Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Japanese MMA alliance is built for "Yarennoka!"

"Yarennoka!" committee had a press conference in Tokyo on Nov 28.  "Yarennoka" had asked other MMA organizations to support the event.  This press conference was the place to announce the organizations which responded to their invitation.  Monte Cox (CEO of M-1 Global), Shigeru Saeki (DEEP) and Sadaharu Tanigawa (FEG) appeared.  They shook hands with each other and Takada.  

Monte Cox said I am very excited to be a part of this event.  I expect this event will be very exciting.  Fedor is also glad to fight in this event and in Japan.

Saeki said I came here as a representative of DEEP.  We would like to give the extensive support to this event.  We are going to offer Hidehiko Hasegawa who is our current welter weight champion to fight against Mach Sakurai.  I know Japanese fighters hesitate to fight Japanese fighters, and they try to avoid matching up.  I think that`s why Japanese fans would like to see this match and decided to have this match in this event.

Tanigawa said I`m in Japanese MMA scene for over 30 years and I have seen pro-wrestling, Karata, Kick-boxing, UWF split and their business became slow.  Our MMA is now facing the same tragedy and I believe now it is time to alliance with other organization for us, fighters and our MMA fans.

Hasegawa said I would like to have the best fight by preparing well for this fight and have a great fight with the great opponent.

Mach said Hasegawa is the best fighter in the 76 kg-77 kg weight class.  I`m happy to be able to fight the best and would like to have an amazing fight like playing final fantasy for our fans.

Aoki: I am very happy to fight against the best fighter in this great event.  I appreciate for giving me this opportunity.  I am not an experienced MMA fighter but I would like to win by incredible submission and have a fight which fans cannot forget.  I would like to win by KO!

Tanigawa: I`m very glad to see you again, Takada.  I would like to work with you as commentator again.  

Takada: I hope what he said is not flattery and I actually knew we work together again.  We should not confront each other any longer.

Tanigawa:  I hope this alliance will be the start of new scene in Japanese MMA. 

Cox: I hope this event will be held next year and we can work with each other again.  I would like to share fighters and have an MMA event together.  I would like to cooperate making Mix Martial Arts popular world wide.



Scooter Brown said...

"I would like to win by incredible submission and have a fight which fans cannot forget. I would like to win by KO!"

He must be hanging out with Nakamura and Nick Diaz lately.

Simple Tricks said...

Nice Blog!!Came to know of you from DP ..

JohnMandick said...

Thanks for the blog! I'll be sure to check it out often.