Monday, June 30, 2008

Kid Yamamoto attended Fight Festival by FEG

Kid Yamamoto showed up in an event, Fight Festival, at Akasaka Sacas on June 30. In this event, fighters who belong to KRAZY BEE showed sparring in public. At the end of performances, Kid and his son had a wrestling match.

I cannot wait to fight Joseph Benavidez. I don't know anything about him, but I guess he must be good because he belongs to a gym who has many top fighters. I will have a clear victory by KO.

(He was asked about Tokoro) I was disappointed to see his performance in DREAM. 4, and I wish he could do better. My son will defeat him before he gets a chance to fight me, so DREAM should arrange a fight for them. My condition is very good and I'm even ready to fight now! Jujitsu trainers in my gym showed me how exciting Jujitsu is. I used to focused on striking and wrestling techniques in the most of my time; although, I train Jujitsu as much as other techniques. I'm learning positioning and sweeping now with wearing Gi and a white belt. I'm a beginner, but I may use what I learned in my next fight.

Aoki interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Shinya Aoki on June 28. This interview was taken place on June 16.

- I congratulate you on moving to the final round. What did you think about your fight?
I'm glad I didn't get any damages because I couldn't even walk after fighting Calvan. It has been quite a while since I had a fight without any injury last time. I liked the audience a lot in Yokohama as well.
- You hadn't fought in Yokohama Arena since PRIDE Bushido 13 in November, 2006.
I like this arena because I feel a certain togetherness between fighters and fans; in addition, the arena was full. I think DREAM.4 was successful because fights were mostly exciting. I saw Tokoro's fight on TV. He showed all he had, and fans seemed to be very satisfied seeing their fight.
- I agree. The crowd cheered him a lot.
He was very aggressive. It was funny to see that he voluntarily took a guard position and put himself in a bad situation. He has guts and I respect that.
- You defeated by foot choke.
Yes. When he clinched, I found out he was cautious about being ko; therefore, I submitted. That submission tighten the throat very badly and I guess he had hard time as a hell.
- You finished as you declared before the fight.
That's right; although, I didn't have time to enjoy my victory because my next fight was announced within an hour after my fight ended. I think fighting Uno will be a great experience to improve myself. I'm truly happy to fight him and I'm very appreciative of him.
- What do you think about Uno?
He is a pioneer. He has many remarkable fights. When he fought Ricardo Botelho in SHOOTO, he elbowed his thigh in a guard position and koed him by pounding. He koed Rumina Sato and fought 5 rounds with BJ Penn. I'm excited to fight such a well-rounded and experienced fighter.
- Did you watch his fights in SHOOTO as a fan?
Yes. He was my idol. He had a big upset when he fought Rumina and he defeated him again in the rematch, and then he had fights in the UFC. I respect him totally and I cannot wait fighting him. My next fight means a lot and I will learn a lot from him.
- In the conference, you said Uno was cool.
He is very fashionable. Is he 33 years old?
- Yes.
He is a lot older than me then.
- Mach and Akiyama are the same as Uno, too.
I don't have many fighters in my age. Probably Calvan and Eddy Alvarez are the same.
- Wow, many great fighters are in your age.
I heard Alvarez had a kid; also Uno has a kid and Nagata is getting married. They must have a responsibility to their families; on the other hand, I have no responsibility to someone else. This is my strength, I think.
- You said you would like to represent DREAM.
Yes. I'm irresponsible and that's why I say anything which comes up to my mind.
- I expect to see you have a great fight in July.
I do my best and thanks for having an interview with me.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Okami trains with Yokozuna

Yujin Okami updated his blog.

I had an interview with Akebono, who used to be a sumo wrestler and had a title of Yokozuna, yesterday. This opportunity was arranged by a Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro. I haven't seen him for a while; although, he was still big.

I wonder how I could have a sparring with such a big guy. Since I started training with him, I gained weight and had an effective weight training by sparring with him. I had a good experience. Thank you very much, Yokozuna and Kamipro!

Gono's previous job

Gono updated his blog and talked about what he did before becoming a professional MMA fighter.

I mentioned about a job I did before I became a pro. I belonged to a delivery company of a local vegetables market. I went to the market in the early morning, lifted vegetables on a truck by a forklift and delivered to supermarkets. I started this job on the day after getting my driver's license, so the first car I drove was a 3.5 ton truck. I was scared in the beginning and drove with shaky hands. I am such a hard worker for anything, that I practiced driving and parking at night.  as a result, I got used to it quickly.  I picked up my girlfriend and we delivered together, picking up my towed bike and so on. I'm a delicate driver with many experiences; thus, nobody feels unsafe in my car.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shinya Aoki column from

Shinya Aoki started to write a column weekly for

I defeated Nagata without any injuries. I'm sorry that I was very intense since I was stressed out more than usual before that fight. I would like to write about the last DREAM event this time.

The most impressive fighter was Uenoyama. He is a young guy who holds a Jujitsu brown belt from Ralph Gracie Academy, which is famous about having very high standard to pass a test for a belt. He was very skillful as I expected. In a party we had after the event, he was asking other fighters to take pics together. He was very nice guy and not noticeable. I knew that was him after taking a pic with him. Both Ralph Gracie and Cesar Gracie Academy brought up many strong MMA fighters such as Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez. I want to know how they can do this.

