SENGOKU and beat them up badly. I'm very excited to come back to Japan in Nov.
Ryan Schultz:
It was a very tough fight. Masvidal was good. I know why I lost. It' was all about my motivation. I don't have much passion to fight lately. I need to find a strong motivation to fight. I would definitely like to come back to SENGOKU and I hope Japanese fans support me. I have been a champion before and I know what I have to do to be a champion. I go home, get a fighting spirit back and come back.

Kiuma Kunioku:
My stamina didn't last whole 3 rounds. I need to find a way to make myself feel comfortable fighting in this weight class. My opponent was a good striker. I got a couple of punches in the beginning of 1R, but I knew I could take him down and defeat him on the ground.
A Sol Kwon:
I enjoyed fighting in such a huge place and in front of such a big audience. He looked fierce in a picture, but I had an impression that he was kind when I saw him in person.

Siyar Bahadurzada:
I don't remember what exactly happened. It was such a short fight and I couldn't do anything. I had. I supposed we would have a very exciting battle. I very much regret how this fight ended. I'm getting used to fighting in a big event. I'm sure it's hard to fight twice a day in Nov.

Jorge Santiago:
Logan was a smart fighter. I waited longer and saw his fighting plan in the beginning. In the 2R, I push him to a rope and he was getting tired. I'm satisfied with the way I won. I would like to fight a Japanese fighter next.
Logan Clark:
I did OK in 1R. I was slower than usual today. He was good at keeping a favorable distance for him. My opponent was in the better condition than me today.

Kazuhiro Nakamura:
I took him down in 1R and 3R. My opponent was good at defending himself. In 3R, I was tired, but he had great endurance. After experiencing to fight in the U.S., I realized that my fans supported me a lot mentally today. It was a great experience for me to fight someone who is a great striker. I gained a confidence fighting in the a position today.
Paul Chahoon:
I was surprised to see Nakamura's striking skills because he was stronger and better than I expected. I prepared a lot for his judo techniques; therefore, I was confused to see his fight plan was fighting in the standing position.

Yuki Sasaki:
I'm glad to defeat Kondo, who I have respected since I debut in PANCRASE. I'm very appreciative that my teammates are very supportive. We all fight to live and work hard to win. I'm sure my victory encourage other teammates.

King Mo:
Girls around me are queens in my kingdom. They helped me a lot to win this fight. I fight anybody. If someone tries to destroy my kingdom, I will punish him.
Travis Wiuff:
I though a referee should have waited longer before he stopped our fight. I have lost in my MMA career. It's not fun being defeated, but I have to accept this loss and review my performance for the future. A great fighter even loses once in a while. My opponent is a very experienced fighter. He is a great fighter who worked hard to improve striking skills.

Xande Ribeiro:
I enjoyed fighting in SENGOKU. It was a great experience fighting someone who had a different background with me. Before the fight, I was too excited; however, I was calm and didn't make any big mistakes. I'm glad to win today. I regret that I was impatient when I took a mount position. I couldn't take him down on the ground in 2R and 3R because I was too tired. It was my first MMA fighter and I didn't know how exactly attack him from the mount position.
Takashi Sugiura:
A doctor sewed up the cut with 2 stitches inside and 8 stitches outside. An eye didn't get any damage. I thought my opponent was tired in the 1R. I was going to manage to bear his attacks in 1R and 2R and be aggressive in 3R. However, I couldn't step forward and got his punches in 3R. I couldn't move as I planned. I enjoyed fighting in MMA; although, I'm not going to fight here again. I'm comfortable being a pro wrestler.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ktaro Nakamura talked about his fight

Ktaro Nakamura updated his blog

I'm very depressed, but I update my blog.
I was described as lacking of the pride of a professional fighter by the press. I apologize for my fans. I couldn't move smoothly on the ground like I did in my last grappling event. I don't know why, but I guess I was too nervous because I didn't condition myself well for that fight.

I'm making nothing but excuses. If I was in a normal condition, I'm sure I could pass his guard easily and submit him. I understand many people considered my performance not entertaining. I keep fighting and prove that I can do better. I won't have another fight like that again. Next time, I will win like a pro.

SENGOKU had a press conference

SENGOKU had a weigh-in and a press conference on Sep 27.

