Friday, May 30, 2008

Yoshida develops his striking techniques.

Yoshida invited press and had a training at J-ROCK workout studio on May 30. He appeared wearing Gi and showed his punching training with his boxing trainer, Tashiro.

I found only 1 fight DVD of my opponent. I take more time training than analyzing my opponent. I pay attention to all my moves not to get injured. My game plan is to do all I can do without thinking about his fighting style too much. I have confidence about my stamina this time and will be aggressive from the beginning. I have done following trainings everyday, punching to mitts 5 min.・3R and consecutive punching 2R. Since I started to work with Tashiro from the beginning of May, I see I'm improving. I haven't checked my weight yet. I don't drink any alcohol and will adjust my weight to 104-105kg. In my free time, I watch Alias. My first foreign TV drama was 24. I have nothing else to do except watching TV at home before my fight.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gomi Interview

Sportsnavi had an interview with Takanori Gomi.

- How are you doing since you had fight in SENGOKU debut event 2 months ago?
I was so bored during Golden week. I usually train with my students in my gym. I had been lazy during holidays.
- I heard you went to Hawaii after your last fight.
Yes. I went there to relax. I also spent time with my friends.
- Did you get any damage from your last fight?
No injury. I wanted to relax mentally and take my time until my fighting spirit rose. I'm reducing my mental stress gradually by having not intense but normal trainings and having fun with my friends.
- You went to see a SHOOTO event during holidays.
I thought about an excuse to take a break from my training, then going to see that event is something I came up with. I actually go to see events which stimulate me. I want to fight in a big SHOOTO event if I have a chance.
- Were you excited except your fight?
I was impressed to see Kosei Inoue, a Judo Specialist on TV. He had an era in Japanese Judo and the way he retired was cool.
- Did you feel something similar?
Yes, as a man who lead Japanese Judo for long time. Well, I I continue fighting.
- You become 30 years old this year. What do you think about retiring?
I don't think I retire anytime soon. I'm still powerful enough to be active.
- Do you feel you are getting weak sometimes, like you tend to have a bad hangover after drinking?
Hangover, yeah that's what I thought about. I always have hangover the day after I drink, so everything is same. I don't lose often and I think I can improve myself still.
- What do you think about your last fight?
I could show 80% of what I could do. I wasn't full 100% of myself. I was nervous because I hadn't fought for a year.
- I didn't feel you had a blank though.
I responded very well to his strikes. That was the result of my preparation for that fight. I sparred a lot.
- In general, fighters move slow and take a while to get their intuition back after taking a long break. I didn't feel anything like that from you.
I trained for a year and prepared well for that fight. I trained hard in my gym by letting my self believe that my next fight was coming soon. I had a totally different attitude after confirming my next fight. I could focus more mentally.
- What do you think about SENGOKU?
Top class fighters in every weight classes gather in SENGOKU.
- All lightweight fighters wants to fight you.
It's my pleasure that some fighters have goals to fight with me.
- I think you are a yokozuna and now you are waiting a challenger.
I guess I'm a fighter who have career and attracts other fighters now.
- You are in a fist position to get a belt. Tell me your ideal fight as a top class lightweight fighter.
Well, I win by KO as much as I can. I condition well and have exciting fights. Please come and see my fights!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Okami shows up in a talk show with Uno

Yushin Okami hadn't updated his blog for quite a while and finally updated.

** May 20 **
I visited a dentist, Mr.Yamaguchi, who makes my mouthpiece. I haven't had teeth treatment since I was in an elementary school. Finally I made up my mind and came to see him. Through X-ray, he advised me to pull 3 wisdom teeth out. I said NO, but he told me he could do without any pain. He finished within 30 min. and I was impressed to see I have no pain~ Mr. Yamaguchi is marvellous!

** May 25 **
I have a talk show with Uno at Spocafe6 on June 9. We talk about a MMA event, Cage Force. This event focuses on raising fighters who can be in the UFC in their future.

JPY2000 with 1 drink.
Start at 19:00

Gomi in Las Vegas

Takanori Gomi updated his blog on May 26.

** 1 **

I was bored and left for Las Vegas without any particular reason. I absolutely watch the UFC and am looking forward to watch fights of BJ and Tito. However, I didn't fly only to watch fights.

I took 9 hours flight from Tokyo to LAX carrying sake, Kubota, with me. I was stopped when I transferred in LAX due to a security reason. I wonder why I could take my sake with me when I was on board in Tokyo. It took time to wrap the sake and put it in my bag and to pass an airport security because I was stopped 3 times. Therefore, I missed my flight and I'm on the waiting list now. I wonder if I can take a flight within 3 hours...

** 2 **
I couldn't get a seat. It's only 1.5 hours to the world famous good for nothing city. I couldn't wait any longer and decided to drive. I was actually interested in driving in the dessert. Although, it was very tiring to ride 500km after 9 hours flight and 4 hours wait in LAX. Fortunately, a very comfortable car, Lincoln, picked me up and drove me there. My seat was like a first class. It was too dark to see outside and I have nothing but sleeping in the luxury car. When I woke up, I was in my favorite city, Las Vegas. After eating snacks, I decided to try roulette for the first time in my life. I wasn't interested in gambling before but tired first time. I enjoyed for 1 hour with not much money.

Gono updated his blog

I purchased PPV and watched the UFC. It was so exciting! I want to fight there and have an interview after winning. I answer questions in my English, of course! I wish I could start training for my next fight. I have to be patient little bit longer. I ran, did weight training lightly, punched a mitt and studied about new techniques this week. I have to do all I can do now and prepare for my next fight little by little. I also work on my English for sure.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tetsuya Kawajiri Interview

DREAM had an interview with Tatsuya Kawajiri on May 12. DREAM official website posted his interview on May 21.

