Friday, November 9, 2007

Tokoro may not fight in Dynamite this year?

Hideo Tokoro, who is one of the most popular fighter in HERO`S, may not be seen in Dynamite this year.  ZST has an event in Tokyo on 23 Nov and he fights against Ko Inatsu in this event.  ZST says this is his last fight this year if he loses.  

Tokoro is getting famous and strong by taking chances to fight against Royce Gracie, Royler Gracie and other great fighters.  Inatsu, 23 years old,  mostly fights in ZST and has never fought any big names.  This could be his big chance.  If he wins, he will be a new star in ZST as well as MMA Japan.  Tokoro seems kinda nervous and says this will not be an easy fight.  

ZST is one of the MMA productions organized by Mr.Akira Maeda and RINGS staff.  Many fighters in ZST used to fight in RINGS.  ZST has its own rules.  No kicking to face from the ground position.  Once the movement is stop on the ground, Referee breaks into and start over from the standing position.  No cross guard position allowed.

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