Monday, March 24, 2008

Sakuraba invited press to his new dojo

Kazushi Sakuraba invited press to his new dojo, "Laughter7" on Mar 24. Laughter 7 is located in Tokyo. Tanikawa (FEG) showed up in the dojo today and said he looked forward to seeing Sakuraba to raise the next MMA fighters. After the opening ceremony, Sakuraba answered questions from press.

- Where does the name "Laughter7" come from?
The name doesn't have any special meaning. We are happy when we laugh, and the number 7 means lucky.
- What would you like to do?
I would like to bring up stronger fighters to pull the level of Japanese MMA up. I like to raise fighters who are sly, better than those who are powerful.
- Do you participate in the middleweight GP? Tanikawa said you will be ready to GP and win its tournament.
I'm still bleeding and cannot fight in the GP. Tanikawa shouldn't say anything like that. I don't agree with their offer and won't fight. I'm going to gain weights. I'll be ok with one-match though. I think I make this clear, I won't fight in the tournament. I'm not interested in that title and cannot be in condition. I will fight 3-4 times per a year if I don't get injured. If I have one match, I will do my best.

Later, Tanikawa again told press that he should fight in thetournament. We have very interesting fighters for him. He should just consider each fight as one match. That's all. In the tournament, we will have 8 Japanese fighters and 8 foreign fighters. I know you will be surprised to see fighters for sure and we will announce this week.



Sakuraba is a true MMA legend. Interesting if he transitions more into being a trainer and promoter in a few years.

Kevin said...

where in tokyo is the gym located?

Suki said...

The address is:
6-3-8 Minami Ooi
Shinagawa-ku, TOkyo Japan
Zip: 140-0013

8 min. walk from JR "Omori"Station

GO HUMANS said...

I wish I'd read your blog earlier. The day I moved away from Japan and Tokyo, was the day Saku opened Laughter. I would have loved to stop by on my way out. Sweet blog, Suki. Keep it up.


Sakuraba is mma.