- Congratulation! You move on to the final round of the tournament. What do you think about your fight?
I attacked with all my heart. I satisfied with my result though I couldn't KO him. I showed all I had.
- What do you think about Buscape?
He was strong as I expected and persisted.
- Did you get any damage?
My hands are sore.
- You move on to the final round.
My goal was fighting in Osaka. I feel like a champion belt is getting close. I have never fought twice a day. I got to be prepare well.
- What kind of theme do you have next?
Same. I believe in myself and put all I have in my fight, then I believe I can win no matter who I fight.
- Who do you want to fight next?
Uno. I cannot choose my opponent though. I want to fight him either in the semi-final or in the final.
- In the closing ceremony, you declared that you wanted to fight Uno.
I was upset at that moment and barely remember what I said. I expressed my feeling because my teammate was defeated, and I remember our last fight in Mar, 2004. That fight which was draw was stuck in my mind for long time.
- What impression did you have when you fought him before in SHOOTO?
I think a suitable word which describes about him is not strong but skillful. In that fight, I felt the difference of the amount of experiences. I want to use my fight experience with Uno when I fight him again.
- You were a second of Ishida.
Uno was strong yesterday. I wasn't sure how good he was and how much he could improve based on his age. Although, he was strong. We complained about the fact he participated in this tournament from the 2R. Seeing the fight result, I have nothing to say. I know pretty well how strong Ishida is.
- Do you respect Uno?
I respect all fighters. I don't have any special feeling to him like I respect Mach.
- What do you respect most about Uno?
His experiences. He has been fighting as a top fighter for last 10 years. That's great. His fighting style is totally opposite to mine. This is another reason I want to defeat him. I definitely want to have a clear result next time.
- Did you talk to Ishida after his fight?
He told me to do my best. I know he wants me to win this tournament.
- You two talked about fighting in the final round.
Yes. We wanted to move on to Osaka. I don't have any feeling to revenge Uno for Ishida. I just want to defeat an opponent in front of me.
- When do you start training?
I will take a break for a week and start after checking the condition of my fist.
- Any message to your fan?
I have a strong will to overcome any hardships. I definitely get a belt!

Monday, May 19, 2008

GOMI fights in SENGOKU 4 on Aug 24.

Gomi updated his blog.

*** May 16 **
SENGOKU has its 2ND event in Tokyo this weekend. My new rival will be born in this event. I'm feeling blue this month though.

*** May 19 ***
I saw a video which SENGOKU present itself. We saw many good fights in its 2ND event. I think SENGOKU fighters will understand a theme of this event gradually. I don't have time to be lazy in front of my fans any longer. I will fight a strong fighter in the world and KO him!

SENGOKU has a light weight tournament 1R on Aug 24. The winner will fight GOMI for a light weight champion belt.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

SENGOKU: Pre fight conference.

SENGOKU which is sponsored by WVR holds its 2nd event on May 18. SENGOKU had a press conference on May 17 and all participating fighters showed up after the private weigh-in.

Josh Barnett: I'm glad to fight in the main event. I'm also happy to fight Monson because I know him very well. I may not take an offer if my opponent was a big and scary fighter who has tattoos all over his body. We are friends and I know he is very pretty teddy bear which has a smooth touch . I want to give him a big hug after the fight.
Jeff Monson:
I'm having a good training for tomorrow. I love fighting in Japan. I feel Japanese MMA fans learn a lot about MMA and watch fights. I hope I have a good  fight for the fans tomorrow.
Yuki Kondo: I'm very excited. I do my best.
Roger Gracie: I have been dreaming about fighting in Japan for long time. Tomorrow, finally my dream come true. I will show a wonderful fight. Enjoy watching my fight. Kondo is a good fighter who has a lot of experiences in MMA. I trained for this fight and will do my best.
Ryo Kawamura: Tomorrow, our fight is a monster, which ran after a game vs a game, which is chased by a monster.
Kevin Randleman: I'm home! I'm back!
Nakao "Kiss" Yoshihiro: I'm very excited. All I think about my fight tomorrow is to KO him.
Big Jim York: I will have a great fight.
Yuki Sasaki: I will have a tough fight for sure and do my best.
Jorge Santiago: This is my first fight in Japan. I promise to have an exciting fight for everyone.
Eiji Mitsuoka: I fight tomorrow finally. I think I will have a good start tomorrow and have a great fight.
Kwang Hee Lee: I want to have a nice fight.
Mike Pyle: I want to pull my 110% out in the ring. I do my best finishing him after exchanging my style and his.
Dan Hornbuckle: Tomorrow, I do my best by putting my soul and everything and Japan will be a home base of my MMA carreer.
Satoru Kitaoka: I fight hard and put all my effort. As a SENGOKU fighter as well as a PANCRASE fighter, I show an exciting fight.
Ian Schaffa I'm sure I have a wonderful fight.

Genki Sudo's first movie is coming out soon

Genki Sudo's first movie is shown in Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2008. The main title of this movie is R246STORY. This movie contains 6 different stories and Sudo directed one of them, "Arifureta Kisho".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sengoku: Yuki Kondo public training

In SENGOKU on May 18, Roger Gracie debuts in a Japanese ring. His opponent, Yuki Kondo, invited press to his training in P's LAB Tokyo.

My condition is excellent. I think I have a good fight and I cannot wait to fight him. I want to fight in the stand position. I'll try to give my knees when he comes into me. His attack is my chance to attack him back. (Kondo learned his style by watching his ADCC and Jiujitsu videos.) I learned a lot from his videos. My nervousness is more than my confidence to win this fight because of our weight difference and his longer reach. He doesn't have much experience in MMA and that's his weak point. I'm afraid of his ground techniques, but I know I have a chance to KO him and am excited to fight him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Roger Gracie appears in GRABAKA gym

Sanae Kikuta updated his blog.

