Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fedor Interview with KAMIPRO

A private interview with Fedor Emeliaenko is published in the Japanese MMA magazine, KAMIPRO, from 13 Nov.  This interview took place on 22 Oct.  

- Why did you sign with `M-1 Global', instead of UFC?
My manager, Vadim Finkelstein, managed the contract.  I was satisfied when I saw an offer from `M-1 Global' first time. I was looking for an organization which can arrange the fights with the best opponents for me, and that is `M-1 Global'. I can fight outside the organization and `M-1 Global' will arrange to fight the champions in other organizations for me. I believe `M-1 Global' will be a real international organization and will be the best MMA organization in the world.

- Could you tell me about the offer from UFC? What the main reason you decided not to fight in UFC?
Vadim: The offer from UFC was very advantageous for them but not for us. UFC only has right to make a decision of picking the opponent, to terminate the contract and to change the contract. I have never had such an unfair offer like that in past 10 years. We were working with UFC and FEG, but could not come through to the signing with both of them.

- UFC President, Dana White, said `crazy russian' about you. What do you think?
Vadim: I would say he is a crazy American. I respect Dana White because he is the person who made MMA very popular in USA. But the downside is, he wants to control MMA market in US and outside of US, tie fighters with the unfair contract and push his policy and his business theory to fighters. He cannot control all MMA organization in the world from now on. UFC have to change and need to cooperate with other organizations.

- What do you think about PRIDE?
PRIDE was the best event because I had a lot of opportunity to fight the best fighters in the world. I say `M-1 Global' has the closest business idea to PRIDE.  `M-1 Global' is going to hold an event in Japan next summer.


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