After the fight, I went to a sushi restaurant near my hotel. I saw other fighters there, like Alistair, Kin and Nagata as well. I was kinda uncomfortable seeing Nagata.

The top fighters I consider are all in the U.S. now. I want to defeat them and I believe I can do it. I have confidence becoming a No.1 fighter. I will be a top fighter with my techniques and in my way.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gomi watched a wrestling tournament

Takanori Gomi showed up at a wrestling tournament in Yoyogi, Tokyo. He has a background of Wrestling and participates in a training camp sponsored by Kokushikan University every summer.

The Olympics is the world's No.1 event in sports. This place is filled with wrestlers' enthusiasm. Every match is very intense and exciting because they put everything they have to grab a chance to participate in the Olympic game. I'm not one of them, and so I relax and have fun watching. I really want to go and watch the Beijing Olympics; however, my next fight is coming soon and I cannot. Watching this tournament stimulates me to make greater efforts to improve myself. I want to fight someone who has already proved himself; otherwise, fighters who fight in the tournament won't be convinced to participate in the tournament "Road to Gomi" and fight me for a belt at the end. It's not even funny if I lose in my next fight.I gradually motivate myself higher and will be in the best condition.

Akasaka Fight Festival in Tokyo

FEG announced that they will hold "K-1 WORLD MAX & DREAM Present AKASAKA FIGHT FESTIVAL" from June 30 to July 6 in Akasaka Sacas. Fights represent K-1 MAX and DREAM participate and have public trainings and interviews. KID, Aoki, Kawajiri, Ishida, Funaki, Shibata, Uno, Tokoro and Akiyama are going to show up in this event. This is a free event.

This is a great opportunity to show MMA at a major visitor's spot in Akasaka. I would like to appeal MMA to people who have never seen fights before. I would like to announce fight cards.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Melvin Manhoef Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Melvin Manhoef on Jun 25. This interview was took place on Jun 16.

- Tell me what do you think now.
I feel excellent because I won and move on to the final round.

- You looked kinda nervous right after the fight ended.
The fight was actually over within 1 minute and half while I had prepared to fight for 15 minutes. I was at a loss right after the fight. To be honest, I didn't know what happened. I was proud of myself for beating Sakuraba. I respected him before and from now on. I was impressed to see what I did. I want to be a legend fighter like him someday.
- Do you think you get closer to be a legend?
It's long way to be. I shouldn't be too confident of myself.
- What did you think about Sakuraba?
He was a great fighter. I wonder if he was not in a good condition. I understand Japanese fans were disappointed to see his loss; even so I did what I had to do. I didn't miss a chance. My game plan was to kick and throw punches at the same time he lost his balance.
- The last pound was powerful.
I had never pounded like that hard before. He is a very cleaver fighter and flexible to adjust himself to my fighting style, and so I focused on finishing him quickly. I shouldn't give him any time if I wanted to win.
- You have 3 months before the final round. Tell me your training schedule.
I will start my training as soon as I went back to the Netherlands. I go to the American Top Team and train with JZ Calvan and Denis Kang for 2 months; subsequently, I condition with my trainer and spar with Badr Hari. I will come back to Japan in my perfect condition.
- Who do you want to fight in the final round?
- Gegard Mousasi said he wanted to fight you.
I heard that. As I said before, I fight him anytime. I have fought many fighters before including someone who is heavier than me; thus, I don't hesitate fighting anybody. I advise him to just wait until September since I don't go anywhere.
- Tell me your enthusiasm to the final round.
I'm sure I will be a champion. I changed my life to be a champion. I become a champion and revenge Akiyama.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ronaldo Jacare Interivew with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Ronaldo Jacare on Jun 23. The interview was taken place on Jun 16.
- Congratulations! What did you do after the fight?
I went to eat with my friends and I had fun. We had Korean dinner which was exotic and yummy.
- Your fight was one of the most exciting fight that night.
I noticed that fans were attracted to our fight. I got a lot of energy by being cheered by the fans. I hope they always support fighters and encourage like they did to us last night.
- What did you think about Jason Mayhem Miller?
He was a great fighter and I'm very honored to fight him. Our fight was like a war. I made a lot of mistake and need to prevent myself from making same mistakes next time.
- What mistakes did you make?
My reflection is I let him escape many times when I got advantageous positions; in addition, my stamina was almost out in the beginning of the 2R. I recovered as soon as I started to control the fight, but I need to improve my endurance before my next fight.
- What will you do until Sept?
At first, I go to see my fiancee in Sao Paulo.
- Are you engaged?
Yes. The final round will be a major turning point in my life as a fighter. I start very hard training within a month. I want to spend time with my fiancee and my family while I train next months; then I will concentrate to my training starting the middle of July.
- Who do you want to fight in the final round?
I will fight any fight that DREAM chooses.
- You were looking forward to fighting Sakuraba, yet he lost yesterday.
In MMA, a fighter who is defeated yesterday can beat the same guy next day, and conversely. Sakuraba is a legend whom fighters all over the world want to fight. Now, he needs a rest.
- You fight 2 times a day in the final round.
It must be tough. I cannot complain because all of us fight in the same condition.
- Have you fought twice a day?
Yes, I have not in an MMA event but in a Jujitsu tournament. I had 5 fights in a Jujitsu tournament before; as a result, I couldn't sleep at night because my body hurt after that tournament. I don't worry about fighting twice, for I usually recover quickly, and I am going to improve my endurance.
- Tell me your enthusiasm to the final round.
My next fight is very important. Fans can expect to see exciting fights. I believe I go back to Brazil with the belt of DREAM. I'm only one grappler in the finals, and I would like to prove myself and that Jujitsu is the best.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fedor Interview with Kamipro