Roger Gracie came to GRABAKA gym in Higashi Nakano, Tokyo. He came here to warm up for his fight. He is HUGE! I have heard he could fight in the 93kg weight class. He is a lot bigger than I expected. So many people study ground techniques nowadays. It's very impressive for me to see a member of the Gracie family get a title of ADCC champion. I cannot wait to see his fight and a real Gracie jiujitsu. I'm very happy about the fact he feels comfortable being with me as the same Abu Dabi champion. I think getting the title of ADCC is very honorable for the Gracies. I think Renzo gained weight. He said OK when I asked him to fight me sometimes in this year. At the same time, he warned me to watch out for his guillotine. He said same thing 10 years ago. He is the most easy going guy in other family members. I heard his gym in NY has 950 students now. Tremendous! I wonder how many assistants Gracie bring for one fight. I see at least 10 assistants here today. That's very impressive.

DREAM: Light Weight Finalists talk

DREAM had a press conference in Hotel East 21, Tokyo on May 12. In this conference was Sasahara Event producer, Caol Uno, Tatsuya Kawajiri, Eddie Alvarez and Jason Mayhem Miller.

We had a wonderful event. I was relieved when I heard someone said they enjoyed this event. I told before that I would like to build new values of MMA. Now I think new values will be created by fighting spirit in each fighter.
Jason Mayhem Miller:
I had fun fighting wonderful fighters together yesterday. My current goal is to be a champion. I'm glad to be in a part of this event. I could see a brilliant future of DREAM. I'm appreciative that DREAM offered a fight to me, such a strange fighter. There are many great fighters in this tournament. Especially, Sakuraba is my hero. I'm excited because I maybe able to fight the guy in my dream! He have never tapped out before. I want to defeat by tapping. I'm very honored to be participating in the same tournament with him. If he loses in this tournament by any chance, I should be the one who defeats him.
Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I apologize to Uno and his supporters for being a trouble maker yesterday. I work hard to win this tournament and I want my dream come true. Personally I want to fight Uno. I understand I cannot pick my opponent. I want to fight him either in the semi-final or in the final. I think Eddie is aggressive and Uno is extremely technical.
Eddie Alvarez:
I'm very happy to fight in DREAM again. I can tell DREAM has been developed since DREAM 1. DREAM staff said they wanted to make this event the best in this world. I want to be a fighter who is suitable for the best event. As a fighter who fights from DREAM 1, I want to keep participating until this event is over. I'm an only American fighter among Japanese super stars. I may have tomatoes thrown at me in the final. I see an importance of beating my opponent when I'm away from home. I need to train hard for my next fight. Kawajiri is powerful. Uno was perfect yesterday.
Caol Uno:
I think I had a suitable fight as a main event. I had fun fighting in DREAM. I will prepare well and do my best in my next fight. I suppose my next fight will be a tough again. I think Kawajiri is strong physically. Eddie is a new style fighter who is good in the stand and on the ground.

Monday, May 12, 2008

DREAM: post fight interviews

DREAM official website posted post fight interviews.

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki:
- What do you think about your fight?
I was terrible. I could win somehow.
- Were you cautious of getting his knee?
I paid attention to his knee and attacks from his right side. I have to handle better.
- This is your first fight in a feather weight class.
I haven't watched my fight video yet and hard to talk about. I'm not satisfied with my fight. I hesitated to use my punches because because my opponent is a champion of PANCRASE. I was too persistent to take him in the ground. Perhaps, I was too nervous to fight in my way in such a big event.
- Who would you like to fight next?
I had such a bad performance and am not in the position to pick my next opponent. I hope I can fight someone strong.

- What do you think about your fight?
I always aim at finishing my fight by KO. I couldn't do what I wanted to do and lost. I'm disappointed.
- Did your injury from your last fight effect?
I don't want to say anything about that.
- How did you like to fight in DREAM?
I was so excited to fight in an event which I had been longing for long time, when I saw thousands of audience on the way going to the ring. I wish I could have a good result in this DREAM ring.

Jason Mayhem Miller:
- What do you think about your fight?
Shibata had a samurai spirit and I had fun fighting him. He was hurt but never gave up.
- Did your fight go as you planned?
No. I wish we could be aggressive from the beginning of the fight. Japan is my another home country and I believe we had a good fight.
- Are you thinking about your next fight?
I want to fight in Japan mainly then I will take over all other MMA events in the world. I opened an account with MIXI (Japanese version SNS)
- Talk about your fight money.
I spent it all.
- Who do you want to fight next?
I will fight anybody. My dream is to fight Sakuraba. He is my hero since I started MMA. I defeat him like I beat my dad.
- Do you have any fights you want to be?
I respect Sakuraba and Genki Sudo. Young generation fighters like me will beat fighters from a old generation and prove our time has come. My goal is to be a champion of DREAM.

Katsuyori Shibata:
- Why did you lose?
My opponent was lot better than me. He was strong. I cannot give up now like this. I won't give up to be a pro wrestler who brings exciting fights to fans.

Melvin Manhoef:
- What do you think about your fight?
I couldn't be aggressive because I was afraid of making my wound worse. I just had an operation and still have a tube in my lung. I fought 7 days ago and was hospitalized, so I wasn't in the best condition. My trainer told me to catch my dream and he encouraged me. I'm very happy to win on my birthday.
- Operation?
I had an operation in Netherlands. In fact, I didn't tell DREAM about this. I want to prepare and be fully ready for DREAM 4.

Dae Won Kim:
- Why did you lose?
I was too excited and high. My inexperience is another reason of my loss. I should be able to control my fight wisely.
- I suppose you had his knee to your back of head.
I don't remember clearly. I passed out, was down with a huge damage... i don't remember anything else.

