Tuesday, March 11, 2008

K-taro Nakamura has an eye problem

K-taro talks about his eye in his blog.

I got a toe of my opponent in my eye when he attempted a high kick. I see many bugs though they don't exist. I feel depressed and decided to go to see a doctor. I worried about my eye.
(posted on Mar 08)

My left eye is hazy and I see many flies. I can see better when I close my left eye. This symptom is called myodesopsia. I heard many old people have this symptom and won't be treated. It's OK to see bugs but I don't like the fact vision in my left eye has been hampered.
(posted on Mar 11)

My doctor ordered me to rest. Tomorrow, I will have a complete examination. I can tell this is an unlucky year.
(posted on Mar 11)

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