Monday, March 3, 2008

Kazuyuki Miyata Interview

Kazuyuki Miyata had an interview with DREAM. He fights Luis Buscape who is the MFC middleweight champion in Dream on Mar 15.

- New MMA event, DREAM, starts on Mar 15. What do you think?
I think MMA fans can see many exciting fights and they must be excited. We will have hard time though.

- I heard you trained with former PRIDE fighters. What do you do if you fight against them? How to prepare for your fight?
I didn't have to worry about that because I don't fight any PRIDE fighters in 1st round light weight GP. I train with many different fighters by visiting their gyms and I will change my training location for sure if I fight them.

- What do you think about HERO'S being taken over by DREAM?
I always said HERO'S is the MMA event of K-1, because many people didn't understand what HERO'S was by its name. I'm sad because HERO'S finally recognized by many people these days. Although, it is a great for us and MMA that 2 events worked together and created one big event.

- What difference do you think HERO'S and PRIDE have?
I think almost the same. People consider PRIDE fighters are stronger than others. I think that's not right because both events have champions in other events.

- Do you feel any hard feeling to PRIDE fighters?
I was defeated by Joachim Hansen and would like to defeat a PRIDE fighter next time. I would like to raise my motivation by putting myself as the opposition of PRIDE.

- Do you have any particular PRIDE fighter you would like to fight?
Well, I guess Japanese fighters?

- Do you mean Aoki, Ishida and Kawajiri?
It's hard for me to pick one of them because I train with everybody. They are all strong in the ground position and good at taking down.

- What do you think about your opponent?
He is an all-rounded fighter and especially his Jiu-jitsu is great.

- What do you have to be careful?
I don't see any problem if we just wrestle. Our fight is MMA and I have to watch his tackles.

- You said you couldn't prove yourself really capable in the press conference on Feb 26.
I couldn't display my ability in HERO'S but I hope I can prove myself in DREAM. I think I will get a confidence if I can win in this tournament.

- Do you feel a sense of crisis because you didn't do well in HERO'S?
Yes. This is my last chance. I'm going to do my best every fight and want to go on to the final.

- Are you thinking to be a 1st DREAM lightweight champion?
I try not to think about it. I focus on my upcoming fight.

- Any message to your fans?
I couldn't show my ability in my past and this is my last fight if I lose. I will show all I have and do my best.

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