Fedor Emelianenko had an interview with the Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro.

- We haven't seen each other for a while. I'm glad to see you again.
I'm sorry that it took a while to make time for you, but I was in intensive training for my next fight in July.
- Your next fight is in Affliction on July 19. Tell me what you think.
I have busy and useful days now. I have concentrated more in my training since my fight was announced.
- I heard many fans gathered at the press conference of Affliction in LA and NY last month.
Yes. Many fans came by. I was encouraged by them and my fighting spirit was raised.
- How do you like Affliction?
Affliction sponsors MMA events with M-1 Global together. I'm excited to create a new event together.
- Your opponent, Tim Sylvia, was defeated by Minotauro in the UFC last Feb. Did you see their fight?
I don't have time to watch their fight now. I will let you know my opinion when I watch it.
- What do you think about Sylvia?
He is a very strong and good fighter. He won 5 times in the championship on the UFC and he is 4th position in the world ranking. I'm proud to fight him.
- Sylvia said that you were too small to fight him.  What do you think?
I defeated a fighter who was a lot bigger than him, so I don't think it's too hard to fight a big fighter.
- Tell me your fighting schedule.
I train with fighters who participate a M-1 Global event on Jun 27 now. I train 2.5 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening everyday.
- What kind of training do you do?
It's a secret.
- Ok. The brother of Minotouro, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, fights in Affliction. Do you think we can see a rematch of you and Minotouro someday?
I defeated him twice and I don't think it's necessary; although, I will be positive to fight him again if fans want to see.
- Minotouro is the UFC champion now. You are not attracted to defeat the UFC champion?
Not really. I have fought 2 UFC champions before and won.
- You talk about Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.
I have no reason to refuse a fight with another champion, yet I want to defeat the strongest fighter. It's also important for me to see that M-1 Global is the top MMA event in the world.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Zelg "Benkei" Galesik Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Zelg " Benkei" Galesik on Jun 21. The interview was taken place on Jun 16.

- Congratulation! You move on to the final round. Tell me about your fight yesterday.
I'm not satisfied with the way I won. I'm happy about the fact I didn't get injured and won. I feel so sorry to my fans and Kin.
- After the fight, you offered him a rematch.
Yes, because I was disappointed about our fight, as you can tell by seeing my face right after that fight. We cannot change the result of the fight; therefore I'm going to concentrate on my next round. I want to fight him again, or I want to spar with him in his gym.
- What did you think about other fights you saw yesterday.
I saw Musashi as a tough and strong fighter. He controlled his fight yesterday. He is a young but all round fighter. He has a potential to be better.
- Any thought about a fight of Sakuraba and Manhoef?
I predicted that their fight would be evenly matched: Menhoef could win in the stand and Sakuraba could win on the ground. Sakuraba was defeated because he didn't take him down earlier. I think Japanese fans regret to see the result, however, I believe Manhoef is an appropriate fighter for the final round.
- You have 2 more fights to win the tournament.
I want a DREAM belt from the bottom of my heart, and so I train hard and get ready for the final round in September. I suppose other 3 fighters consider I'm the least competitive among finalists. They won't have an easy fight with me. I do my best, for I get a belt if I win 2 more times.
- Why do you think other fighters think like that?
For some reason. As you see my past fight results, I won't take longer than 3 min to defeat in most of my fights; thus, I haven't shown all my skills yet. I'm working on my submission skills and showed a triangle from the bottom position last time. I this it is an advantage that all I can do hasn't been turned out yet.
- Who do you want to fight next?
To be honest, I fight anybody. I have to fight 2 of them to be a champion and I'm fine even if I know my opponent on Sep 23.
- What do you do until Sep 23?
I take a week off and spend time with my son by taking him fishing. I'm sure our family won't be able to communicate well the next 3 months, because I have to train hard to achieve my dream, getting a belt. I will prepare for my next fight by making counter-plans for all fighters.
- Do you train with Mirko?
I don't think so. I want to spar with him if our schedule allows.
- Tell me your enthusiasm for the final round.
If I can only remember one thing before I die, I want to remember about September 23, 2008. I hope the final round will be a day which is unforgettable. I will be in the best condition for the final round.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aoki interview with Fight & Life

Shinya Aoki had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, Fight & Life.

