Sunday, November 11, 2007

CAGE FORCE EX-eastern bound

CAGE FORCE Ex-eastern bound was held in Tokyo on 11 Nov in Japan.  The main event was the lightweight tournament semi final by Oumakhanov Artur vs Tomonari Kanomata. Oumakhanov won and moves on to Final with Kotetsu Boku who defeated David Gardner and Eiji Mitsuoka.

Ktaro Nakamura won against Takefumi Hanai and announced that he would like to go on to UFC again.  Ktaro Nakamura used to be an undefeated fighter (15-0) until he lost on 13 Dec, 06 and on 05 Apr in UFN.  

D.O.G. is the former name which changed to CAGE FORCE on 2006.  It is named by Caol Uno.  The lightweight and middleweight tournament final are held on 01 Dec.  

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