Monday, March 17, 2008

Winners of the DREAM lightweight tournament talk

DREAM had a press conference in Tokyo on Mar 16. Winners of Lightweight tournament 1st round showed up and talked about their ambitions for the next round.

Joachim Hansen:
I think the debut event succeeded last night though I am disappointed to see the main event.

Mitsuhiro Ishida:
I feel terrible about my performance. I couldn't sleep well last night by thinking about it. I will change my mind and will work hard to have an exciting fight in the 2nd round.

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I had a tough fight as I expected. I had a very good experience fighting Black Mamba in the 1st round. I think I can improve myself for the 2nd round based on this experience. I hope I can win in 2nd round and move on to the final round in Osaka.

Katsuhiko Nagata:
It was close fight yesterday. I want to win by KO or submission in the 2nd round. I will start training soon because I didn't get injured, fortunately.

Eddie Alvarez:
I want to thank my opponent, Andre Dida. I couldn't have such an exciting fight without a very aggressive fighter like him. We created an amazing fight and I am appreciative of his good fighting spirit. It was my first time fighting in a big event and I had a great experience yesterday.

Luis Buscape:
My opponent was very strong. I trained hard to prepare for this fight. I think our fans enjoy our fight which was at a high pace. Fortunately I could defeat him by submission. I will train hard for the 2nd round and the final.


mashuu.metyu said...

What the hell is hanging off of Buscape's head?

Doug said...

I think that's his ear, gross as it looks.

Keep up the good work Suki, you've always got interesting stuff that can't be found anywhere else.