Friday, November 9, 2007

PRIDE FIGHTERS 2 (Hayato Sakurai)

Hayato Sakurai owns his own gym named MACH DOJO in Ibaragi.  He opened another one in Tokyo on 30 Sep, 2007.  His recent fight is in an charity event named `Battles Summit Ground Zero Tokyo' sponsored by Shootboxing Association.  In the event, he entered with PRIDE main theme music.  This is his first fight in SB rule and he won by decision.  In his interview after the fight, he said that he wish he could wear PRIDE 4 oz. glove instead of wearing 10 oz glove,  then he had a chance to KO.  He answered to the question about any possibility of fighting in any MMA organization near future.  He said his next fight in this year has been arranged but he is not ready to announce yet.  He also said, he feels his body is ready and he wants to not take a break between fights.

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