Friday, March 7, 2008

Chonan talks about Sengoku

Ryo Chonan updated his blog and talked about Sengoku.

I went Sengoku to help Yoshida and Takimoto yesterday. The result was "lost". Yoshida was doing good and had a chance to control the fight, however, he couldn't keep up with Josh. I thought it was hard for everybody to fight such a huge guy? I heard Takimoto couldn't even move his legs because he got damage by getting low kicks to his knee when they were on the ground position. His opponent lost his weight down to 83 kg and I thought he must be much skinnier on Mar 5. He had a very big body at the time he fought and I wonder how he controls his weight.

I wish they had victory in the their debut fights in Sengoku, because they took their time training with me and helping me spar before my fight. Recently, people around me lose. I'm one of them. We have to get out from this bad mood somehow. I know we have have good time and bad time. Now I have to face the reality, train hard and stop losing.

Thank you for supporting us in Sengoku yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Chonan, I hope the best for him and I hope he comes back stonger than ever.