Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Katsuhiko Nagata interview

DREAM official website posted the interview of Katuhiko Nagata which took place on Mar 16.

- You defeat Aftur Umakhanov in DREAM1. It was magnificent.
Thank you. This is the first time I have such a clean face after the fight. I didn't get much damage.
- What did you do after the fight?
I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant and relaxed. I went to bed early to get ready to start training as soon as I can.
- What do you think about your fight?
I'm disappointed about the fact I could not KO him though I did good job to pound him effectively. I wanted to give more pressure in our standing position. This is my next subject to learn.
- Any impression about your opponent?
I could correspond to his good physical strength and quick moves, more than I expected.
- I suppose you could see his punches.
Yes. I improved my defense by training boxing and kicking and that's why I could block his punches without fear. I didn't get any punches in the standing position.
- Did you get confidence by defeating Umakhanov who had a lot of experiences fighting in many events?
Yes. I will fight my next fight with confidence because I defeated someone who had a title of "champion".
- Before the fight, you said you would like to be aggressive. What percent did you think you get?
I would say 50 percent. My supporters told me that I could do better and be more aggressive. I agree with them and can do better.
- When do you start training?
I will take a break for a week and start.
- What kind of training will you do?
I have less than 2 months before my next fight and don't have time to learn new things. I would like to brush up my skills to put pressures in the standing position and pounding techniques after taking down.
- You went to American Kickboxing Academy. Do you go again?
I'm thinking to go there again. I will work for the 2nd round in both Japan and the outside of Japan.
- I heard you visit other gyms lately.
I train with Bernard Ackah in Body Plant Roppongi and get advice from Mitsuru Adachi who is my trainer. I go to 6 or 7 different dojos.
- You said the fight of Dida vs Alvarez was very impressive.
I though Alvarez was very aggressive and his takedown was well balanced and very good.
- What do you think about the debut event of DREAM?
I felt this was a very good event which had great energy and great influence of HERO'S.
- You are the only one who is from HERO'S and moved on to the 2nd round. Do you want to fight as a representative of HERO'S?
Not really.
- Tell me about your next fight.
I will train hard not only to have a good result but have a impressive fight, and hopefully I want to fight in the final. Thanks for supporting me.

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