- I would like to ask about the striking. You told us before that you were throwing both arms at the same time before you had striking trainings. Is that true?
Yes. When I started MMA, I only spar to improve my strikings. I wore 16oz gloves, threw punches and took down. That's all.
- That's not a proper training, I think.
I did not kick but kneed and hooked. It never crossed my mind to take distance by jabs and throw punches in different strength. Nobody told me anything and I just stick with my street style.
- Your style was throwing punches, getting close to your opponent and finish?
Yes. I believed a theory of probability. If I throw punches aggressively and get closer, my opponent pose at a moment. Then, I take him down and submit. I was optimistic and believed I was OK with my style.
- You lost by Nakao in 2004. It was the first time you were KOed.
At the same time my right hook hit him, I got his left straight and I was blown off.
- You learned the importance of striking techniques through your loss; therefore, you started to take classes with your coach, Iimura.
Yes. I had an exhibition match in an opening ceremony of his dojo before the fight. He invited me to train with him.
- You learned only striking techniques in a standing position. I believe you also learned something you couldn't use in MMA.
I knew nothing. Everything I learned from him was very useful.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gegard Mousasi Interview with DREAM

Dream official website posted an interview with Gegard Mousasi. This interview was taken place on June 16.

- Congratulation. Now you move on to the final round. How was your fight?
I think I could finish him earlier if I was particular about a standing position. I didn't because I wanted to show my ground ability; therefore, I had a fight like last night. I believe Yoon got my knee once, yet he was tough and recovered very quick. He was a strong fighter and I was disappointed that our fight was decided by judges; consequently I'm glad to win.
- Why didn't you keep the standing position?
I punched him as much as my hands were swollen in the first 5 min. He resisted and I gave up. I'm impressed to see Judo fighter's patience.
- What kind of impression did you have to Yoon?
First of all, his endurance was amazing. His arm bar was unbelievable and his take down was also good. I trained not to be taken down and how to control after being taken down, so I could fight without being afraid of taking it. I can say I was better all round fighter than him.
- How do do you prepare for the final round?
I need a rest for a week, then I will start training gradually. I'm going to train with Fedor within 2 weeks from now in Russia. I will stay there for 2 weeks and review what I learn from him when I come back to the Netherlands.
- With Fedor?
I just join in his training for Tim Silvia fight, at Affliction in Russia.
- Do you go there as his sparring partner?
I wish. I think I will learn more than he does from me.
- Who do you want to fight in the final round?
I have 2 fights per day. To have a good result, it's more important for me to fight someone who I feel comfortable with his style. I prefer fighting someone standing style fighter; for example, Melvin. He is getting an attention now in my country. I'm anonymous and I will be famous if I defeat him!
- What do you think about the fight of Sakuraba vs Melvin?
I personally wanted Sakuraba win; although, I had a hunch Melvin win. I think Sakuraba looked tired because of his age. I think he is not as the same as he was 2 years ago.
- Tell me your enthusiasm about your next fight.
I do my best. I think I should fight in my opponent's strong style if I want to win. If I fight Melvin, I will fight in the standing position. I will prepare and make a fight plan wisely. I pray for God to give me good luck. I definitely win this tournament. After defending the title couple of times, I would like to challenge to the light heavy weight and heavy weight.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Genki Sudo original t-shirt

I made an original t-shirt and sold it in the official shopping site "Neko Marathon". All t-shirts are sold out! I'm going to produce other original goods and will sell in my site. Thank you very much!

Gomi's parents...

Gomi posted his parents' picture in his blog.

My parents came to see me. This is my dad's first time to come to my gym. We went to a soba restaurant together and I updated them about my recent situation. I felt very relaxed talking with them about my punches and KO fights. He told me how amazing it is to win by KO again and again. On the way home, he said, "You shouldn't be defeated on the ground either" I have no excuse to lose, no matter what.

Monday, June 16, 2008

DREAM had a post fight conference

On Jun 16, DREAM had a press conference at Hotel East 21 in Tokyo. Middleweight tournament finalists such as Ronaldo Jacare, Melvin Manhoef, Gegard Mousasi and Zelg BenkeiGalesik, and the lightweight tournament finalist, Shinya Aoki.

Middleweight finalists are very competitive and I don't know who wins this tournament. I'm disappointed to see all Japanese fighters lost. I assume they learned how hard it is to survive in MMA. I was amazed to see Aoki's submission. His performance was stunning and his behavior was the best as usual. I hope he becomes a leader of Japanese MMA. I was reported to that Sakuraba broke an ulna on his right arm in the fight. He is taking an examination of right arm as well as his old injury on his knee in a hospital. I heard he was dejected; nevertheless I think he wants to come back when he is cured.
I thank Sasahara for letting me stay in this hotel to attend to this conference. I want to get a belt on July 21. Uno is always in style and has the opposite personality.
Ronaldo Jacare:
An event we had last night was awesome. I felt our fans enjoyed a lot. I was very glad to fight in such an event.
Melvin Manhoef:
It was a wonderful event last night. Our fans responded very good and I had good fights. DREAM is developing, so we could have a great event. I hope DREAM will be better and better.
Gegard Mousasi:
DREAM is a great event. I dreamed about fighting and winning in this event. I will make every effort to be a big fighter.
Zelg Benkei Galesik:
We had a great event. An atmosphere in the arena was more than what I expected. I'm glad to remain in the tournament. I go home and plan for the final. I think our fights will be very intense.