Daisuke Nakamura:
- Did your fight go as you planned?
Yes. My opponent was a Judo gold medalist and I was going finish him by right straight punch. My fight went as I planned.
- Did you get any advices from Tamura?
He advised me to relax. His existence itself was very supportive for me. I'm proud of myself as a member of U-FILE. I and my teammates will keep fighting in the world by encouraging each other.

Bukyung Jung:
- Why did you lose?
I heard Nakamura was good on the ground and my game plan was to fight in the stand position. Although, his punches were better than mine. That's the reason why I lost.
- Did you learn anything from today?
Whenever I'm in a bad situation, I depend on Judo techniques too much. MMA fighters should be all round fighters. I have to improve my standing techniques.

Nick Diaz:
- You signed up with DREAM in a last minute. Did it affect you?
Yes, I think. I trained sparring a lot and I had any problem in this fight. People talked about a weight. I always adjust to the weight our sponsor decided. I was going to run and lose my weight. I take several weeks for dieting usually. I wanted to fight here because many complete fighters fight in DREAM.
- We suppose your next opponent is Mach Sakurai. Do you have anyone else you want to fight?
I respect Mach. I often defeat fighters who I don't respect. He is older than me and I don't want to fight any young fighter if I'm in his position. So, I want to fight Mach. If I chose someone except Mach, I will chose Aoki or Kawajiri.
- Tell me about your tonight's fight.
Inoue is a great fighter who had good punches. His guard was better than I expected and couldn't submit him. I was going to keep punching because I don't have good stamina. I was very scared if I get an yellow card or not when I kicked his face. If a yellow card gives me hard time in the fight as well as in my money situation. I want to say something at the end. I want to fight Aoki, who is the best fighter. I believe I defeat Mach. I want to keep wining to represent Cesar Gracie Jiujistsu.

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
- After fight, you announced that you wanted to fight Uno.
I was too excited and bothered Uno and his second. I said that because I wanted to fight as a fighter.
- How was your fight?
I'm satisfied with my fight and result.
- Why did you express that you wanted to fight Uno?
I had mixed feelings. I actually regret what I said.
- Ishida lost tonight.
We were talking to fight each other in Osaka. I'm very disappointed.

Eddie Alvarez
- You had a tremendous fight.
I agree. I always have a high motivation to have a good fight for audience even if I win or lose. Hansen is a great fighter as well and I knew we had an exciting fight.
- Who do you want to fight next?
Anybody. I will prepare for fighting anybody.
- Who is a woman right next you?
Jamie, who I get married to shortly. I'm glad to win because it's mother's day today.
- What do you think about your offense in the standing position?
I can throw hard punches, however, I'm not technical yet. I took a down from a fighter who had never been down before, so I supposed that I could KO Hansen. Hansen was strong because he came back after getting punches which I believed I could beat him.
- You and Hansen hold each other after the fight.
Yes. We naturally did that because we respected each other by having such a great fight.
- When do you get married?
We have 2 kids and get married on Sep 13. I hope I have a belt at the time.

Joachim Hansen:
- You had a tremendous fight.
I'm glad that I could have a great fight and our fans were excited. I'm very disappointed about the fact I couldn't move on to the next step.
- What do you do next?
Now I'm so tired. I take a break and want to fight again.
- What do you think about Alvarez?
He was very strong. He was a hard puncher and tough. We held each other because I wanted to show my respect to him.
- Which fighter do you think is stronger, Aoki or Alvarez?
They have very different style. If Aoki fights in his pace, he will win. If Eddy can keep a stand position, he will win.

Mitsuhiro Ishida:
- What do you think about your fight?
I regret. It's nothing but excuses even if I say something now. The result tells all. Uno was a strong fighter. I want to challenge him again when I train hard and be stronger.

Caol Uno:
- You had a good fight.
I enjoyed a lot.
- You didn't get emotional?
No. That's never happened to me.
- What do you think about Ishida?
He is a good fighter with a power.
- What do you think about what Kawajiri said?
I understand that he wasn't happy seeing me win. I couldn't think anything right after my fight. I shouldn't say anything before Aoki and Nagata fight.
- What do you think about Kawajiri?
He defeated Buscape today. He is strong physically and tough. I was impressed to see him win against a foreign fighter in his style.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

DREAM & PRO ELITE work together

FEG, which promotes DREAM, and PRO ELITE, which promotes Elite XC had an announcement in Tokyo on May 10, before a press conference of DREAM 3. Sadaharu Tanikawa, William Kelley and T.J. Thompson appeared in this announcement.

We would like to make DREAM well-known event in other countries. To begin with, we want to exchange fighters with a cooperation of PRO ELITE. We discussed and our negotiations went well. We hope our ring attracts people all over the world. As you know, we work well with M-1, too. We would like to keep good connections with both events and step forward to other markets.

FEG had an event, Dynamite!! USA, in Los Angeles last year and thought about starting to advanse to the U.S. market. After that event, our business situation changed by forming an alliance with Yarennoka. We concluded with not expanding our business outside of Japan but focusing on creating another MMA boom in Japan. FEG and PRO ELITE had a meeting and decided to work together to create a solid relationship from now on. As a start of exchanging, Nick Diaz from Elite XC fights in DREAM 3. In the future, we are planning to have DREAM fighters fight in Elite XC and to promote an event in the U.S.. We would like to build a good relationship with PRO ELITE, and expand our business to other countries.

