Monday, November 12, 2007

Does Yoshida come back to the ring someday?

Now the Japanese MMA scene is very slow since PRIDE is over.  The only big event which is announced to be held is Dynamite.  The card announced so far is not quite interesting and does not attract fans.  

People are talking about Yoshida and expecting to hear of his next fight.  He has not fought since James Thompson last December.  He said he had a hunch something bad might happen when he heard about the change of the PRIDE management last spring.  He waited to fight in the PRIDE ring when it was started again under the new management (UFC), but it never happened.  

Most people think he will probably come back with the WVR (World Victory Road).  Yoshida said he is interested in starting his career over in the new event and would like to make WVR popular like K-1 and Hero`s.  He believes making their rival is the only way to develop Japanese MMA industry.  But he is 38 years old and cannot wait long if WVR does not set up the first event in near future.  He is actually training hard for his next fight and looking to see if Dynamite offers him a good opponent or not.  If the card is interesting, he will come back next month in Osaka.

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