All fighters except A Sol Kwon and Jorge Masvidal passed at the first weigh in. Other two fighters passed in their 2ND try. King Mo brought his girl to the weigh in and the press conference.
Ryan Schultz:
I'm very happy to fight in SENGOKU again. Our fight will be exciting.
Jorge Masvidal:
I cannot wait fighting him tomorrow.
A Sol Kwon:
This is my first time to fight in Japan. I'm sure Japanese MMA fans will enjoy watching my great performance: how I knock out my opponent and how I control my fight.
Kiuma Kunioku:
I'm glad to be here. I will do my best tomorrow.
Evangelista Cyborg:
I'm very honor to participate in this tournament. I do my best to be a champion.
Siyar Bahadurzada:
I'm glad to come back to SENGOKU. We are both strikers and will have a dirty fight. I'm ready to fight.
Logan Clark:
I'm very happy to fight in Japan again. I suppose it will be very aggressive and a tough fight. Please enjoy watching our fight.
Jorge Santiago:
Like Logan said, I'm sure our fight will be very exciting yet tough. I do my best to show everything I have.
Paul Cahoon:
I'm strong and confident about winning tomorrow. I'm looking forward to fighting.
Kazuhiro Nakamura:
I'm extremely excited to fight tomorrow. I don't even know why I'm full on energy like this. I haven't fought in Japan for about 2 years. I will enjoy my energetic performance in front of Japanese fans.
Yuki Sasaki:
I will deliver my best tomorrow.
Yuki Kondo:
I do my best tomorrow.
King Mo:
I'm in a good condition and feel good.
Travis Whuff:
I'm glad to fight in Japan again. I want to have an exciting as well as amazing fight for fans. I prepare for fighting a good wrestler like my opponent. I'm sure I will do great.
Takashi Sugiura:
I had a goal to be a world champion in Amateur Wrestling for 10 years. I couldn't make my dream come true. I respect my opponent because he achieved to be a Jiu-Jitsu champion. I have been training hard to be a competitive opponent for him since our fight was announced. I'm appreciative that SENGOKU give me this opportunity.
Xande Ribeiro:
Thank you for giving me a chance to fight in SENGOKU. I'm excited to debut as a MMA fighter in Japan. I represent Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and do my best.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Gono updated his blog

** Sep 25 **
I was invited to DREAM and went to Saitama after training. When I arrived, Mach was talking on the ring.
Next day, I trained with Miraman at a gym. A receptionist there was so beautiful. She was in shape, well dressed, and very friendly. I suppose she is married.. I wish I can get married with someone like her.

** Sep 26 **
I'm busy every day to prepare for my fight. I had a super hard training this week. The UFC is requesting me something. I'm exhausted by daily hard training and I actually have not time to do this, but I'm sure I have to take care of. It seems to me that what they ask is just weird. I will tell what I'm requested to do later. I have no energy to update my blog. I have interviews with MMA magazines and please check them out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mach talks about his fight

Mach Sakurai updated his blog.

I fought in DREAM yesterday. In the 1R, I was slow somehow and I couldn't move as I planned. I felt stiff and moved like a robot during my warm-up before the fight. Joe told me later that I should have taken longer for the warm-up. I'm glad I got back to normal in the 2R. My opponent, Hironaka, was a good fighter.

I fought top Japanese fighters in my weight class this year. I felt like I participated in a welterweight tournament for Japanese. I honestly don't like to fight Japanese fighters. I suppose our fans were not even interested in seeing me fight them. Tons of good fighters in my weight class are outside of Japan. There are many MMA events in the world now, and DREAM does not attract good welterweight fighters in other countries.

My fights was canceled several times since DREAM started. My preparations for announced fights were not often rewarded. It was hard for me to keep my motivation high for last several months. I don't deeply think about things in general. Even so, it was really tough to adjust my motivation and fighting spirits.

I felt jealous of other fighters who spoke up who they wanted to fight next. However, it seemed to me that match-ups they requested were nothing but boring. What they said was absolutely nonsense. Anyway, I want to thank all my fans for supporting me!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gomi updated his blog

Takanori Gomi updated his blog.

I celebrated my birthday at Yakitori restaurant. (Japanese style BBQ) I have to go back training soon. I was interested in many things and envied other people's successes. in my 20's. I think it's time for me to face the reality and concentrate on my work. I will regret if I don't put my heart and soul into my work now. Now is the time for me and Sengoku to prove ourself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DREAM.6: Post Fight Interviews (2)

DREAM official website posted interviews after DREAM.6.
Kuniyoshi Hironaka:
Mach was very strong. My punches landed and I did good in the standing position. I couldn't pass his guard.
Mach Sakurai:
I wish I had 10 more seconds, then I could KO him. (Hironaka regrets it that he couldn't pass your guards. ) I fight top fighters. I don't think it's easy for him to pass my guards. (Do you want to fight Phil Baroni?) I was going to fight him today. Unfortunately our fight was canceled; therefore, I fought a Japanese guy. I heard Metallica was my fan and I wear their t-shirt today.
Masanori Tonooka:
I couldn't respond to his ground techniques.

