Saturday, November 24, 2007

Takada updated his blog about Gomi

Takada updated his blog about Gomi.

He believes Gomi is necessary for `Yarennoka!'.  Takada had one condition to accept the offer as being a spokesman of `Yarennoka',  it was Fedor and Gomi fight in this event.  `Yarennoka' is working on but has not come to signing.  There is a rumor that Gomi has signed up with WVR and cannot fight in `Yarennoka' without an authorization from WVR.     


Tom said...


I just ready a post about your blog on Bloody Elbow and just wanted to drop a quick thank you. With the demise of Pride, mainstream English coverage of Japanese fighters has dwindled over the months. Your blog is blessing. I look forward to reading it, keep up the great work!


Gebghis Con said...

Great site! I won't be using google translator anymore :)

Keep up the good work.

Ob said...

Great Blog! You are cute

erik said...

nice blog, good to see a new source of Japanese MMA.

also I am hoping to go to Yarennoka if my friends get organised. Would you be able to hook up tickets for it and if not for this event would you be able to sort out tickets for future events in Japan?

Suki said...

Thank you for checking my blog out! Since A BIG EVENT is coming I will update everyday and will give you more info which is published only in Japanese.

gebghis con,
I have used translator website but the search result is always weird and not really accurate though. Thank you for checking my blog!

Thank you for checking my blog! I will update my pic sometimes soon.

Thank you for checking my blog! I`m glad to assist you to get tickets. Let me know if you need any help or have a question!

Thomas said...

First I would like to say that your blog is great. I got one question: What org. is WVR, which Gomi might be signed with ? Never heard of it.

Suki said...
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Suki said...


thank you for visiting my blog!

WVR stand for World Victory Road. WVR is a new Japanese MMA organization announced on Oct 11 and their event name has not announced yet. WVR is sponsored by Don Quijote, FILA and Japanese wrestling association etc.