Friday, November 30, 2007

Gono spoke about his 2R in the UFC

* In the corner *
I was getting my aggression back at the end of 1R.  I still feel like I was not fighting at my pace, probably because this was my debut fight in the UFC. The advice from my second was I should put myself in the defensive position until I get my confidence and I should be patient and turn offensive when I`m fully ready.

I don`t remember what Kikuta said, but he was worried if I was still confused in the new circumstance of the UFC. I was doing fine at the end of 1R, but my corner was not optimistic. I analyzed that my opponent was getting tired and used up his offensive techniques.  I was aware he may attack me again in the beginning of 2R.  I noticed he only kicks from his right. 

* 2nd Round *
I gave up giving the counter punch because my right hand was pain. My game plan was to be ready to block and catch his kick, break the punch by front kick, keep the position up-right, float on my forefoot a bit, and throw low kicks.

My low kick slightly hit between his legs when he tried to avoid my kick.  When I saw him appealing exaggeratedly that he got a low blow kick, I was certain that I took initiative of this fight.  I felt my toe slightly touched his foul cup and he definitely felt nothing even without the foul cup.  In fact, his appeal was not accepted and our fight started again.  I knew he was making time to take a break because he was getting very tired physically and mentally.  He was not on the level of someone who could compete techniques to me.  All he could do was attack until he exhausted.  Each time I blocked his attack, his energy was worn down and he realized I was controlling the fight.  I was sure I got him and won this fight!

This kid was still attacking with no techniques.  When I blocked his attack by back step I threw a combination punches to his left body and a right low kick.  I felt good and decided to give damages steadily. 

My left hook landed on his face and I saw this tall guy stumble.  I wanted to run into him and stomp his baby face like Shogun in PRIDE, but I controlled my impulse because it is foul play in the UFC.  I took the guard position to attack him.  I was surprised to see him trapped the arm triangle on my right arm.  I escaped and moved to his side, but he took it back easily because my right hand was not supporting well.  Immediately I used my left hand and moved to his side again.  I took the mount position by giving my elbow.  

All I can do is one thing from the mount position.  I have analyzed his move when he was under the mount position.  He always does the same movement.  I waited to see by pretending to give him an elbow and he started his move as usual.  I put on an arm bar and he screamed TAP TAP TAP.  He gave up and I thought I did great.


ecky said...

Gono is a funny guy.

Please can you translate any of his future blog posts, would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Awesome read. Absolutely fascinating to read about a fight from the perspective of an actual participant. Hope Gono continues to do well in the UFC.
Thanks for the translation!

chorb said...

i hope he joins hero's or m-1 global!
you're wasting your time and talent in ufc gono!