Saturday, November 17, 2007

Akihiro Gono, Comment from his blog

Akihiro Gono debuted in UFC 78.  His style is Jujitsu and kickboxing.  He fought in PRIDE bushido and Pancrase in Japan and defeated Tamdan McCrory in UFC 78 tonight.

He updated his blog from NJ.  He usually feels a lot of pressure on the day of the fight and cannot eat anything, but he felt fine today and could eat a lot.  His weight is 176lb this morning.  His fight starts 20:10.  He appears in the first fight from blue corner.  He said he will not stay in this position and will be a top fighter in UFC.



his passport & visa photo

His contract with UFC is 4 fights. UFC was the first organization which offered a contract after PRIDE and he signed up without hesitating. He had said he would be a Japanese Sensation in UFC at the inverview on 25 Sep.

at the interview on 25 Sep

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Cesar said...

cool pics :P

i read that he keeps his blog always updated..too bad my japanese is not good at all XD

Thanks for your work in the blog...any info from Japanese fighters ..specially Akihiro is much appreciated :)