William Kelley:
I'm happy to announce that PRO ELITE will cooperate with DREAM.  We started to work together last year. We will make our relationship stronger in DREAM. Elite XC has been advancing a lot since last year. We couldn't come this far without cooperations of FEG and DERAM. We talked about exchanging fighters and referees. We also discussed to promote events in the US, England and Korea together. As for how DREAM gets into the U.S. market in the future, DREAM will be able to get an opportunity to broadcast their event on TV in the US with our sponsorship. We are excel in promoting events. CBS which broadcasts Elite XC is our partner and we have strong network with SHOWTIME as well. If DREAM makes use of our network based on our support, their event will be broadcast in the US.

TJ Thompson:
DREAM is my dream. My dream is that great fighters fight in rings and each event owner work together outside of rings. I'm very excited as a fan of MMA as well as a representer of live events of PROELITE. I hope I can see a fight by the strongest fighters in Japan and Elite XC like Kimbo Slice, Jake Shields and Robbie Lawler.

DREAM 3 press conference on May 10

DREAM had a press conference and all fighters got together and announced the order of fights in DREAM 3. In this conference, William Kelley, CEO of Pro Elite, appeared. Sasahara told press that K-1 and DREAM would work with Pro Elite to promote more exciting fights, exchange referees and have an event in the US.

I picked Uno vs Ishida as a main fight. Uno is a skilled fighter with the MMA career I believe he will produce an amazing fight which is suitable for the main fight. Ishida is his first time fighting in the main. I think he can perform well and have a great fight. I hope they have an exciting fight for fans. As for Diaz vs Inoue, we admitted an exception because we offered in a last minutes. They fight in 77kg . I believe Inoue wanted the welter weight, I understand there are many fighters who have hard time adjusting their weights in a short period. I apologize for not giving enough time allowance for some fighter. We will work on offering fights earlier from now on to allow fighters more time for conditioning and preparing. This won't be happen again. (No information about their weigh-in) All fighters passed. Some fighters couldn't pass in their first time though.

Nick Diaz:
I have not much to say, but I'm glad to fight in Japan again. I fight here tomorrow to represent Elite XC. I haven't watched a fight video of my opponent and don't really know about him. I surfed the internet and couldn't find any information. Please send me his fight video if you have it. I do my work in the best condition. I promise to have an exciting fight. An offer from DREAM didn't get through. I got another offer and accepted. I also represent Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. I won't let Gary Shaw feel ashamed by seeing my performance. I won't make anybody disappointed. To set aside what happened between DREAM and me, I will have a great fight. I'm tough fighter and won't give up easily. I'm ready to fight tomorrow.

DREAM: Pre fight interview 5

Tatsuya Kawajiri:
I have no worries about fighting him again. I just do what I should do to and it doesn't matter who I fight with. I became more mature while I had no place to fight last year. I focus on having a great fight and nothing else. In my last fight, I felt some sort of responsibilities about a rate of DREAM broadcasting and an event itself. I had never felt that way before. I guess I was nervous since PRIDE lapsed. Not anymore. I do what I want to do regardless what this event faces. Fighting is my job and other stuff will be taken care of by DREAM staff. I won't let my fans be bored like I did last time. My theme is proving myself. I do my best.

Mitsuhiro Ishida:
I trained properly and now it's time to face my opponent. Uno has a superior career in MMA and is a great fighter. I had never imagined I had an opportunity to fight him when I debut. Actually our fight was talked about about 2 years ago when I was a SHOOTO pacific champion. He didn't take an offer and it didn't happen. Since then, I was thinking about taking him and finally I could get a chance. I can hardly compete with him in the length of MMA career. I believe I have more various experiences than him in last 2 years. It's hard to point out what I'm better than him, but I'm sure my fighting spirit is unbeatable and don't let him move on to the next round. My fight with Melendez means a lot for me. If I lose that fight, I must have approached Uno from me, shook his hands and thanked him to accept this fight offer. I won that fight and built up my confidence, therefore I could said what I had in my mind. (in an interview in April) I don't know about an order of fights in DREAM3 yet. I have never fought in a main event. If I my fight in the main event, I put more pressure on myself and fight aggressively from the 1R to provide an exciting fight. I believe Uno will do the same thing. It's too soon to talk about a final. It would be nice if I fight Kawajiri in the final. Thank you for supporting me!

Caol Uno:
I'm excited to fight in different rules. I'm curious about how I'm introduced in an aoriV (Aori VTR: a short video which introduces a fighter right before his entrance) I always pay attentions to all fighters in my division. I have an impression that Ishida is developing as an MMA fighter quickly. I don't know what happens and how our fight goes before fighting because our conditions have influence on our fight in MMA. I cannot wait to see how I control and keep my fighting pace. I feel pressure slightly fighting after a long break. I know I'm fine because I have experienced. I reviewed my style after my last fight and worked on what I was lacking. I will see if I can show my improvement. I don't change my fighting style and fight like Uno. If our fight is the main fight, I have a responsibility to make fans satisfied like Funaki before. I feel weird fighting in the same event with Funaki and Sakuraba. We will have a great fight and I will show my fight.

Friday, May 9, 2008

DREAM: Pre fight interview 4

Joachim Hansen:
I arrived in Japan last Saturday, on the day SHOOTO had an event. I came to Japan earlier than usual because I needed time to adjust my body to a time difference and food. I trained in AACC in Japan. Our fight will be very exciting. I do my best to finish him by KO or submission. I researched his style and now I'm capable to confront to his movement. I have a metal head which won't get damages by normal punches. Eddy is a strong fighter. I have to pick my entrance song until this afternoon. I have to focus on picking up. Thanks for supporting me. Your support is a source of my power.

