Thursday, November 29, 2007

PANCRASE support "Yarennoka?"

Mr. Sakamoto, a director of PANCRASE, appeared in the press conference on the day after the event "PANCRASE 2007 RISING TOUR" in Tokyo, and answered questions from press.

I'm impressed to see Japanese MMA organizations start to work together. We will definitely consider joining in the alliance when "Yarennoka!" talks to us.  I cannot say our fighters fight in the NYE event or not because we have not been offered.  I would like to have our champions fight in other events.  When our fighters win we can prove that PANCRASE is the one of the top level MMA organizations. 

He said Satoru Kitaoka and Yuki Kondo may fight on NYE.  Kitaoka had an offer to fight in the PRIDE light weight GP before.  Kondo fights in an event in Philippines on Dec 09. If he wins, he will fight somewhere on NYE.

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DON CLOVIS said...

I'M VERY CURIOUS, now about PANCRASE FIGHTERS, because a lot of them get older, and the best left PANCRASE for years.. also PANCRASE in Japan has only small evnts now.. too badddddddddddddd
Because 10 years ago PANCRASE was best organisation MMA in Japan, than cames that time RINGS was also popular,
I'm proud that My fighters, AT this time( SEMMY SCHILT, BAS RUTTEN, and some others, belong to PANCRASE, at that time was big family..
DON CLOVIS www.don