Saturday, March 8, 2008

SENGOKU: After the fight interview

SENGOKU official website posted the after the fight interviews.

* 1st Fight *
Nick Thompson
The last time I won by decision was 2 years ago and I could tell Pitbull was a strong fighter. He handled my offenses pretty well, however, I believe I could give more damage to him than what I got. I would like to fight Mach Sakurai in the 77 kg class. I'm glad to fight in the this debut event and would like to fight here again.

Fabricio "Pitbull" Monteiro
I don't understand why this decision was made because I believe I won 1R and 3R. I would like to fight him again. (He was asked about Ryan Gracie T-shirt which he wore.) He is my friend. I felt like fighting with my friend together when I brought his picture with me to the ring.

* 2nd Fight *
Ryo Kawamura
I'm glad to win today. I wanted to have more exciting fight though. My opponent was like a big tree and his tackle was powerful. I felt I was giving him some damage to by punching. Although I usually fight in PANCRASE, I enjoy fighting in this event and had a good experience. I would like to be an appealing fighter by having a better fight.

Antonio Braga Neto
Kawamura was a good fighter though I was not satisfied with the result. I had dreamed about fighting in Japan. Thanks to Japanese press for supporting me. I hope I can fight in Japan again.

* 3rd Fight *
Evangelista Cyborg
Takimoto was a good fighter. I could make use of Jiujitsu techniques which I trained with my teammates. I would like to be a champion in SENGOKU.

Makoto Takimoto
I don't feel like being defeated. His low kicks were so powerful that I couldn't move my legs at the end. I would like to fight again. No matter how I feel, I accept my loss. The result tells all.

* 4th Fight *
Kazuyuki Fujita
We came into conflict but it was all over by fighting in the ring. This was his MMA debut and he was a great fighter who showed his fighting spirit out before we fought in the ring. I felt his strength as a Karate specialist when he was in the guard position. I don't know if I could win if I got his punches.

Peter Graham
Fujita was a fighter like I imagined. Our fight was about Wrestling vs Standing techniques. I have no grudge after the fight. It was my first MMA fight and I had a great experience here. I would like to fight in MMA though I like the kickboxing.

* 5th Fight *
Kazuo Misaki
He had a good fighting spirit. I'm honored to fight in this debut event. I felt like fans enjoyed and supported us warmly. I will support this event to have many great fights.

Siyar Bahadurzada
I had jet-lag and was tired since I arrived in Japan. I wanted to show my fans how good I was but wasn't in a good condition. I would like to fight here again when I got an offer.

* 6th Fight *
Takanori Gomi
I kept myself patient and relaxed because I have confidence to control any kind of his strikes. (He was asked why he was in tears after fighting) I realized my life was fulfilled whenever I trained hard and fought in the ring. I had a good start in this debut event without any injury and would like to keep this good pace. I believe more great fighters gather in this event by having clean and nice fights like we had today.

* 7th Fight *
Josh Barnett
Yoshida was a tough fighter like I expected. I had fun fighting but it was painful for me to attack my friend like that. Although, we did what we had to to in the ring. (He was asked about the contract) I want to cooperate with SENGOKU.

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