Yoshihiro Akiyama:

I thought I needed more experiences and training. (You said you wanted to fight Yoshida next ) I dreamed about participating in Olympic and getting a medal when I was a child. I'm interested in fighting him because he is a gold medalist and has guts. (Aoki wants to fight you) I appreciated his statement. I'm very happy to be respected by Aoki; however, I'm not interested in fighting him at all.
Todd Moore:
I did my best, but Aoki controlled the fight and he did what he had to do.
Shinya Aoki:
Both of us didn't have enough time to prepare for our fight. I'm glad I did good. (You want to fight Akiyama?) I wouldn't mind fighting him. I'm always here to fight anybody. (Akiyama said he was glad to know that you respected him) WAIT? Wow, he is such a positive thinker. I didn't mean that. I wonder who he think he is. I actually got nervous when he sat next me.... He was sweating a lot and I thought he was hyperhidrosis.

Alistair Overeem:
I was planning to be aggressive and throw hard punches from the beginning. It was easy to analyze patterns of Mirco's fighting style. I want to fight him again and defeat him clearly. First time, I admit that I hit his foul cup, but I hit the inside of his thigh in the second time. He couldn't get up because he was so tired.
Ronaldo Jacare:
I'm disappointed that I couldn't win this tournament. I did my best and I have no regret. I change my mind and do better next time. I was unlucky. I feel sorry for my fans. I train hard and do my best to be stronger.

DREAM.6: Post Fight Interviews (1)

DREAM official website posted post fight interviews.
Sik Dong Yoon:
With some personal reason, I didn't have enough time to prepare for this fight so that I wasn't in a good shape. I couldn't show my ability. I felt Nakahara had a potential to be a top fighter. I decided to wear gi today, but it wasn't good idea. It was the worst fight I have ever had as a fighter. I'm confused right now and I want to leave here as soon as I can.
Andrews Nakahara:
I'm very happy to win. I want to thank Francisco Filho to support me. I spent most of my time improving my ground techniques. I'll work on striking techniques next. I could show what I learned in past 5 months. I need to develop submission and KO skills.
Melvin Manhoef:
I cannot believe that I lost because I was in the best condition. Our fight didn't develop as I planned. I disappointed about myself. I don't know what happened. I'm sorry for my teammates for being defeated today.

Zelg Benkei Galesic:
I had a confidence to win today; however, my punches didn't land effectively. It was very impressive to see his submission skills.
Andriano Martins:
I think we had a good fight, yet I'm not satisfied with the result. I hope I can get another chance to fight in DREAM. My strength is to knock down my opponent. Our fight developed as I planned and I cannot believe the result. Nakamura was a strong fighter and I would like to fight him again.
Ktaro Nakamura:
I know many people including me were disappointed to see my performance. (You said you wanted to fight Aoki next.) I'm not in a position to ask Aoki to fight now. I need to win clearly before requesting who I want to fight next. I tried to take him down, but I couldn't. I was booed. I didn't expected to get his elbows that much.....

Jimmy Ambriz:
He was very good at avoiding getting my punches. I was offered at the last minutes and it was hard for me to condition; although, I'm glad to be a part of this event.
Sergey Kharitonov:
I'm satisfied with the result. I fight anybody to be a champion.
Hideo Tokoro:
I deeply regret that I couldn't win. (You said you wanted to fight KID) No comment. I was going to control the fight by throwing jabs. Yamamoto was a very strong fighter. (You talked to KID after the fight. ) I was told.... I cannot tell anybody what Kid told me.

Atsushi Yamamoto:
I feel good now. (Did KID tell you anything after the fight?) He told me that I should have finish ed him off by giving him a decisive blow. If I can, I want to fight Imanari in NYE.
** Right after the fight, Yamamoto said "I didn't show everything I had today, and so I will fight Tokoro again and defeat him badly by pulling everything next time. (He was booed by Tokoro's fans.) Kid took his microphone and said "Don't say boo to Yamamoto. What you saw today is Tokoro's real ability." http://sports.yahoo.co.jp/news/20080924-00000002-gbr-fight.html
Masakatsu Funaki:
I relieved now. I couldn't lose this fight since I lost last 2 fights in DREAM. I feel like I finally came back. I would be happy to fight in NYE if I can. I thank Minowa and I want to train with him again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fedor will show up in DREAM.6.

