Friday, March 21, 2008

Mitsuhiro Ishida Interview

DREAM official website updated the interview of Mitsuhiro Ishida on Mar 21. (This interview was taken place on Mar 16)

- Congratulation! You move on to the 2nd Round. Were you injured?
Not really. I feel a little muscular pain and hurt my right wrist.

- What's wrong with your wrist?
I got some damage when I throw my punches.

- Any thought about your fight?
It was miserable.

- You ran toward the backstage after the fight and sat down as soon as you got to the waiting room.
I was very disappointed about my fight and couldn't resist standing in the ring. I'm ashamed of my performance.

- You couldn't do what you were supposed to do?
No. I should have more confidence. I was too scared of getting his arm
triangle to move like I wanted.

- Could you tell me your fight plan?
My fight plan was that I give damage to his legs by low kicks, take him down by tackling and finish by throwing punches from the mount position. However, his pressure and kicks were better than I expected.

- Was Bukyung Jung strong?
Yes. Especially, he was tough mentally. I could feel his strong fighting spirit, such as he won't be defeated by me. He will be a good MMA fighter when he has more experience.

- Do you have any light weight fighter you are interested in?
I saw the fight of Dida vs Alvarez. That fight was very exciting and I'm kinda interested in Alvarez. I think he has a good body balance and is an all round MMA fighter.

- What do you think about J.Z. Calvan?
It seemed he looked like very relaxed. I could see why he was 2 times HERO'S champion. His pounch was accurate and powerful. I saw his strength. I wanted to see him fighting longer.

- Who do you want to fight in the 2nd Round?
I want to fight a foreign fighter.

- When do you start your training?
I will start whenever I'm ready. I won't forget about last night until I retire. That was a good lesson for me because I could learn what to improve. I will develop and be ready for the 2nd round.

- How do you feel about fighting constantly?
I'm very glad that I can fight often. I can concentrate my training when I know my next fight and my opponent.

- Any message to your fans?
I'm very disappointed about last night and feel sorry to my fans. I trust myself and will have a good fight next time. Thanks for supporting me.


PK said...

i would love to see ishida fight someone in the UFC such as sean sherk or frankie edgar, see if he can outwork them.

mashuu.metyu said...

I think he'd have some problems with the weight. Sherk would probably have about 20 lbs. on him after re-hydrating.

Stephen said...

Ishida has speed and endurance to make up for his lack of weight tho.


Ishida has some awesome wrestling skills. I'd like to see how he looks in the UFC. Edgar/Griffin/Huerta would all be good fights.