Eddy Alvarez:
I was very honored to hear that Joachim said he wanted to fight me. That proves what I do in my fight is right. (Don't you think you have tough opponents in a row comparing to other fighters? ) Well, I'm very glad conversely. My goal is winning in this tournament. Even though I win, I don't want to hear rumors I could be the champion because my opponents weren't good enough. These match-ups are ideal for me. I know this fight will be very tough and a winner will get the title. I wish I could fight him in the final. I guess fans wanted to see our fight. I'm sure our fight won't be boring yet exciting. I 'm more comfortable fighting in a light weight than in a welter weight. I'm having hard time adjusting my weight, however, I move quicker and enjoy fighting in this weight class. This is suitable weight class for me and I can be a champion. I have never been in such a good condition before. Our fight will be the best bout which remains in our fans mind long time. I always relax when I fight in Japan. I'm appreciative.

Luis Buscape:
My last fight with Miyata motivated me more to win in this tournament. I trained very hard. This is a rematch and revenge. Our previous fight was always on my mind. I'm glad to get a chance to revenge him. I'm so excited because I have double motivations of fighting in this tournament and revenging. I improved my striking techniques and mental condition comparing to the time we fought before. I did enough research and I'm fully ready for this fight. I can handle anything. I can tell I have developed since my last fight. I can picture myself winning in many ways. Kawajiri is a all round fighter, however, I found of his weaknesses in both the stand and the ground. I know how to break down his offense now. I'm in a perfect condition. I hope Kawajiri is ready for our fight too. I'm going to make my dream come true in DREAM.

DREAM: Pre fight interview 3

Katsuya Inoue:
I'm not nervous but excited. I'm so happy to fight in this event. I was offered only 2 weeks before a fight. I knew this was a big chance for me and decided to take this opportunity. (After becoming a welter weight champion in PANCRASE, he returned his title and moved to a light weight) I can fight both in a welter weight and in a light weight. I see many strong light weight fighters in DREAM, so I want to fight in the light weight after making good records in the welter weight. Nick Diaz is very strong. He has strong punches, good ground techniques, long reaches... Will see if I can cut his tackles and how much I can damage him by striking. I have a wrestling background and don't let him cut my tackles. I stay in standing positions or mount positions. I want to get him by pounding. When I win this fight, I want to fight Mach Sakurai. He is strong and very popular. I want to get a belt because I got a chance. I want to show my fighting style which is striking in the standing position as well as in the ground position. I'll have a hard and exciting fight. I'm sure I win!

Jason Mayhem Miller:
I feel great now. I'll be a champion in DREAM. Why did I choose DREAM? DREAM is an exciting MMA event, at the same time giving us a feeling to go a rock concert. I wanted to fight in PRIDE actually. PRIDE lapsed and now I got another dream, it's fighting in DREAM. Therefore, I feel great now. (Asked about a meaning of a gold necklace) This is a symbol showing how Americans waste their money. I'm particular about finishing by submissions. I feel great when I submit my opponent by locking. Locking techniques comes with intelligence. I train with Dan Henderson and Chonan in Team Quest. The happiest moment in my life is when I'm fighting. I'm happy even if I was attacked and was in a difficult situation. One of my dream in my life is fighting Sakuraba. I want to submit my hero, Sakuraba someday. I learned Japanese from Chonan and I taught English in return. Now I'm learning by myself. When you see my fight, you will find out why I'm called "Mayhem".

Katsuyori Shibata:
I faced many changes since my last fight on October. I had time to face myself, met new people and changed my training environment. I used to train standing and ground techniques separately. Now I pay attention to putting them all together. I heard Miller was crazy fighter. We will have an aggressive fight. I wanted to fight someone like him and have a unique fight. I was impressed to see a fight of Funaki vs Tamura in DREAM2. Both of them were very professional enough to create an impressive fight. By seeing their fight, I thought I wanted to fight in DREAM. My dream is becoming a pro wrestler who brings dreams to fans. I do my best and win.

DREAM: Pre fight interview 2

Tsuyoshi Yamazaki:
Finally I found out my opponent and now I'm getting motivated. This is the first time I know who I fight with in such a last minute. People will consider our fight as DEEP vs PANCRASE or a first feather weight fight in DREAM. Maybe many people wonder who Yamazaki is. I just want to fight in my style and win. I belong to GRABAKA and I'm a fight one who fights in DREAM from GRABAKA. I want to win and bring a good atmosphere to my team. I have an aggressive fight. No matter how my fight goes, I try to win by KO or submission. I have confidence about myself and will have a good fight.

Dae Won Kim:
I'm glad to participate in this big event. I want to have an exciting fight. My fighting style is based on Judo techniques. To be a all-round fighter, I train striking techniques now. My opponent, Manhoef, looks scared. He must be a top striker and a powerful guy. I challenge him without faltering. I suppose I cannot win in the standing position. I will take him into the ground and submit. Our fight will be interesting. I sparred with Dong Sik Yoon who I consider the strongest fighter in my team and he defeated Manhoef before. I also got some advice from him. I'll win this fight and move on to the tournament.

Melvin Manhoef:
(He was asked if he had any damage from his previous fight. He fought on Apr 26) My last fight with Remy Bonjasky was tough. I wanted to participate in this tournament to fight in DREAM constantly from now on, and I accepted this fight offer without hesitating. My condition is fine. I will do my best. I keep fighting both in K-1 and MMA. I'm the only fighter who can do both. My opponent is a good fighter. I saw his fight with Marcelo Garcia and that was good fight. That's only one I saw and don't know much about him including his record. I have no game plan this time and just aim KO. I understand a risk of focusing on doing KOs. I may be taken down and be submitted. However, I want to show my KO to Japanese fans. The more my fans scream, the more I throw punches. Thank you for your support.

DREAM: Pre fight interview 1

DREAM posted interviews of fighters who fight in DREAM 3.

