Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bruno Frazzato does not fight in 12.2 DEEP X

DEEP announced Bruno Frazzato, who is the ADCC Brazilian champion, does not fight in DEEP X in Tokyo on Dec 02.  H was injured while training.  Daisuke `Amazon' Sugie is going to fight Baret Yoshida.  Sugie mainly fights in Shooto but has fought in Bushido.  


Jon said...

Suki - Are you going to the NYE fights? I am a producer for Inside MMA, as show on HDNet. We are planning on sending a crew there. Do you speak Japanese? We could use a translator if we go! Contact me at jgalpin@hd.net.

Suki said...


I am going to Japan for NYE but I am not sure if I can go to Tokyo. Yes if course I speak Japanese, I am from Japan! =) I live in the US for 6 years.

I will email you when I return from work.

Thank you,

A said...

Hi Suki,

I have a question for you. Can you email me at tokyudo@gmail.com? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


This may not be the appropriate place to ask, but do you have any info from the Japanese media about the JZ/Aoki fight?

Thanks in advance!

Suki said...
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Anonymous said...


Please translate!

Suki said...

I will update about AOKI vs JZ fight later tonight.