Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fedor interview on SAMURAI TV `S Arena'

SAMURAI TV which is a pay-per-view MMA news show had a private interview with Fedor on 22 Nov.

- You have not been to Japan for a long time.
I`m glad to be here in Japan again.  I knew I would come back for all of my fans in Japan.

- How did you know you can fight on NYE?
Vadim asked me if I`m interested in and I accepted the offer immediately.  I would like to prepare well for the fight and would like to have an exciting fight.

- Do you have any comment to former PRIDE staff?
I don`t think this is the last event I work with them.  M-1 Global has a business plan to hold events starting next year.  M-1 Global is actually approaching them and asking to support their events.  I believe M-1 Global will corporate with former PRIDE employees to create great events like the PRIDE had before in Japan.

- Why did you choose M-1 Global?
M-1 Global is formed by trustworthy staff and we agreed to create the best MMA event.  I accepted because M-1 Global is going to have an event in Japan, Russia and  the Netherlands as well as in the U.S.

- Who would you like to fight?
I would like to fight champions in other MMA organization like Randy Couture, Gabriel Gonzaga and champions of UFC, Cage Rage and IFL etc.

- What is the definition of the strongest fighter for you?
The strongest fighter should be able to defeat all the opponents, respect other fighters, understand circumstances and communicate well with others.

- Do you think you are the best now?
I don`t think I`m the best now but I`m trying to be.  

- Do you have any message to your fans?
I`m happy to have a fight in Japan again.  I train hard to win and please come and see my fight.

`S Arena' had interview with Mr. Saeki and Shinya Aoki.

Aoki said he actually had a call about the interview of `Yarennoka!' at night on Nov 20.  Aoki was anxious about the delay of the interview.  Aoki had mentioned this event in a magazine interview which was published a couple of days before and he was worried about being called a liar.  

Mr.Saeki said the process of this event was delayed a lot and could not be announced until the last minute.  He is sure that this event would not happen if he could not make an official announcement on Nov 21.  


Anonymous said...

Thanx for what are you doing. Lots of us, MMA fans have trouble in finding out what is happening in Japan after PRIDE demise and you give us precius gift :-))

Anonymous said...

thank you for this :) we in the mma community really appreciate the work you do. keep it up :D

Anonymous said...

thank you for your great work!

Sergio said...

Best news I've heard since Pride sold. Thanks for your work.

Suki said...

Thank you for all the nice things you say. I am glad you all like it.

Wil said...

seriously. after pride went down and the site got taken over by ufc, i felt forced to go to mainstream american mma sites. not anymore!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again and keep up the good work, Suki.

Anonymous said...

M-1 Global and PrideFC working together is like music to my ears. Just seeing the pride staff all together is amazing. I hope they work together on future events. Can't wait. Thanx Pride, M-1 global and Fedor.

Corey said...

Go fight Couture you pussy. Fedor's scared to lose.

ma3en said...

fedor's scared! u americans hate fedor coz hes better than any american fighter that ever lived, i wish hed signed with the ufc, he wouldve simply gained ur total respect for good

Anonymous said...

first of all fedor is an amazing fighter and i think he should prove to everyone once and for all that he is the best by taking a one or two fight contract in the UFC to fight randy couture

Anonymous said...

Fedor is really Great! Just watching how he pull off with a nice armbar execution from the guard make me wonder that he might be the reincarnation of GOD.