Thursday, November 22, 2007

`Yarennoka?' after the interview

After the interview with the audience, fighters and former PRIDE employees answered questions from TV and publication crews.  

Fedor: I looked forward to fight in Japan again.  I am very glad to work with former PRIDE employees and I accepted immediately when I was offered this fight.  

Vadim: Pride lapsed and cannot use the name of PRIDE anymore.  I think M-1 Global will take over the PRIDE and would like to work with former PRIDE employees.  I would like to hold an event `M-1 Bushido' for young Japanese fighters. 

Mach Sakurai: I believed PRIDE would be back and I did not take any offer from other organization.  

Shinya Aoki: I would like to fight Arona or Fedor.  I would like to do my best and have a great fight.  

Tatsuya Kawajiri: I really want all PRIDE fans to enjoy this last event and I would like to have a great fight.


Mr. Sasahara and Mr. Saeki (DEEP) answered questions.

- How many staff members do you have for this event?
Sasahara: We are not a company but an event group, and we have more than 1000 staff to run this event.  

- Could you tell me the size of arena?
Sasahara: Probably, 25000 ~ 26000 people will be capable to come and see the event.  

- Are you going to work with the day event, `Hustle'?
Sasahara: I don`t think so.

- Are you going to organize any event next year?
Sasahara: No.
Saeki:  This is the farewell event of PRIDE and this is not the beginning of new PRIDE.

-  What happens if this event success and many fan request next event?
Sasahara: If we could succeed, it is possible to work on a next event, but I`m not thinking about next year at all and would like to focus on this event.

- Does Fedor fight in the main event? and who is the opponent?
Sasahara: Yes, but we are still working on matching.  I believe we can announce next week including the opponent of Fedor.

- Where is the titte ` Yarennoka?'' coming from?
Sasahara: This phrase is actually used by Antonio Inoki before.  I think this title is very powerful and contains a strong message to us and fans.

- Are you asking fighters in Yoshida Dojo and Kazuyuki Fujita?
Sasahara: I have not offered yet, but if we can find great opponents, I will offer fights more than likely.  They are top fighters and it will not be easy to have matches which they can satisfy. 
Saeki: We are working of making matches now and would like to have another interview or press release next week.  


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Thanks for the great work!

Nam said...

Hey Suki, thanks a lot for translating this stuff.

I remember picking up a lot of kakutougi magazines while I was in Japan but couldn't read em.

I hope you keep up the hard work on this project. It's tough getting consistent Japanese MMA news here in the Bay. With your blog, I can pretend that I'm still hangin out in Suidobashi catchin' up on kakutougi news.

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you are now bookmarked. THANKS!
Aoki's crazy! but then again i thought hansen would beat him...