Saturday, March 15, 2008

DREAM: After the fight interview 3

Mirko Crocop:
- What do you think about your fight?
I'm satisfied with the result. I expected he would take me to the ground position and my warming up was only ground techniques. Surprisingly, he attempted to strike me and I finished him quickly, though I wanted to enjoy the feeling of the fight longer.
- You won applause when you came in.
It was my pleasure. I felt I came back finally.
- Who would you like to fight next?
I will fight anybody if I have enough time to prepare.
- Do you think you recover from losses in the UFC?
It's all about the mental condition. The reason why I had unsightly fights in the UFC was because the balance of my mental and physical conditions were not stable.
- I suppose you are heavier than usual?
I feel fine. My current weight is as a result of the hard training.
- Would you like to continue fighting in DREAM?
Of course. I said this so many times, but Japan is my second home country. I have lots of memories and am very happy to fight here again.
- Do you think you are back?
I broke my nose bone 12 years ago when I was training for K-1. Since then, I breath with my mouth during my fights because I could only gain 50% of air through my nose. I had a surgery to maintain the respiratory tract last year and will complete healing up shortly.
- Japanese fans always support you.
Yes I know that pretty well.

Tatsuya Mizuno:
- What do you think about your fight?
I am very disappointed to see my powerlessness and weakness. I want to start all over again. I wasn't going to hesitate, however, I stepped back actually. I felt his core strength.
- How did you feel before the fight?
I was nervous. This unexpected opportunity brought me a mixed feelings. I was nervous at the same time being excited. I was lost very quick and easy. I would like to challenge him after training harder.
- Did you get a right hook?
Yes. I didn't know what I got... I had confidence not to be damaged by his punch... He was stronger than I expected.
- Do you think you could do better though the referee stopped the fight?
I shouldn't object to the decision the referee made.

Eddie Alvarez:
- What do you think about your fight?
I had a good fight. I felt great during my fight though I had sore stomach and took some medicine before the fight.
- You are famous with MMA maniacs. How did you like fighting in the major event?
It was unbelievable. I was unfortunate last year, however, I knew a good chance will come to me if I keep training. I got an offer from DREAM this year and want to continue fighting in this event. I will do better next time.
- Were you nervous?
I was relaxed in the ring. I guess I looked nervous because I was very excited to fight in front of such a big audience.
- Do you have any thought about fighting in Japan and the referee?
I have fought in MARS before. I know I have to be aggressive even if I dominate the fight. DREAM makes good fights which fans enjoy. Since 2003, Stephen Haigh supports me as a trainer. This victory was brought by him.

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I feel like I could barely survive in this tournament. Before the fight I thought I could submit him easily in the ground position, although, he was good. I saw his fight against Uno and he tapped quickly. He definitely developed his ground techniques. I took him to the ground and aimed locking because he has good kicks. I have to-do-lists in every fights, and it was pinning techniques this time. He was a very strong fighter.

- Black Mamba
We had a good and powerful fight. I attacked and gave him more damage more than he did though. What he did to me was catching me by taking down. As long as I don't KO, I cannot win. I will KO my opponent by punching in the beginning of a fight.

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