Wednesday, November 21, 2007

`Yarennoka!' more info

Many PRIDE related people gathered in Saitama Super Arena on 21 Nov, including not only former PRIDE employees, Nobuhiko Takada and Keichi Sasahara but fighters (Fedor Emelianenko, Shinya Aoki and Mach Sakurai), DJ Kei Grant and Lenne Hardt.

旧PRIDE勢が大晦日に格闘技イベント「やれんのか!大晦日2007」を開催! ヒョードル(右から3人目)も参戦

Mr. Sasahara said he believed PRIDE continued having great events when he had an interview in Tokyo on Mar 27, 2007.  MMA was a part of his life and was very disappointed when the PRIDE office was closed and all employees were laid off in Oct.  It did not take a long time to know that many people (PRIDE employees and fans) are still hoping to see PRIDE.  He decided to have the biggest event which is going to be a legend.

 Takada said he had not decided to take an offer to be a spokesman of this event until last night.  He would like to be a part of this and decided to make this event the greatest ever.  Takada also emphasized that this is the last PRIDE and wanted to make this magnificent.

高田延彦氏が「やれんのか!」統括本部長に就任 超大物ヒョードルの参戦も決定 

Shinya Aoki said he is very honored to fight in the PRIDE ring again.  Fighting in this event means a lot for him.  He have not fought since April, but he will do my best.

Mitsuhiro Ishida said he will is do his best and be very happy to fight in this event.

Tatsuya Kawajiri asked himself `Yarennnoka?".  He believes this event will happen and will be a success.  I will do my best to show a great fight.   

Mach Sakurai said he was waiting for this event to be officially announced for long time.  He is very happy to fight in NYE.  He would like to fight someone who is considered to be better than him.

Fedor said we had a long break and finally the event was officially announced.  He is very honored to be a part of this.  This is his 5th year to have New Years Eve in Japan.  He would like to have a great fight and have a great new year.  He also said he would like to fight the strongest fighter and make his fight unforgettable.  

Vadim said he thinks PRIDE was the one of the best MMA production in the world and would like to continue to work with former PRIDE staff in US and Russia after this event.  He would like to have an event, `M-1 Bushido'  next summer in Japan.  Mr. Sasahara said we have to focus on this coming event and make it happen, and we are not thinking about next event for now.

7~8 matches will be arranged and will be announced next week.