Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SENGOKU announced fighters for May 18th

SENGOKU announced 4 fighters who fight in their next event on May 18 in Tokyo. At first, Kuniyasu called the name of Roger Gracie and said, he only fought once in MMA, although he is an ADCC World Champion and has experience defeating many strong grapplers. He hasn't seen Japan yet but will show us an exciting fight in May for sure. Next, he introduced 3 Japanese fighters, Satoru Kitaoka, Yuki Sasaki and Yoshihiro "Kiss" Nakao.
Kuniyasu: Nakaoka is one of top light weight fighters in Japan. He defeated Fabricio "Pitbull" Monteiro who fought in our debut and he is ready to fight in the big event. I think he is very competitive to Gomi.
Kitaoka: I'm very honored to be here and get a chance to fight in Sengoku where many great fighters fight. I want to prove myself and develop myself.
Kuniyasu: Sasaki has experience fighting in PRIDE , the UFC, and had a great fight with Dean Lister before. I hope he proves himself in the 83 kg weight class.
Sasaki: I'm very excited about my next fight because I haven't fought for quite a while. I want to show the real MMA in GRABAKA style.
Kuniyasu: I want Nakata to make this event exciting, with Yoshida and Fujita as one of few Japanese heavyweight fighters. I hope he exhibits his skills which he developed while he was away from the ring.
Nakao: I want to fight handsome fighters like Fujita in Sengoku. I want to have a great fight in May and would like to ask Fujita to fight.


Doug said...

LOL at Nakao wanting to fight "handsome fighters". I guess that gimmick just won't die...

Anonymous said...

Nakao x Fujita would be a good fight.