DREAM cooperates with Fury FC

Sasahara announced that DREAM cooperated with a Brazilian MMA event, Fury FC. "Jacare used to fight in Fury FC before. We would like to have a good relationship and exchange fighters and referees. We will give a full support." Fury FC is going to have a stronger partnership by sending fighters to DREAM.

Mach is in Seattle

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai updated his blog from Seattle.

** June 16 **
The U.S. is a place I don't have to speak in Japanese, as though I cannot speak in English. I'm here with my teammate, Kondo, this time. I don't have a driver's license now because my license was canceled due to high speed. I had Kondo get an international driver's license and went to rent a car. The reason why he was denied was that no insurance covers a driver who is under 21 years old with an international license. We were very disappointed. I watched the fight of KJ Noons vs Yves Edwards. I trained with KJ at AMC and he won. He defeated Nick Dias, who I was going to face next, by TKO before. He is doing very good now. I went to TGI Fridays for dinner.

** June 17 **
George who fought Imanari in Japan gives us a ride. I feel like everything in the U.S. is bigger, including bigger portion of food and people are so open minded and have bigger heart. I stay with Kondo and George and have fun. We eat either meats or sushi everyday. Diet Coke here tastes different than the Japanese one, but I like it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

DREAM.4: Pre fight interview

** Sakuraba **
- 2 days before DREAM.4. How do you feel now?
Nothing really.
- Manhoef said that he dreamed about fighting you.
That's nothing exciting to hear.
- There are many fighters who want to fight you.
I would like to say, "Please have a heart. They just want to take a big bite". I won't complain if I'm in my 20's. I'm almost 40 years old and fighting someone who's getting famous quick is hard for me. On the other hand, I have an abundance of opponents.
- What do you think about Manhoef?
He is fast. I think he throws 10 punches per contact. I think that is a typical Chute Boxe style. I remember Vitor had the same style.
- How do you handle his offense?
He cannot keep throwing 100 and more punches all the time. I got to see through his limit if I fight him.
- You think you can shut him down?
It's hard to say because I have never fought him before. I saw his recent fight videos and found out he KOed his opponents on the ground. I cannot predict what happens and he may even try to submit from the bottom. I should consider him an all round player if I fight him.
- Any message to your fans?
How many fights is DREAM.4 supposed to have?
- 8 fights.
Ok, then have fun watching 7 fights in DREAM.4 on Jun 15.

** Melvin Manhoef **
I'm in a very good condition. I fully prepared for this fight. I knew it's legal to knee my opponent on the ground right before my fight started last time. In my fight I could knee my opponent effectively. Sakuraba is one of legend fighters. I have a dream to get a title as well as to fight Sakuraba. One of my dreams comes true soon. I respect him because his ground techniques are brilliant and he is very experienced. I'm going to defeat him in his home, Japan. I understand he has an advantage, however, I prepared for a ground fight and do my best to KO him. I will be final 4. Please look forward to seeing our fight.

** Katsuhiko Nagata **
I cannot wait for fighting in DREAM. After my last fight, I thought I could fight here again. Iwas concerned about how I win and the details of my fight. I could get confidence through my fight against a champion, Umakhanov. I regret being passive to KO or submit him. My last fight definitely didn't attract fans. Aoki has an opposite fight style to Umakhanov. I couldn't find a fighter like Aoki in my gym for my preparation. I will be aggressive and keep my fighting pace. My partner is in full charge of our wedding. I want to win because it's cool I get married after winning. Both of us used to be police officers and I would like to have a clean fight.

** Shinya Aoki **
I'm calm as usual now. I'm getting ready for my fight and an adjustment of my weight is also going well. I felt I finished something big after fighting J.Z. Calvan. But, nothing changed and I couldn't change anything. Doesn't matter if I feel comfortable fighting Nagata or not. I just do what I can do. I will be aggressive and have an exciting fight for fans. I want to smile after my fight even if I lose. I don't feel like fighting in the tournament. Every fight is one match.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gono is coming back soon.

I had appointments with my primary doctor, GRABAKA team doctor and a doctor who is well-know in K-1 and other MMA events. 2 of them gave me word that I can do any kind of training. I was told by my doctor that my current injury has to be fully taken care of. Otherwise, my career as a fighter will end. So, I was so prudent about the timing I start my training as a pro fighter. I even pay attention not to overdo basic trainings last couple of months. I came this far since I had an operation 4 months ago and finally got a permission to get back to normal routines. I'm going to adjust myself to professional trainings gradually. I will workout when I have no English classes in first 2 weeks. Then, after checking my bone and see another doctor, I will fully come back to training. I feel like I have a hope to come back to the ring before the end of this year.

