Sunday, March 23, 2008

Akiyama showed up as an internet radio guest

Yoshihiro Akiyama was invited as a guest in an internet radio, "Tokyo Ochimasato RADIO" on Mar 22. He talked about his normal life and work in Korea. After the radio, he had a quick interview with DREAM.

- I suppose you enjoyed talking in the show?
Yes. I had fun a lot. I was surprised to see many people gathered around the studio when the show started.
- You said Korean broadcasting company, MBC, is with you and making a documentary?
MBC crew will be with me for a week from today. They film my life in Japan and make a documentary about me. I'm very appreciative of it.
- Did you say you release a CD?
Amazing, isn't it?
- I cannot wait! When is it in store?
I don't know any detail yet, but I heard it will be out in the middle of April.
- Did you go to Hawaii for training?
Yes. I went from the end of Feb to the beginning of March. I mainly spent time to do some weight training. I felt better and I think it was good for my body to train in warmer places like Hawaii.
- You said you are not sure if you fight in DREAM 2, and it depends on your injury. Could you tell me your condition?
I still have pain on my nose, although nose bones have been attached and are recovering. My knee is also getting better. I wonder why it is taking long time to be healed.
- DREAM 2 is coming in a month and a few days?
I am preparing to fight in DREAM 2. I'm mentally ready for sure and will announce my appearance in the event as soon as I recover from injuries.
- Do you have someone in your mind?
I will fight anybody. My goal is to fight in the final. I cannot lose before that and do my best.
- I hope you recover sometime soon.
I will have a good fight if I fight. I'm looking forward to fighting and I hope my fans expect a lot from me. Thank you for supporting me.

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