Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Emperor is back!" NEW Fedor interview!

A Japanese magazine "Kamipro" had a private interview with Fedor after his announcement of fighting on NYE in Russia M-1 official website.

- Welcome back to Japan, Fedor!
Fedor: I`m glad to be back to Japan too!

- I believe your fans in Japan would like to say thank you and I would like to show the appreciation for your fans.  " Fedor, you are the best man in the world!"
Fedor: Thank you for supporting me all the time.

- I heard you made a decision to fight in "Yarennoka!"  Why is that?
Fedor: I did not make any special decision.  It is a custom for me to fight in Japan.  I`m going to do the same thing with what I did for last 4 years.  It is my great pleasure celebrating New Year with Japanese fans after wining the fight. 

- You could fight in other event on NYE, but did you like PRIDE particularly?
Fedor: Yes.  I think PRIDE was the wonderful event though PRIDE lapsed.  I hope the "M-1 Global" produces the high quality events like PRIDE.

- I wonder if M-1 Global management show their disappointment about your fight in Japan before their debut event in next spring?
Fedor: I don`t think so.  They agreed with my decision.  They know I have many fans in Japan.

- "M-1 Global" would like to have an event next year in Japan.
Fedor: Yes.  I heard they are planning to hold their first event in Japan next summer.

- What exactly did you like about PRIDE?
Fedor:  Needless to say PRIDE had many strong fighters, their event had high quality.  Their event entertained fans and created the stage fighters can do their best.  In addition, PRIDE treated fighter great and PRIDE fans loved events.

- The "UFC" is the current biggest MMA event.  Do you think PRIDE was better?
Fedor:  I cannot compare.  "UFC" has nothing superior than PRIDE when I compare the quality of event, the level of fighter and the contents of fights.

- But you discussed with the "UFC" though?
Fedor: I cannot decide where I fight.  Vadim took care of all offers for me.  

- Do you feel sadness about Cro Cop and Minotauro going to the "UFC" and will not be able to fight in "Yarennoka!" and "M-1 Global"?
Fedor: I am fine.  I actually look forward fighting strong fighter who I have never fought against in "M-1 Global!"


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Your rock my dear. Please keep up the GREAT job!!!

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Nice! I can't wait to see Fedor fight again. He is my favorite.