I had another good thing today. I had a group lesson at my English class. I worked with two 19 years old chicks. I'm appreciate my teacher, john, for putting me in such a wonderful group. I had a great day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wanderlei Silva Interview

Wanderlei Silva had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro.

- Congratulation! You could finally win in the UFC.
- You defeated Keith Jardine. Tell me what you think.
I'm very happy. I could have an ideal fight like I always had in Japan. Wanderlei Silva is back!
- I had an interview with you before the fight. You told me you shaved your hair to remember your performance in Japan.
Yes. I'm glad I shaved because I could win. I knew my fans in the US expected to see the fights I had in Japan. I shaved and remembered my fighting style I had in Japan, a wild Wanderlei.
- You had lost 3 times in row, Chuck Liddell in the UFC, Dan Henderson and Mirko Crocop in PRIDE.
I had so much pressure in last 3 months. I couldn't lose this fight no matter what. I wondered if I couldn't win forever. This is the way fighters feel even if they had many victories in their past. Fighters are always facing their fear and anxiety everyday. To overcome from these, I train very hard and get confidence. I'm sure fighters are required to have a stable physical and mental condition to win.
- You had both, so you could win?
It's hard to say, my condition was perfect. I moved well and had good punches in the standing position. In addition, my teammates researched about my opponent thoroughly and made an effective game plan for me. That's why I could win.
- Where do you fight in the US?
I go a couple of different gyms. I mainly go to Xtreme Couture for striking trainings and Jujitsu. I do a physical training at MMA conditioning.
- I have never heard of MMA Conditioning.
Many fighters train there. Kazuhiro Nakamura asked me a location and told him recently. I sometimes fly to Florida and Brazil. I'm very blessed with a training environment.
- Your last fight must be an unforgettable.
Yes. I'm very happy now. That fight was the best in last 2 years. Probably I can count that as one of 5 best bouts in my life. I remember who I was and got a confidence.
- In Japan, Sakuraba will face a competitive fighter in June.
Don't worry. He is a great champion and will defeat his opponent as he did in the past, if he trained hard. He always believes in himself even when he has hard time. He knows that he can come back, so he trains hard like me. Otherwise, he won't come to Brazil and train with us.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Akiyama Interview

Yoshihiro Akiyama interview was posted on DREAM official website on June 6. This interview was took place on June 5.

- Your participation to DREAM is official. How do you feel?
I finally got a chance to fight. I am nervous because I haven't fought for a while and I have an injured spot.
- How is your injury?
Getting better. I'm relieved to see I'm recovering.
- What kind of training are you doing since NYE?
I avoided putting any damage on my injured area. I'm doing the same except that. I injured my knee and didn't spent much time for ground trainings.
- How did you feel when you find out your participation in DREAM.5?
I was very happy because I haven't fought for last 7 months and DREAM. 5 is in Osaka. I don't know my opponent but I'm very excited to fight in a ring.
- You have fought in Osaka before. Do you feel any differences fighting in Osaka comparing to in Tokyo and in Yokohama?
I'm from Osaka and my friends will definitely come by. It's wonderful having many supporters including my family both in Japan and in Korea and friends.
- What do you think about DREAM?
I have no idea. I hope DREAM creates a new MMA style. I think DREAM is not attractive event to increase MMA fans yet. It's too early to judge based on 3 events, however, I want DREAM to evolve itself at the same time I want to brush up myself.
- How do you feel that HERO'S doesn't exist anymore?
I feel kinda sad because I fought there. I don't look back my past and keep moving.
- Do you feel you represent HERO'S?
Not at all. I don't have any hard feeling to PRIDE fighters. I want to see my friends and colleagues win even if they fought in PRIDE before.
- You couldn't participate in the middleweight tournament.
I'm very disappointed.
- Do you think you could make the tournament more exciting if you fight?
I guess. I believe I could have done something to make it better.
- Who do you think win in the tournament?
I want a Japanese fighter to win, or Sik Yoon Dong.
- How do you feel getting booed? I guess you don't get much in Osaka though.
- Nothing bothers you?
Have you been booed before? You will see when you are booed once. You don't feel anything. I accept other people's opinion, but I don't care what other people think of me. I don't think I'm neither a heel or a hero.
- You said you wanted to fight a lot this year in the conference.
Yes. What I have to do is to make MMA attractive to more people. As a fighter, I think that's my primal job. To get more attention, we have to create something new and I want to make it happen.
- What exactly are you talking about? Do you have anything new to do in your mind?
I will tell you later.
- Any message to fans?
I have more time to develop myself for my next fight. I want to have an exciting fight.

Uno attended to a talk event

Caol Uno and Yujin Okami attended an event of CAGE FORCE in Tokyo on Jun 09.

I had felt so much pressure in that fight. What did I worry about the most? I was concerned about an injury on my chin. My opponent was a strong fighter. I was going to do my best not to regret after the event if I lost. I don't really remember how I finished him. I train that kind of movement a lot and I responded without thinking. I don't know my opponent on July 21 yet. I will have more exciting fight than my last fight.

Ishida is one of top fighters who is a very tough and persistent fighter. It was amazing for me to see how Uno defeated him.

