Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More info about "SENGOKU"

Fighters who attend the "SENGOKU" announcement had interviews.

Kikuta: I`m glad to join in the new event starting next year.  My team, "GRABAKA", have many fighters who belong to other organization and put lots of contributions.  I hope I can make a sensation here in this event.  

Takimoto: I was training without any goal since April.  I`m glad to fight in this new event and would like to show my great fights to my fans.  

Kawamura: I`m glad to be here and I have nothing to say until my next fight on Dec 22 is ended.  

WVR President, Naoya Kinoshita" said the first event will have 8 matches and he would like to hold the championship tournament in 2008.  

WVR is going to have their event 5 times a year.  There is no rule of GI, can wear if they want.
All the weight classes:
Heavy Weight- over 93.10 kg
Light Heavy Weight- under 93 kg
Middle Weight- under 83 kg
Welter Weight- under 76 kg
Light Weight- under 68 kg
Feather Weight- under 60 kg

吉田の大みそか「やれんのか!」参戦はあるのか!?  吉田は新天地での新たな闘いに燃える 菊田はアグレッシブな試合を約束 


andyhug4ever said...

Looking forward to the first Event of the new Company. Miss Pride a lot - hope it will be as good as Pride.

btw - you do a great job on your blog! Continue the great work!



Suki said...


Thank you for visitng my site! WOW you have your MMA site! looks great I cannot read though.. THANKS!!