Thursday, November 8, 2007


I had a request to update PRIDE fighters.  

Takanori Gomi has not signed with any organization yet.  He belongs to Kugayama Rascal Gym and he is a leader of a team `RASCAL'.  He trains with his teammates and has wrestling classes.  Someone says he has a cousin whose name Natsuki Iijima who is a porn star, but I`m not sure if this is true.

Tatsuya Kawajiri had his own blog `Kinniku Nikki' but he closed it.  His fan asked him what he thought about Sakuraba vs Akiyama fight on K-1 PREMIUM 2006 Dynamite on Dec, 2006.  I don`t know what he said about the fight in his blog, but some fan left slander comments about him.  He figured out that his blog gives his other fans bad feelings and misunderstanding, so he closed his blog.   

I will update about other fighters later..

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