FEG announced yesterday that DREAM.6. had an additional big fight, which was Fedor vs Satoshi Ishii who was a gold medalist of Judo in Beijing Olympic. FEG, however, announced the press to cancel this fight with some reason. Fedor will show up in DREAM.6. He will appear in an event for MMA fans which is hold by DREAM before the DREAM.6. on Sep 23.


Roger Gracie doesn't fight in SENGOKU.5.

News From SENGOKU official website.

We regret to announce that Roger Gracie, who was supposed to fight Travis Wiuff on Sep. 28, will not be a participant at Sengoku 5. Here are the details of how this came about.

On Sep. 17, Kevin Liddle, who is Roger Gracie's doctor, emailed us and presented Roger's condition. In the email, he described that he ordered Roger complete bed rest for 4 weeks, because of damage to the intercostal muscles. Roger's manager actually contracted us a week ago and mentioned the possibility of Roger having an injury. We ordered him to submit a formal medical report of his injury from his doctor.

A WVR official doctor red the email and considered Roger's condition wasn't serious enough to cancel his fight. WVR asked Roger to submit additional information, such as an official medical report by his doctor, the result of CT scan and other related examinations he took. However, we didn't hear from Roger.

On Sep. 19, Roger contrated us and requested to have a phone meeting between Dr. Liddle and our doctor. Our doctor, translators and WVR staff were ready for the meeting, however, we couldn't reach Dr. Liddle. When Roger asked for a meeting, he agreed to let Dr. Liddle respond to our questions within 3 hours, but we didn't hear back from Dr. Liddle.

On Sep. 20, Dr. Liddle emailed us and reported that Roger didn't break nor fracture any bones and that he hasn't even taken any examinations.

WVR ordered Roger several times to arrive in Japan by Sep 22 and take an examination. He refused to come to Japan, stating he expected to have difficulty in breathing during the long flight. We haven't seen him in Japan yet and haven't heard anything from him. So, WVR decided to make this announcement today.

We apologize to Travis [Wiuff] and our fans for delivering this news at the last minute. As for Roger Gracie, we are considering issuing a severe punishment for the incident. We will find an opponent for Travis [Wiuff] as soon as we can.


Aoki updated his cloumn

Shinya Aoki updated his column in Kamipro.com.

I answer questions from "Kakutougi Otaku Baton" today.
- Who is your favorite fighter?
B.J.Penn. He is absolutely the most technical and the strongest. I also like the fact his background is BJJ.
Ryo Chonan. He became stronger after defeating Mach. I saw his fight before I started MMA and I wondered if I could be like him someday. He encouraged me.
Masakazu Imanari. He was a teacher of my MMA career. I remembered we sparred for an hour at night. He is a very strong fighter, too.
Kazushi Sakuraba. I was his big fun for a long time. I suppose Sakuraba vs Royce was the most impressive fight I have ever seen.
- Tell me about your favorite bout.
Ryo Chonan vs Mach Sakurai. Chonan dominated Mach with his fighting spirit.
- Tell me your best event.
PRIDE.34. It was the last PRIDE event. I proud of myself to fight in their last event.
- Tell me about a fight you want to watch.
Aoki vs B.J. Penn. I want to fight him someday because he is the best in the world!
- Do you have anyone who you want to join in MMA?
Outsuki Haruaki. I want to see if his punches work in MMA or not.
Ryoko Tamura. She must be strong.
- Who do you want to fight now?
Any foreign fighters in the UFC. I want to measure my strength and I want to know myself.

Gono talked about Misaki in his blog

Kazuo Misaki won by TKO in 2R! He overcame the pressure from his bad experience in the U.S. Congratulation, Kazuo!

As usual, he looked calm and confident in the beginning. He got a big punch, exploded with rage and became aggressive. He always develops his fight in this way. I personally like to win without getting any punches. As for Kazuo, he needed to be attacked to wake up.

I didn't like the way their fight ended. His opponent guarded with both arms to avoid getting pounds. I will definitely complain if I'm the one who lost like that. Even if the referee didn't stop the fight at that moment, Kazuo ended up winning that fight by KO or submission for sure.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

DREAM.6. Press Conference

DREAM official had a press conference of DREAM.6. at Hotel East 21 on Sep 21. All participants showed up in this conference. In general, DREAM has this conference the day before the event. It seemed that fighters were on edge because they hadn't passed weigh-in yet.

Sasahara was regret to announce that Mighty Mo got injured during his training and canceled his fight. DREAM is now working on to find an opponent for Sergey Kharitonov. Right after Sasahara finished his speech, Mirko Crocop showed his interest to fight twice a day.

