Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FEG to be a joint sponsor of "Yarennoka!"

FEG announced to be a joint sponsor of "Yarennoka!". "Yarennoka!" invited other organizations to the event in the inverview on Nov 21. Nobody expected FEG to participate. PRIDE and FEG had been confrontational for long time but their circumstances were changed after PRIDE lapsed. FEG decided to united and produce the great event together in Tokyo as well as in Osaka. Mr.Tanikawa said it is time to cooperate and bring energy back to Japanese MMA. We should not have any conflict from now on and should work together. In addition to FEG, DEEP, ZST and SHOOTO have agree to assist "Yarennoka".

"Dynamite!" broadcast by TBS. Mr.Tanikawa would like to have TBS broadcast "Dynamite!" and "Yarennoka!" at the same time. But this is way too far from the reality because a cable company, "Skyperfect TV" supposes to broadcast "Yarennoka!".


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Andy said...

It's great to see these MMA Orgs finally working together as a team. I just wish the Japanese MMA events would be available for US PPV.