Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ryo Kawamura's interview

Sengoku posted an interview of Ryo Kawamura who fights on Mar 05.

- What do you think about the new event, Sengoku?
I wonder why I got a chance to fight in this event, which has many great fighters.

- What do you expect from Sengoku?
I expect Sengoku will be exciting events for fans by growing up with us. As the result of having fan events, MMA will develop. We have missions and responsibilities for the success of MMA.

- Any impression of your opponents?
Brazil, soccer... This is my 4th time fighting a brazilian fighter.

- Do you have a game plan?
I want to have an unforgettable fight and other great fights. I don't want to lose.

- Do you have anybody you want to fight?
Sylvester Stallone!?!?!?

- What is your goal in the MMA?
I want to entertain my fans by having great fights every time.

- Do you have any message to your fans?
I suppose many people come to see Yoshida, Gomi and other big names. This is a good opportunity to appeal myself to their fans. I want to have a fight which impresses their fans. Thank you for supporting me.

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