Monday, June 9, 2008

SENGOKU 3: Post fight interview 2

** Nick Thompson **
I'm satisfied with 1R. I could take his arm and I worked efficiently on the ground. I noticed he changed his game plan in 2R. I'm satisfied and was lucky for sure. I have never fought such a tremendous fighter like him before. He is bigger than other fighters as well as quick and strong. I had sparred with him before and was beaten thoroughly. I remember that I wished I never spar him again. I work hard to get a title in Sengoku.

** Michael Costa **
Nick was a great fighter. I did my best as a representative of Chute Boxe. I didn't have enough endurance. The reason why I lost my stamina was that I was very aggressive to have an exciting fight. I'm satisfied with the detail of my fight. If I have an opportunity to fight in SENGOKU again, I will have a KO victory.

** Logan Clark **
I'm satisfied overall. I realized what I needed to improve through my fight. I should have been aggressive with paying attention to his kick. I almost got a take-down by throwing my right punch. I didn't have good combination of my move and couldn't finish at that moment. He had hard punches and was a good grasper. I have never taken any punches like I had today in my life. I would like to fight in Japan again.

** Travis Wiuff **
I wasn't expected that ending actually. I was the one who was the most surprised to see the way our fight was over in the arena. Fujita was a very tough wrestler and I had imagined that I would win by decision at the end. I prepared well and had a confidence to win. I was lucky today.

** Hidehiko Yoshida **
I was surprised to see he was a southpaw in the beginning because he was an orthodox in his fight videos. Silva escaped when I tried the same submission, neck crank. I'm glad to submit him that time because I definitely wasted my stamina if I missed that timing and couldn't submit in a right spot. My new gi fit well. I was in a good condition and had a confidence to win. This is my first victory in last 2 years. I'm relieved. To be honest, I was going to end my MMA career if I lost today. I didn't see any point keep fighting if I couldn't win no matter how hard I trained. I wanted fans enjoy more by showing more active and aggressive fight. Although, I wanted to win very badly today and didn't want to miss any chance.

** Maurice Smith **
This fight result was similar to my fight with Mark Coleman. I felt like being pushed my body more than chocked my neck. I'm very disappointed to this result. It's hard to fight a fighter who wears gi. Gi prevented me from moving smoothly. I don't' think my age affected to my loss tonight. I'm 47 years old and don't feel any crucial damage to my body by fighting in MMA. I think I had a same result even if we fought 10 years ago. The reason why I lost tonight is that he had great techniques.

SENGOKU 3: Post fight interview 1

** Fabio Silva **
Takahashi was a tough guy. I was actually surprised to see his strength and good punches. I would like to develop myself in SENGOKU and would like to be a champion in my weight class someday.

** Kazuo Takahashi **
I'm disappointed to be KO'd. I had fun fighting such an aggressive fighter. I couldn't have a good result through my training this time. I hadn't fought in MMA quite a while and I was actually nervous. I was impatient and lost my rhythm. Thought I'm not satisfied with the result, I enjoyed the fight and I wish I was tough enough to fight longer. I feel I fit in SENGOKU and would like to fight in this event again.

** Rodrigo Damm **
I'm very satisfied with my fight. I was ready even if our fight developed in different ways. Today's fight gave me an opportunity to show what I learned through my trainings in Muay Thai, wrestling, boxing and Ju-jitsu. I'm very honored to fight in Japan, especially in Saitama Super Arena tonight. I would like to win this tournament and challenge to Gomi at the end.

** Jorge Masvidal **
I was in a good condition and could make good moves. I think the referee stopped the fight too soon, however, he completely got me. I know it's too late to say this, but I wish I could know my opponent earlier, then I could do better.

** Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz **
Before the fight, I said I could adjust myself in any situation. I trained standing positions and ground positions including offenses and defenses from the mount and the bottom. As a result of my preparation, I could KO him after pounding. This is my first fight in SENGOKU and I know it's too soon to request who I want to fight next. I want to continue fighting any top fighters in SENGOKU.

** Mu Bae Choi **
Many great heavy weight fighters are in SENGOKU. I think he proved how good he is as 6 time Ju-jitsu world champion. SENGOKU was a great event both experienced and young top fighters fight and compete each other. I will train hard to get another opportunity to fight in this event.

** Sanae Kikuta **
My opponent obviously studied about me and I wish I watched his fight video. I was going to tackle him in the very beginning. He expected and protected himself from getting my tackles. I usually get my rhythm by throwing my opponent in our first contact. However, he didn't let me do that and I was in his game plan for a while. I was wondering if I could change the mood because the start wasn't ideal. Roger Gracie believes a stronger fighter wins even if he fights 2 times in row or hasn't fought for 10 months, no matter what condition he is in. I haven't fought for a while and I wasn't in the best condition this time. I could win because I was eager to fight and believe Roger's theory. I thing SENGOKU is the great event which both fighters and fans can enjoy.

