Tuesday, November 27, 2007

KIKUTA updated his blog

Sanae Kikuta updated his blog on Nov 27.

I am very busy these days. It is not bad if I don`t have any training to do. I`m actually training for upcoming fights. I`m exhausted mentally and physically after training because I pay attention to my movement and concentrate all the time.

I went to the official announcement of the new event by WVR today. I was with Mr. Yoshida who was my senior in my Judo school. I had a talk to WVR about their event and I thought the new event has the strong energy and I was fascinated by their business plan. I`m going to fight regularly in "SENGOKU" and I`m excited to see my opponents.

Now I`m sure I fight in Mar, but I still have a possibility to fight on NYE and I prepare for the both fights.

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