Mirko: "As a professional fighter, I'm willing to fight Kharitonov after fighting Allister. I'm sure Kharitonov doesn't want to go home without fighting. I'm happy to be his opponent."
Alistair: "I suppose our fight is your last fight as a professional MMA fighter, Mirko. "
Mirko: "I like fighting someone who has plenty of guts, and I admit Alistair is one of them; although, our fight won't be my last fight for sure."
Kharitonov: "I respect both Mirko and Alistair. I'm sure it's a big decision fighting twice a day. I am appreciative of Mirko, yet I would like to fight you in another time. "
Akiyama: "Let me say something. I'm not looking down on Tonooka, but I can also fight Kharitonov."
Sasahara: "I thank all fighters to show their enthusiasm about fighting in this event.
Sik Dong Yoon:

I'm very honored that our fight was nominated as a reserved match. I would like to have a great fight.

Andrews Nakahara:

I trained extremely hard for last several months. I would like to have a exciting fight with Yoon.

K-taro Nakamura:
I want to win this fight and be one of top fighters in the lightweight.
Adriano Martins:
I'm honored to get an opportunity to fight in DREAM. I suppose many people have never even heard of my name. I will show who I am in the ring.
Sergey Kharitonov:
I was recovering from injuries and couldn't fight in Japan for long time. Finally I could make my come back to Japan and I would like to keep fighting in DREAM.
Hideo Tokoro:
I do my best to finish. I want to win and keep fighting in DREAM.
Atsushi Yamamoto:
I belong to Krazy Bee. I do my best.

Masakatsu Funaki:
I would like to have an exciting fight.
I show everything I have.

Mach Sakurai:
I was going to fight in Osaka (DREAM.5.); however, my fight was canceled for my opponent's reason. I though I could finally fight him, but he again canceled. I appreciate Hironaka accepting an offer to fight me. Thank you for everyone who trained with me and supported me. I'm ready to fight.
Kuniyoshi Hironaka:
Finally I got a chance to fight him. I do my best.
Yoshihiro Akiyama:
I would like to have an enjoyable fight for our audience.
Masanori Tonooka:
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to fight in such a big event. I do all I can do.

Shinya Aoki:
I like Japanese MMA and DREAM. I show my passion in my fight.
Todd Moore:
One of my dreams came true. I'm very excited to fight here in Japan. This is a great opportunity in my life. I would like to have a great fight and show Japanese people a pride of Texas.
Mirko Croocop:
My opponent is one of the best fighters in this weight class. Everybody say the same, "I trained hard and do my best" That's for sure and needless to day. I prepare for this fight and I'm ready to fight. I want to enjoy my fight.
Alistair Overeem:
I cannot wait fighting Mirko. I'm 100% ready for my fight. I would have a wonderful fight. It will be the best day which I cannot forget forever.

Mach's new project

Mach Sakurai updated his blog.

I'm going to built Mach's mountain cottage and pursue a self-sufficient life style there. I often hear problems of imported food from China. I suppose I have no worries if I produce by myself. I'm going to built a gym and residence as well as raising livestock for the organic life style. I have stopped planning since I was in the U.S. for a while. After fighting, I'm going to work on this project again.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Kuniyoshi Hironaka Interview

DREAM official website posted an interview of Kuniyoshi Hironaka, who faced Mach Sakurai, in DREAM.6. (This interview was taken place on Sep 11)
- You face Mach in DREAM.6. Tell me how you feel now.
I'm only 1 year younger than he is; however, he was a superstar when I started MMA. He was already a well-known middleweight fighter in Japan at that time. He was my idol and I wanted to be like him. I would like to get through this fight with a victory.
- Have you even imagined to face Mach in your second appearance in DREAM?
I have actually expected to fight him since I was the only Japanese fighter who could be even with him.
- Why do you respect him?
As you know, he is a great striker. He is aggressive and he combines all his techniques smoothly and effectively. He is an animal.
- What parts do you think you are better than him?
I excel in grappling and my takedown is better than his.
- Do you have any game plan?
I want to win no matter what he does. I try to submit and KO him for sure. I will focus on positioning. I want to get an advantageous position and dominate him. Our fight will have lots of moves and I'm sure everybody enjoy watching.
- If you win, you probably start to thinking about getting a belt?
For sure. I hope I can get an opportunity to challenge the belt, or I want to participate in the tournament if DREAM has the welterweight tournament.
- Any message at last?
This is the biggest chance in my life. I would like to defeat him by KO or submission. We definitely have an exciting fight and I hope my dream come true.