Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sasahara Interview about the middleweight tournament

Sasahara answered questions from press after the press conference of DREAM 2.
- Does Sakuraba fight for sure?
Yes, I'm sure. He accepted our offer yesterday. I believe it was the first time for him to see Nakahara's picture though.
- You explained that his fight is a part of GP?
Yes. I think he doesn't like to fight GP honestly and I understand his feeling. However, he is a well known guy for us and we took our time to persuade him.
- Why do you think he accepted at the end?
I think he has a same feeling about our new MMA event with us. He controls his feeling to make this event succeed. I'm appreciative of his consideration and would like to create a great event which fighters can enjoy.
- Do you have any update about Aoki?
I heard he was getting better. I thought it won't take this long to recover though. I will announce about him at the same time announcing fights of the lightweight 2nd Round.
- Do you broadcast DREAM2 in TBS?
Yes. On the same day.
- Do you have any update about DREAM4?
I will announce about the date and the location next week as well.

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