Bukyung Jung:

I'm not nervous yet. I trained hard for this fight, although, I wish I have more time. Do I look like relaxed? Probably, I'm getting used to be in an MMA atmosphere. I haven't been able to use all my techniques in my last fights. I'm working on striking and I will show more judo skills in my next fight. Both Aoki and Ishida were good at controlling fights and I learned a lot from fights with them, especially the Ishida fight. I saw fight videos of my opponent and I think I will have a good result this time. I haven't decided how to correspond to my opponent yet. I would like to take him down and fight on the ground to use my judo techniques. I still have pride as a Judo specialist and I made a trunks with Gi fabric even! I will have an interesting fight by taking an advantage of Judo techniques.

Daisuke Nakamura:
All fights must be a high level. I try to show everything I have. I move a lot in my fight and this is my fighting style. My opponent had only 2 fights in MMA and it's hard to determine his style. I remember he tried arm bars in both fights. He is an aggressive fighter, therefore we will have lots of action. I also like giving an arm bar and will try giving it to him. (Asked how he feels about fighting in DREAM first time) I don't mind if I become famous or not. All I care about is to be strong. I put whole energy in my every fight to win, regardless a size of events. I think the most important thing is that I enjoy my fight. I like to enjoy my life. I was a second of Tamura and learned a lot from him. I want to be like him. I will do my best and thanks for supporting me.

I have been dreamed about fighting in a big event like this. This fight is just a start of my MMA career. I was offered in a last minute. I have no problem accepting it because I trained to be ready to fight anytime. I actually didn't understand why I wasn't offered because Umakhanov who I defeated last January fought in this event. I thought I could do better than him when I saw his fight. My opponent, Yamazaki, is good at submitting and definitely prefer fighting on the ground. I'm a striker and avoid being taken down. I have confidence to win by KO. I have good stamina and will control this fight. I train with Hideo Tokoro and he will be my second. I want to show a tremendous KO which people who never see MMA are even attracted.

Yoshida fights in Sengoku 3

SENGOKU had a press conference on May 8 and announced fighters who fight in Sengoku 3. Fighters had short interviews.

After my last fight, I was adjusting for quite a while. My injury is fully cured now and I will train hard to have an enjoyable fight for my fans. I want to win by having a great performance. I believe what my fans want to see is a fight I am satisfied with myself. I work hard next 1 month.
I lost by tapping in Sengoku 1, however, I want to win badly next time. To fight Josh whose back ground is a catch wrestling, wearing Gi was not more than disadvantage for me. It's nothing but excuses whatever I say now. Wearing Gi is my fighting style as a judo specialist and I don't complain about the decision I made. I believe I can fight better in Gi and continue wearing it. (Yoshida has intensive boxing training now.) My judo techniques won't work without throwing good punches and taking my opponent to the ground. I hope I win by KO because I have never done it before. I want to fight Roger Gracie and aim for a belt. I will fight anybody.

Nick Thompson:
I'm honored to fight in Sengoku. I do my best to be a champion.

Michael Costa:
I dreamed about fighting in Japan for long time because my teammates had fights. I appreciate Sengoku giving me this opportunity. I know Nick Thompson is a strong fighter who has experiences and is the former champion of Bodog. My trainers said he was an ideal opponent for the Chute Boxe fighting style. I want to show an aggressive fight. I'm very excited and cannot wait to fight in Japan.

Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz:
I'm honored to fight in Japan where Martial Arts was started. I train hard to show a fantastic fight in front of Japanese fans. I keep training to be a champion.

Fabio Silva:
I love fighting and I'm very appreciative of this opportunity fighting in Japan again. I want to bring a great fight to SENGOKU staff as well as Japanese fans. I think about nothing but kicking and punching to KO my opponent. I train hard for my next fight.

Rodrigo Damm:
I haven't fought a real strong guy for last several years and would like to fight someone tough. If I can choose one, I'm more interested in not I believe SENGOKU, the former PRIDE, will become the best MMA event not only in Japan but in the world. I have never had such a big opportunity before and I'm very excited. I wanted to fight in Japan again for last 2 years. This will be the happiest moment for me to fight in Japan again, especially in Saitama Super Arena. I fight anybody who SENGOKU arranges. If I can choose one, I am more interested in fighting not Kitaoka and Ludwig but Gomi. We cannot talk about the light weight division without Gomi. I train hard to get an opportunity to fight him. I want a belt of SENGOKU light weight and I believe I'm good enough to be a champion. I want to show a tremendous fight to Japanese fans who respect fighters and understand MMA well as sports. I train with Rodorigo Nogueira, Anderson Silva and LyotoMachida. Please look forward to see my exciting fight.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mach talked about his loss

Hayato Mach Sakurai left a short comment about his last fight in his blog.

I suppose everyone was disappointed to see my fight in SHOOT. I'm sorry about that. I felt kinda tired because I fought in 3 different events, Yarennoka, DREAM and SHOOTO in such a short period. All of them have different environment. I was unprepared for this fight and look down on my opponent. I'm exhausted. I learned something from this experience. I do better in my next fight.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ishida & Kawajiri Interview

Tatsuya Kawajiri and Mitsuhiro Ishida who participate in the light weight GP 2R on May 11 had a public training in their gym, T-BLOOD on May 7.

In a press conference on April 4, Ishida was obviously dissatisfied with the fact Uno fought from the 2R. Today Ishida was a nice guy as usual and didn't show his anger like he did on April 4.

I saw Uno's training and remembered what I said in a press conference before. My anger turned into a desire to defeat him through my hard training. I have no hard feeling to him now. I want to have a good fight and win. I think Uno is very good at controlling his fight and follow advices from his seconds, Hirono and Murayama. I have to keep focusing. He is a very strong fighter for sure. I believe in myself and will do my best. We probably try to control and take each other in our pace. Even if our fight turns to a dirty fight and an ugly fight, I do anything I can do to win.

