Friday, November 23, 2007

Yoshida fights in `Yarennoka! Omisoka! 2007'?

Hidehiko Yoshida showed up in the event `VIVA JUDO' on 23 Nov and had an interview.  

Yoshida said his production,  J-rock, manages offers and contracts, and he does not even know Mr. Tanigawa (K-1) is offering a fight against Akiyama in `Dynamite!!' in NYE.  He would not like to fight Akiyama because he was his teammate before.  

Some people are expecting to see a fight between Yoshida vs Fedor in `Yarennoka'.  Yoshida says he is not sure if he fights in NYE or not but he is interested in fighting Fedor.  He does not have long time before retiring but he still has the fighting spirit to fight Fedor who is the long time PRIDE champion.  

Mr. Kuniyasu, the president of J-Rock, said he would like to have Yoshida and Takimoto fight in `Yarennoka!' and he is not thinking to take an offer from K-1 this year. 

 期待される大みそかの試合については「会社に任せているので全然分からない」と吉田 集まったちびっこらに指導を行った吉田。気になる大みそかの対戦相手は誰に? VIVA JUDO!に出席した中村。騒動前と変わらぬ元気な姿でちびっこたちに熱血指導

Mr. Kuniyasu also spoke about Nakamura who fought in the UFC and had an the positive drug test.  He believes Nakamura is innocent and will send a lawyer and ask the athletic commission to give another test.     


Tarantino said...

Yoshida no. Please no.

Cesar said...

Yoshida Vs Fedor :O

well..i guess..i rather see that fight...instead of Fedor Vs Choi