** Chris Rice **
I knew my opponent 2 days before I departed for Japan. I have researched well about Kikuta before I departed for Japan. He is a legend in Japanese MMA. My game plan was to avoid being taken down and to KO in the standing position because I knew he would excel on the ground.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gomi is appreciative of a gift

Gomi got a hanging scroll of calligraphy. The word is Ryukangodo. The meaning in English is:


SENGOKU holds the light weight tournament

SENGOKU announced to start its light weight tournament in SENGOKU 4. This tournament contains 8 fighters and 1 R is on Aug 24 in Saitama Super Arena. Semi Final and final will be taken place in Oct or Nov. The winner of this tournament will automatically gain an opportunity to fight Takanori Gomi on NYE or in the first event in 2009. Duane Ludwig, Rodrigo Damm, Satoru Kitaoka, Eiji Mitsuoka and Kazunori Yokota will participate in this tournament.

Takanori Gomi:
I train hard and will prepare for my next fight. My fight will make SENGOKU an exciting event as well as the UFC.

SENGOKU also announced the participation of Frank Trigg, Zurab Zviadauri, Ramaz Nozadze, Eldari Kurtanidze and Georgi Gogchilidze.

SENGOKU 3: pre fight conference

SENGOKU had a press conference on Jun 7 in Saitama Super Arena.

Hidehiko Yoshida:
Some newspaper said I would have a fist fight tomorrow. I will not miss an opportunity to punch him. I want to have an exciting fight for our fans expect. I will fight him tomorrow with a feeling as the challenger. (Yoshida lost his endurance because of the weight of Gi in his last fight.) I wear Gi tomorrow. My Gi was arranged and reduced its weight.
Maurice Smith:
I prepared for tomorrow. I'm sure we will have a good fight. I 'm so excited to fight a Judo specialist. He said he would exchange punches. I think what he said is a part of his performance. I predict his game plane is to take me on the ground. I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.
Kazuyuki Fujita:
I fight a fighter who represents American heavy weight tomorrow. I feel like our fight is a 1R of the heavy weight tournament which will be hold sometimes soon. This won't be a tough fight. I will do my best as a challenger.
Travis Wiuff:
I'm glad to fight in Japan and in Sengoku. My opponent is a Japanese heavyweight legend, Fujita. I knew him quite a while and I'm happy to fight him tomorrow. I promise our fight will be very exciting.
Kazuo Misaki:
I and Logan will have a real amazing fight which is suitable for SENGOKU ring tomorrow. He is a big fighter. I cannot judge if he is good or not from his figure. I will find out when we both stand in the ring and face each other. I cannot wait to fight him tomorrow.
Logan Clark:
I had dreamed about fighting in Japan. Misaki is a very technical fighter and I am very excited.
Nick Thompson:
I'm happy to fight in Japan again. I do my best to achieve my continuous 13Th victory tomorrow. I hope to get a belt in SENGOKU in the future.
Michael Costa:
At first, I thank God. I had a dream to fight in Japan since I was a child. I could make this happen. I'm glad to fight among top fighters. I want to improve myself with other fighters. I will have a great fight to represent my team.
Sanae Kikuta:
It has been quite a while since my last fight.. My opponent has long reaches and has experienced to KO his opponent quite a lot. I have experience fighting a hard puncher like him before. I want to fight in my style and win tomorrow.
Chris Rice:
My opponent is very experienced fighter and I respect him. I will have an exciting fight tomorrow.
Bae Choi Mu:
I haven't been in Japan for a while. How are you? I'm very honored to fight in the same ring with great fighters such as Yoshida, Fujita and Maurice. I will do my best tomorrow and will have an great fight which my fans expect to see.
Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz:
I had a dream to fight as a fighter in Japan. I'm appreciative of SENGOKU to make my dream come true. Please enjoy my great fight.
Rodrigo Damm:
We will have a great fight tomorrow. I respect Gomi and want to fight him near my future.
Jorge Masvidal:
I thank God giving me an opportunity to fight. I cannot wait to fight tomorrow. I will continue to fight to get a chance to fight Gomi someday.
Kazuo Takahashi:
My opponent is a very aggressive fighter. I want to have an impressive and unforgettable fighter. My opponent looks very dangerous.
Fabio Silva:
I'll do my best tomorrow to create the best MMA event in SENGOKU.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chonan cancelled UFC85

Ryo Chonan updated his blog on May 29 and June 4th.

** May 29 **
I canceled my fight in UFC85. I apologize to my opponent, my staff and fans who support me. I injured my rib during my training. I wanted to fight if the pain is gone. However, my doctor requested me to rest. This is my first time to cancel. I will work hard to come back.

** June 4 **
As usual, I focused on my next fight and trained hard mentally and physically everyday. I tried to adjust myself to fight after breaking my rib. Although, I felt down because I couldn't do anything with pain when I tried to train. I was disappointed and felt drained for the next few days. Now I changed my mind and got to be ready to come back. Now I go gym everyday and I learn training menus and techniques objectively through coaching other fighters. I only have 5 more months to stay and don't want to waste of my time. I think RIKIX provided me a great environment. When my injury is cured, I will take time to develop my strikes. In addition, I will go to see MMA specialists who are everywhere in the U.S. I had fun playing wii, Mariocart at an electricity shop today. It was fun and will buy when I am home.