My punch is getting sharp and I think I'm getting ready for my fight. I don't care how I win. I want to knock out my opponent. I think I can do it because I'm in such a good condition. Last time I push myself too hard to have a great fight and had much idle thoughts in my mind. This time I concentrate to my opponent right in front of me. I won't think nothing else. I'm not interested in anything else besides smashing my opponent. I haven't watched any fight video of my opponent. I don't mean I underestimate him but I think I can win if I do everything I have. I believe I'm the strongest among fighters in this tournament.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uno Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Caol Uno on May 6.

Uno invited reporters to his training in Wajutsukeisyukai. He sparred with Eiji Mitsuoka for 2R, 3min. He showed that he is in a good condition. After training, he had an interview.

I'm in the best condition. I need to concentrate on my health and my weight. I have to show my respect to Ishida and my fans by being in the great condition. (Asked about his injury from his last fight with Andre Dida last Sep.) I took this fight offer, which means I'm ready to fight. Ishida has stamina, is tough and one of a top Japanese fighters. He controlled his fight in the 1R. The secret of his strength is that he carries out his fighting style. I don't know what happens, but I will concentrate and fight as I always do. I think I can win if I could take him in my pace.
(He was asked what he thought about starting from the 2R and the reaction of other fighter) I was offered from DREAM and accepted. I don't mind what others say. I believe other fighters will understand if I have a great fight. I have an impression that DREAM is different with HERO'S by seeing debut and 2ND events. DREAM is a new style of MMA and I cannot wait and see what I can do in this new event. I would like to represent HERO'S since Calvan and other fighters from HERO'S were defeated in the 1R. My birthday is on May 8. I got to train and celebrate after the fight. (Rumina and Mach who were in your age lost in a SHOOTO event) I feel some sort of pressures because I don't want anyone consider fighters in my age are down hill. I do my best to prove myself and show how much I developed myself.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Aoki fights Nagata in DREAM 4

DREAM had a press conference on May 5 and announced that Aoki will fight Nagata in DREAM 4 on Jun 15 due to the Dr. Stop. DREAM said Nagata agreed to fight him on Jun 15.

Aoki may have may things he wants today. Although, I have a lot to say. It wastes of my time saying my complaints here. I just do my best on Jun 15. I quit being a policeman 7 years ago and started my new career in MMA 3 years ago. I would like to prove my decision wasn't wrong.

I apologize to my fans who looked forward to seeing my performance on may 11. I will fight in a good condition on Jun 15. I feel sorry for Nagata. I suppose Nagata likes slow fights, but I like being busy during my fight. I hope I do my best to be able to get married with someone like Nagata.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gono is impressed by Kimiko Date-Krumm

Gono is watching a tennis tournament in Japan. He talked about a Japanese tennis player, Kimiko Date-Kumm, who used to rank 4Th in the world tennis ranking and retired 11 years ago. She recently came back to the court as a professional and is participating in the tournament.

She won today again! She is tremendous! I'm not saying she is wonderful because she won again. She will be fantastic even if she lost today. I wonder why I feel like this. Can I make someone feel like Kimiko made me? I guess she restarted her career from such a small tournament without overestimating her ability. Probably the tennis association doesn't let anyone who retired long time ago come back to the major tournament based on her past record.

Many fighters who had remarkable careers exaggerate themselves by deceiving their abilities and choosing their opponents when they get old. They try to keep their name value and stay powerful though they are not good enough to be as professionals. I have never seen anybody who sacrifice themselves for a young fighter. I'm impressed from seeing Kumiko and by comparing Tennis and MMA.

I wonder why MMA let fighters who should retire stay fighting. I love baseball and baseball players are have their position taken by young players whenever they got old and are not good enough. They cannot hide their true abilities.

It's impossible for MMA to be a major sports if we continue to treat old fighters like top level fighters. No matter how good he was in the past, he has to keep fighting someone really tough and top level if he wants to stay in the top level. If he could survive, he gets honor. I hope Japanese MMA will be like that some day. I hope Japanese MMA will be called not an event but a sport someday.

Both Mach and Rumina lost in SHOOTO event

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Rumina Sato participated in a SHOOTO event, "SHOOTO Densho 1, Road To 20Th Anniversary" on May 3 in Tokyo.

Mach moved to the semi final and fought David Baron who was the middleweight Champion in Europe. He has Judo background and was defeated by Gomi before. Mach chose to fight in the standing position and controlled the fight. In the end of the 1R, Baron's punches landed and the situation was changed. Mach lost his balance and tackled him. Baron caught him and submitted by a front choke. Mach who aims to be a champion of the welterweight in DREAM seemed to be off guard.

Rumina, who is "SHOOTO'S charisma", fought Akitoshi Tamura who is the former lightweight world champion. Rumina barely escaped from Tamura's sleeper choke in the 1R and in the 2R, he turned into the aggressive. He punched and took Tamura down, cut his guard and gave him another powerful pounding. Tamura injured his right eyed badly in this round. The fight moved on to the 3R. Tamura kneed, gave a high kick and took him to the ground. Rumina tapped out when Tamura gave him north-south choke.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rumina Sato is ready for the fight

Rumina updated his blog.

** May 1, 2008 **
Tomorrow, I go to a weigh-in. I measure every single food I eat and write in my notes. I record not only what I eat but all other things including my training menu, how many times I went to the bathroom, the weight before and after the training. Tracking all my actions is kinda annoying. However, once I get used to it, it's kinda fun knowing the weight of my shit.

** May 2 **
Before the weigh-in in JCB hall, I worked out and lot 1 kg in 30 min and could adjust my weight to 65 kg even. I could pass the weight-in. I wonder what I eat tonight!