Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monma Hidetaka Interview

Monma Hidetaka Interview from the DREAM official website.

- It's less than a week before your fight. How's your condition?
I concentrate on my training and try no to get injured. I am in my self-possession.

- It seems like you relax.
Yes. I'm in a good mood and relax. It's wasting my energy to get too excited and be tense.

- How do you like training in Wahyutsu Keisyukai main gym?
I can get confidence whenever I train here. This is a good place to train because many good amateur and professional fighters are here, and also fighters who belong to other gym come and work out.

-Your opponent is Mach. I heard you took the offer immediately.
Yes. I actually expected that I will get an offer in last minute because I lost quick in the HERO'S tournament in 2006. I fought in Feb and didn't get injured, so I'm ready to fight.

- What kind of impression did you get when you found out your opponent was Mach?
Before I started MMA, I saw his fight in 1998 and I though he was a very cool fighter. I cannot believe that I fight Mach, who I saw fight before I became a fighter.

- What do you think about Mach?
He is an all round fighter. His fight is always exciting and he fights very aggressively. He is just a wonderful fighter and I think there are many fighters who want to fight him. I'm glad to get this opportunity.

- Do you have any game plan?
I have images I win by striking as well as by submitting. I don't have a picture of me wining by punching him from the mount position. I hope I can fight my game. My theme of 2008 is exploring, and I will do my best.

- Do you think you can win?
I will try no to get his powerful punches and want to avoid getting damage. We will have many movements in the ring and I choke him or pass out at the end. Thought everybody expects he will defeat me, I would like to prove someone who is after him is stronger than someone who is being chased.

- Do you think this is a big chance?
Yes. This is an important fight for me to get a chance to fight in DREAM continuously. I'm not thinking about a title yet. I focus on my upcoming fight and continue fighting and wining. As the result of wining in this tournament, I will have a goal to get a belt.

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